The Keepsake Dilema

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I’m stuck. I have so much 101010 stuff left that I don’t know what to save and what to keep. I love it all. Some of the larger wedding decor may be finding a new home soon but it’s all the smaller things that get me. I just want to keep it all…. but I live in a 1300 sq ft cape cod with NO CLOSET SPACE and no basement! So, the remains of the 42 centerpieces are scattered all over the place in my parent’s basement. I’m gradually going through some of it piece by piece. I brought a box home of some of the little things I loved and Michael gave me a look that said “and where is all of this going?”.  Ha! I have no clue! I just want to keep it because I love remembering that day!

However, I should be fine with just pictures right? I have pictures of ALL of my details… that should suffice. Welp, it doesn’t. I wanted to keep some little trinkets from 101010 and so I figured out a little solution.


Luckily, our colors in our living room coordinate with the colors of the wedding! PERFECT! So our Christmas Tree (don’t know why I capitalized that!) will be peacock themed and will still match the room! What a dream!! So, since dark teal matches the living room colors, I placed one of our cast iron birdcages from the wedding on the edge of the fireplace and gradually started adding wedding keepsakes. My shoes, my hairpiece, sweet cards from some of our guests, a peacock journal that I wrote notes to Michael in all throughout our engagement, and other random details fill this cage! I love it! It sits beside the fireplace and it matches and it reminds us of how amazing that day was.  So for all of you brides out there will left over trinkets and keepsakes from your wedding, just find a fun, decorative way to display them! One of my dear friends and bride, Em, had a family member make a shadow box full of her keepsake wedding details! It’s perfect! So no matter how long it has been since your big day, gather your wedding details that you still have and get creative!! One day, when the frames are hung and the wedding canvases come in, I’ll show pictures of the house and our cute little keepsake cage by the fireplace!:) Happy wednesday!!!

Yes, those are still LIVE succulents from our wedding day!!! Had to use them one more time! Thanks momma for keeping them alive!

There’s no way I can throw this stuff away!!!!

The Keepsake Cage!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Whitney reply

    Haha! I love this! These colors are fabulous. We got married in August with only FIVE people (including us!!!), and I STILL have keepsakes that I’m scattering through out our home. Have fun with it and dont get rid of anything (your husband might hate me for saying that!)

  2. stephanie boyer reply

    I love your idea! Everything that I’ve bought for my wedding I make sure I’d like to have in my future house. I know I’ll have that problem of not wanting to throw anything away!! p.s. my future mother in law bought me that same pad of paper with the crystal pin on top! It’s sitting on my desk :)

  3. bethany cox reply

    such a great idea! i got married over 2 years ago and still have a huge box of “to-do” with my wedding grab… sad times.

  4. Tira J reply

    So much fun! I love the keepsake cage. I got married over 10 years ago, and sad but true, I still have a box with lots of beautiful items from my wedding. I just recently got rid of my bouquet, as a friend had dried it for me. I think a great rule of thumb is, keep the things you would want to hand down to your daughter when she gets married. Things that she would want to know. Besides having a beautiful LC album. Your wedding was gorgeous Katelyn.

  5. mel daymont reply

    hey so there are actually websites that are like wedding ebay sites and you can sell the things you are willing to get rid of! since peacocks are so trendy right now, i’m sure you’re lovely decor will get snatched up right away! good luck!

  6. beverly reply

    only you katelyn alsop! :) (yes i did have to go back and backspace haha) love the idea!!!

  7. ashley barnett reply

    My only concern is…you aren’t wearing the shoes again?! They’re to die for :) Great idea on the keepsake cage!

  8. Cathy reply

    Get someone to make you a shadowbox that you can display ONE of all your favs and you can put it up on the wall! Include your invitation as well. These are really nice and will last for years to come! :)

  9. Missy Overman reply

    Hey Hun, The Wedding was Beautiful and Billy and I had such a good time! Thank you for letting us share yalls day! I would love to have one of the CenterPieces from the Wedding! I could get it from Anne if someone could bring it down….let me know1 :) Hope that you and Michael are enjoying Married Life!
    Love you Both!
    Missy and Billy

  10. Jessica Beale reply

    I hope your birdcage doesn’t catch on fire sitting next to the fireplace….. :)

  11. caroline reply

    i think thats really neat. i know you’ll find something to do with all that stuff – you’re just too stinkin creative!

  12. Rebekah reply

    Love the birdcage idea!!! I so wish I was as creative as you :-) Also, if you end up selling some of your centerpieces or other weddings things…would love to buy! I am so in love with the theme of your wedding and some of your things would make wonderful Christmas gifts! Have fun going through all your wedding decor. May I suggest making a shadow box or filling on of your trunks or suitcases that were used in your reception with keepsake things so then you can share them with your daughter or even son on their special day (something blue)! Good luck!

  13. Lauren W reply

    I wouldn’t be opposed to taking some of those things off your hands :) I’m looking at buying a house soon and want to do a teal bathroom. Some of your decorations are so cute- I’ll buy them from you :)

  14. Rhonda reply

    what about a small coffee table or sofa table with a shadow box top? so you can display the items or a corner curio? For the items you don’t necessarily need – you could make a gold mine by selling on ebay! You also have an amazing future in wedding/event planning! I seriously loved the details of your wedding – simply amazing!!

  15. Brenda (Momma) reply

    So many special memories of 10-10-10! Of course, all I have to do is go down into the basement and gaze at all of the other stuff that you left here. :) Ha Ha, don’t worry . . . we’ll work on that little project over time . . . no hurry. I absolutely love the shoes and birdcage veil in the birdcage! Your shoes really were beautiful and you did an amazing job making the birdcage veil; it was perfect

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