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So you’re planning for your big day. It’s just around the corner and you’re wondering if you’re forgetting anything!! Well, I hate to say it but you probably are. It’s just normal for a bride to forget something and that’s ok. Your friends, family and wedding team will make sure that they have everything covered so that you can enjoy the day. However, if you’re like me and did a lot of the wedding planning yourself, you’re going to need HELP. We worked with Anna Burke Events for our own wedding and she was amazing! She keeps everyone in line and she never misses a beat!!

However, Anna can’t be responsible for EVERY LITTLE THING. Her job is to keep the day flowing and to put out all of the little fires that may arise, but she can’t be the one running to the store to grab more orange juice for brunch… or running the groom’s tie to his getting ready location… or helping the bride set up her decor the night before. Unless you’re working with a large scale planning team with multiple staff members, a lot of these odds and ends fall on you. So, my advice for you is to have a PERSON. You know, just like on Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith tells Christina that she’s her “Person” because she can always count on her!!

For us, GAYLE TERRY was our person!!! She’s a dear friend of ours and she made herself available for us the entire weekend. I don’t even remember all of the tasks she ended up doing for us but I do remember thinking “What would we have done without her?!”. EVERY bride needs a “person” who they can call on and ask for a favor on their wedding day. They need to be responsible, reliable and available! I’ve seen SO many weddings where the bride didn’t have a PERSON beyond her planner and here are some example scenarios of what has happened….

– Dad was almost to the venue for the Daddy/Daughter first look but had to drive home because he forgot his tie. (Your “Person” could have gotten the tie!)
– Someone left the garter at the hotel and mom had to rush back to go get it and missed all of the bridesmaids praying together before the ceremony
– Bridesmaids forgot to grab body-tape to keep their dresses from having a wardrobe malfunction and so one bridesmaid had to miss being in the “getting ready” pictures because she was running to CVS!

If these brides had had a “person” who was ready and willing to run errands, pick up the slack and help with whatever needed to be done, it would have drastically lowered their stress load.

So, if you’re planning a wedding and you already have a planner, I still encourage you to designate a “person” of your own who you can really count on in case of an emergency!!! I’m so thankful for mine! Because we had our wedding in my parent’s backyard, I had SO MANY PEOPLE who gave of their time to help us! We had parking attendants, brunch buyers, seat savers and program distributers!! The list goes on and on. I’m so grateful for everyone who made our wedding a success and I’m especially thankful for those who picked up the slack so that my family could be present the entire day!!!

Ps. Another important tip… get a PICTURE with your PERSON. I don’t think we got a picture with JUST GAYLE and it makes me sad! (So sorry Gayle!) So to all of my KJ Brides out there, be sure to point out who your PERSON is so that we can get a picture of you two together!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. gayle reply

    so, yeah, I just totally teared up. Loved being a part of the festivities of Triple 10! xoxox

  2. Sydni reply

    GREAT advice!!

  3. Katie Poling reply

    I am so glad you posted about this!! I didn’t have a designated wedding planner other than the women who were the coordinators at the church and the event planner at the hotel/reception venue…and she told me from day one she would only be there at the beginning of the reception to see me arrive! We immediately recruited a family friend to be our “go to person” and thank God we did! She was in touch with my mom from 7:00 in the morning until after the last dance making sure every last detail was handled. Couldn’t have done it without Tanya!!

  4. Macy reply

    I had a person and I am SO thankful for her. She was able to really pull together things that I could have never asked my planner to do (as a planner myself). I had an extra bouquet made for her and have a few photos of just us together. I love her to pieces!

  5. Event Management reply

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