The Case of the Burgundy Pants

  • It's Time to Get in Shape!

You may be thinking “This seems like an odd post”! … And it is. It’s very odd… I’ve actually never blogged about anything quite like this before! But here it goes! I’m hoping that after I tell you the case of the Burgundy pants, you’ll leave me a comment and reassure me that I’m not crazy and that I can definitely reach my goal! So, this week was a little on the busy side and like any busy week, I had my moment of being overwhelmed and so Michael decided that we should use our day off to go to the outlet mall! Retail therapy is actually a very real thing. We literally only do this like twice

a year and so I feel like we can justify it… AND, come on, it’s the outlets!! The more you buy, the more you save!! Right Dave Ramsey?! haha J/k… He would not approve of the last three sentences!!! Michael needed some new khaki’s for weddings and I decided to get a few things for the fall since I have some speaking engagements coming up and sometimes fun to have a new outfit to boost your confidence a tad. Well, I came upon these pants in the Jcrew outlet that I LOVED. I wear A LOT of navy and so I feel like owning burgundy corduroys would be a smart decision. Well, I tried them on and loved them!! Except…. they were a little tight. I huffed and got a size up and realized that they were just a little too big.

So normally, I would take that as a sign that I’m not supposed to get them. If they don’t FIT, that would be the smart thing to do right?! Right. Well, I now have a pair of burgundy pants in my closet that are serving as my motivation to get in shape! GAH! I’m THAT girl! I bought pants that don’t fit in order to get back to working out!!! Oh man. I’m hoping I’m not the only one who has done this!! I’m also hoping that this WORKS!! I now have a VERY TANGIBLE reminder of why I want to get in shape and I want to comfortably wear these ASAP! So, I’m asking you for some help! Here are some of the questions I have:

1. What are your favorite snacks at the airport that are healthy?! I love Sahale’s granola mixes but not every airport has great, healthy snack options! 

2. What is your favorite ab workout that you can do ANYWHERE?! Like, something you can do via your phone and in a hotel room?

3. What is your favorite calorie counting app? In the past, I’ve used MyFitnessPal and I still like it, but I didn’t know if something better had come out! 

Thanks in advance!! I love hearing from you all!! And if you see me wearing my burgundy pants… I’m either doing GREAT with my little diet… or I’m holding my breath:):)

Ps. Just a little update on Bokeh boy, he’s doing MUCH better!! He appreciates all of the love from last friday and we’re looking into all of our pet health insurance options!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. ashley link reply

    i bet you look so cute in those burgundy pants! i’ve actually heard that granola is pretty fatty, btw! it’s a sneaky healthy food! haha. which is a bummer bc they taste so good in yogurt! almonds are a good snack! i wish i could be of more help! chick-fil-a is my weakness haha. between that and my medicine, it’s hard to knock off that weight. you should just have a dance party in your hotel room! lots of good cardio! :) can’t wait to see you next week! yay!!!!! :)

  2. Rebecca reply

    Love this open and honest post! When I’m at the airport and trying to avoid five guys and pizza stands, I go for the sabra hummus and pretzel cups and an apple or banana. It’s surprisingly more satisfying and leaves you feeling more rejuvenated and less draggy on the plane! Don’t know of any good workout apps, but if you’re ever passing through atlanta on your many travels, my husband could give you all an awesome free workout at his gym :)

  3. Rebekah @ Heritage of Grace reply

    We like to use PopSugar Fitness videos that you can find on youtube or on There are a variety of 10 min. workout videos that really help break a sweat, energize and lose calories. They have both aerobic & Ab Exercises. Hope this helps!

  4. Rebecca reply

    Love this open and honest post, and those are some seriously fabulous pants. When I’m walking through a terminal and five guys is calling my name, I try to opt instead for one of those market stands. I grab an apple or banana and a cup of sabra hummus and pretzels. I find it’s actually more satisfying than the greasy treats.. And sits with you better during the plane ride! If you’re ever passing through atlanta during one of your many travels, my husband could give you all some practical mini work out tips and a free class it his gym :)

  5. Brittany Pelegrnio reply

    I absolutely love the Nike Training Club App! It has some great core workouts that are easy to do in your hotel room or really anywhere. You can also chose between 15, 30 or 45 minute workouts. Hope it helps!

  6. Cami reply

    I’ve got some workouts on my website – here is as good one that really works!

    Also, increase your water intake – We should all drink 1/2 our body weight in ounces. So if you weight 140, drink 70 oz.

  7. Sara d harper reply

    I just finished whole30 and lost 12 lbs in a month and feel amazing!! as for workouts ( and another nutrition plan ) i love tone it up. just search for them on youtube even!! amazing workouts!

  8. Sarah reply

    JCrew cords are the best, and they last! However, they do have a tendency to let me know when my muffin is exploding:)!!!! You can do it and so can I!! Megan ewoldson has great quick little workouts on Facebook. check her out

  9. Tina reply

    WEight watchers is really wonderful. I needed to lose about 10 lbs for my wedding a few years ago and I was loosing a pound or 2 every week and I have kept it off! you can still have other foods just different proportions and there is a wonderful app. I liked it better than counting calories personally because I felt like I couldn’t have anything. with ww I can have that piece of cake or a beer and I still lose!

  10. Amanda reply

    Nope, you are not crazy. Your burgundy pants are my mustard pants from last fall. I had the same issue, right between sizes – but I just loved them so much I got them in the smaller size. I couldn’t fit into them last year, but I tried them on and can fit into them this year so I have justified it as a good purchase – 11 months later :) Good luck!

  11. Gillian Higgins reply

    Focus t25 is amazing! It’s a series of Shaun t’s workouts that last 25 mins. So easy to fit into your day (and I’m a full time wedding photog with 2 kids!) and you can put it on your laptop/iPad and do it anywhere! Sure you could easily spend 25mins faffing on something silly! Yea mixed seeds/nuts are great for keeping sugar levels balanced and curbing your appetite. Can’t wait to see those gorg trousers on you!

  12. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    I found some “Crossfit at home” workouts that you can do ANYWHERE, and that don’t require equipment. This one is helpful for me (I do the first one, and can barely get through it!): ALSO, Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown is FREE on Amazon Prime, and she has two workouts on that video. No equipment required! It’s HARD, and only 30 minutes long, so totally doable for life on the road!!

  13. Jennifer Lozano reply

    Granola is not the best snack, Good thing is that you can get rid of your extra weight by eating correctly. I was able to drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks only by eating the right things, specially thing that are low on fat, fruits, vegetables and healthy carbs (no rice), no cheese, no bread, and no fatty dressings. It was easy because I did not count calories at all, but in the beginning it was very restrictive and hard.

    For the workout I’m thinking of jumping a rope on the hotel room would work, specially if you do intensity intervals.

  14. Taylor reply

    Airport snacks? I’m your go-to girl! I’m a part-time photographer, and flight attendant! The sabra hummus snack packs are a perfect healthy treat. Also, my flight attendant friends look at me all the time for this weird one, but I often just grab a cheese stick. It’s quick and easy, plus it keeps you a little full until you can get some real food.

    As far as working out in your room: I always do lunges, planks, and wall sits in my hotel room. Also, something to do anywhere…suck in the an muscles as often as possible. It sounds odd, but that’s what helps keep a tight tummy. Good luck! You’ll rock the burgundy pants in no time!

  15. Miriam reply

    I honestly know nothing about healthy snacks at airports. Buttttt in regards to good ab workouts (and workout in general), I use the Sworkit app! You can choose what type of workout you want to do and how long you want to work out for! It’s easy and there is a free version in the App Store! I hope that helps! (Ps. I also look on Pinterest for quick workouts! Haha)

  16. Jennifer reply

    I just came across a website that has workouts only using your body weight: I have not tried them yet but sounds like what you are looking for. I also use the iTrackBites app which is counting points Weight Watcher style which I personally prefer. It will calculate the points you can have and has a calculator and food list to find out point values.

  17. Kristi ellis reply

    I’m sure those burgundy pants look just great on you just as you are! It’s so hard to find good, healthy snacks on the go so just buy a small insulated bag that will fit in your purse so you can pack your own healthy snacks plus you will be saving moo lah which I’m sure Dace Ramsey will approve of :). My all time FAV ab workout which is awesome & works almost instantly is: lay flat on your back on the floor, have Michael stand behind your head and you hold his ankles with your hands then lift your legs together all the way up and have him push them down but do not let them touch the floor on the way down. Do as many as you can and let me tell you, you will see & FEEL a difference almost instantly! You will be feeling great in those burgundy pants in no time :)

  18. Bethany reply

    I’ve been advised by many people not to “calorie count”. You get too focused on numbers and not enough on how your body feels. Its the same with the scale. I stopped paying attention to it because I became obsessed with a number, not how my body looked or felt. When I was paying attention to calories recently, I had a “goal” number, but I made sure to listen to my body. If i was still hungry, i’d snack on some fruit or granola or veggies or drink some water. I would do that regardless of whether i’d already hit my “calorie goal”. And if you work out and burn calories that day, make sure you eat to replace them. I am doing an aerobics class in NOVA that is similar to Beachbody’s Hip hop Abs. That dvd looks like SO much fun, and it would be easy to pop in your laptop and do in a hotel room :) no equipment needed, no obnoxious crunches!

  19. StephaniE reply

    Low carb, high fat. Fat has been painted as the enemy, but in fact it’s carbs and sugar that are! Avoid things with a lot of sugar (which can be pretty hard). Look into the Keto Diet–it’s pretty cool! I wouldn’t recommend it for long term, but it’s great to jump start a diet. My Fitness Pal is great at tracking your daily intake too, so you can track what you eat!

  20. Amanda Nichols reply

    Check out I recently started following the weekly workout schedules which are all about changing it up daily and toning your whole body. They post weekly workout schedules on Sunday’s so it is super easy to follow. They also have a nutrition plan and it has helped me a ton. It teaches you what to eat and the right time of day to eat it to get your metabolism working for you! I have noticed not just a difference in my weight and the way my clothes are fitting but in the way my body feels and my energy levels!!

  21. Kelsey DeWitt reply

    You go girl! Eating on the go is really hard! For quick workouts, I keep a Pinterest board of quick workouts I can do anywhere. That way no matter where you are, you have a place to find workouts :) here is mine!

  22. stephanie reply

    I actually just wrote a blog post this morning about some tips that have helped our family get on the road to healthy eating success. Maybe it will help you guys too :) ( In all of the research that I’ve been doing though- when you think of your snacks, thick of mixing a good carb and protein together. like almonds and raisins. Those foods take longer to absorb, so there’s a slower release into the body and a more steady energy source. now that we are eating whole foods, organics, etc. I don’t worry about calorie counting. I just think about my portion size and mixing a good protein and carb together. also check out it’s been super helpful for us! :) you can do it girl! and you will rock those burgundy pants!

  23. Jane reply

    I hope this reply does not up all in caps. If it does, I’m not shouting, it’s my keyboard.

    Using a proper breathing method (Diaphragmatic breathing) will give you an ab workout. Plus, it reduces anxiety. I have two small boys and it has been the most effective way for me to do ab exercises since I had a c section.

  24. Noelle graves reply

    MyPlate is the best for counting calories! I have big time slacked off since having my baby girl last year so maybe your burgundy pants will motivate me as well!

  25. Brett Denfeld reply

    Hi Katelyn! No! Not crazy! I’ve kept on to some jeans that I’ve been wanting to fit back into! I started doing advocare in April and since then I’ve lost 25lbs. I’ve finally gotten back into the jeans that I’ve been holding onto for years and now they’re starting to feel loose and I could be a sap and cry about it because I’m so happy! Still more to go but it’s so awesome to really see what eating healthy and some good ole excercise can do!! I use MyFitnessPal and I think it works just fine! I also got a fitbit (clip version) to motivate me to get all my steps in. I think it’s a good tool to motivate yourself. Also, keep drinking water. Tons of it. Seriously, I drink 4 of those giant 1 qt water bottles per day. It makes me feel way more energized than coffee! I hardly ever drink coffee anymore or anything with caffeine. Keeping your body properly hydrated really does wonders and keeps you feeling good! My favorite snacks are cucumber and carrots and snap peas with hummus, fruit of any kind, really good 7 grain bread with a little cream cheese, quinoa… You can really mix quinoa in anything. Quinoa chili instead of meat, add quinoa to eggs for breakfast, etc. For workouts I like doing squats and lunges and sit-ups and walking (fitbit motivator!) and I do this thing called kettleworx with a kettle bell weight. Feel the burn!
    Keep it up girl! Work those burgundy pants!! XO!

  26. Ellie reply

    I use the an app on my phone called “Nike Training Club” . you can customize your workouts based on your goal – get lean, get strong, or get toned. there are tons of workouts to choose from, and a majority of them don’t require any equipment so you could totally do them on the road or in a hotel room. I also love that the app has “get focused” options that are just 15 minutes – i highly recommend the “ab Burner”! Good luck :)

  27. Tory C reply

    You and Michael should invest in getting a TRX. They are perfect for those that travel because it takes up minimal space and you can do the workouts in your hotel room. You throw it over the door to secure it and go to town. there are hundreds of moves you can do from beginner to advanced and the workouts are great!

  28. Kathleen reply

    I would give up the granola…lots of hidden sugar. Nuts are a good snack option or fruit. I’m packing some snacks for a road trip as we speak bc there aren’t many good choices on the road. Giving up sugar, flour, dairy and alcohol for 6 weeks will make a huge difference. It’s hard but very worth it. Lots of veggies and low fat protein. Burpees are a great full body workout you can do anywhere…5 sets of 10. Also jump rope and squats are good too. Good luck. You can do it and can’t wait to hear your successes!

  29. Christa reply

    I just did a sugar detox and lost 5lbs, which sometimes is all your need to fit in a new pair of pants. So I would suggest just reducing sugars & carbs. Lots of veggies, fruits and meat for protein :) Good luck, can’t wait to see the photo of you wearing them.

  30. Ashleygoodwin reply

    Hahahah I have done it. Not once but multiple times! Mine is a teeny blue bikini. Bought it over a year ago, hung it on my closet door as a friendly reminder. Soon the hanger stopping the door from shutting drive me nuts. Needless to say the bikini still doesn’t fit. :/ I swear, for someone who thinks a lot about her big booty and getting in shape I don’t do much about it! But, I’m with ya sistah! I actually love love Lara bars (bring them with you!). When I travel I bring a gazillion healthy snacks like Lara bars and almonds. Just ask Sarah, she and I brought a bunch of the same stuff to Thailand hahha. And this girl on Instagram (kayla istines) has awesome workouts and a plan you can buy that’s super easy with great routines. But daily burn (it’s an app!) has tons of workouts for $10/month, good for hotel rooms. Xo

  31. Erika Mills reply

    Yes I have totally done this!! I’m working on losing my second baby weight and find that The lose it app is easier for me! I also like the restaurant app so when going out to eat I can search for a meal in my calorie range and know before I go. I decline looking at a menu so I’m not tempted by yummy stuff! I have a great app for yoga, called namaste tv, and really like the beach body t25 workouts. 25 minutes and you’re done!
    You’ll be great! It’s hard to make it routine but it’ll make you feel like super woman when those pants zip comfortably.

  32. Julie reply

    I would Recommend Lara Bars! I am seriously in love with the Pecan Pie one and the Dark Chocolate brownie one! They are completely healthy and are only made with whole ingredients. They have oodles of different kinds. You can get them at your grocery store, I would pick some up to put in your bag. I love to snack on sea salt almonds too! Check out Blogilates on Youtube! She has great ab workouts. And I love myfitnesspal app! :) Just commit to log everything! And yeah, I have bough skirts too as my goal! lol

  33. brittney reply

    If they have it for Iphone, try the app “fat secret”. Its s calorie counter that has chains/restaurants + a bar code scanner you can use your camera for. You click the barcode button, hold the camera to the label on the wrapper/packaging and it finds the food for you. No counting or entering!

  34. Jess reply

    Katelyn, look into a fitbit! I have one and really like it. It tracks calories burned each day and even tells you the quality of your sleep each night. The app is really user friendly too and you’re able to insert your food, exercise, and water intake. it comes in teal too!!! Yayy!

  35. Courtney Morgan reply

    Hi katelyn! When I was working out I did p90x, don’t worry it’s not as bad as you think! The word p90x gave me goosebumps just from the name. But the ab workout they provide is AMAZING! Results show so quickly! It’s about a 12 minute workout and you do almost a total of 350 different types of crunches! Highly recommend that :)

  36. Heather reply

    Haha, I’m not sure there is a girl anywhere that hasn’t done that! Sometimes the pants are just THAT cute!! So answers: 1) Try to pack snacks from home if you can, like trail mix, its packed with protein and the good fats! 2) Being a Pilates instructor I think thats the best thing to do when you are out and about because you need no equipment at all!!! (I will happily give y’all a workout plan if you like!) and 3) The Fitbits are great and super fun to use—they will track all your activity and if your friends have them you can compete against each other for some healthy competition! You will be in those burgundy pants in NO TIME!!!!!

  37. Heather reply

    Haha, I’m not sure there is a girl anywhere that hasn’t done that! Sometimes the pants are just THAT cute!! So answers: 1) Try to pack snacks from home if you can, like trail mix, its packed with protein and the good fats! 2) Being a Pilates instructor I think thats the best thing to do when you are out and about because you need no equipment at all!!! (I will happily give y’all a workout plan if you like!) and 3) The Fitbits are great and super fun to use—they will track all your activity and if your friends have them you can compete against each other for some healthy competition! You will be in those burgundy pants in NO TIME!!!!!

  38. Heather reply

    Haha, I’m not sure there is a girl anywhere that hasn’t done that! Sometimes the pants are just THAT cute!! So answers: 1) Try to pack snacks from home if you can, like trail mix, its packed with protein and the good fats! 2) Being a Pilates instructor I think thats the best thing to do when you are out and about because you need no equipment at all!!! (I will happily give y’all a workout plan if you like!) and 3) The Fitbits are great and super fun to use—they will track all your activity and if your friends have them you can compete against each other for some healthy competition! You will be in those burgundy pants in NO TIME!!!!!

  39. Becca reply

    I have used both my fitness pal and loseit, I prefer Myfitnesspal. You can’t go wrong with fruit or veggies for snacks, but I don’t travel a lot and am not sure about availability in airports. Runkeeper has an app called six pack, it’s all ab workouts that are quick, has tutorials and a timer for you. You got this!

  40. Kandice Stewart reply

    I’ve TOTALLY done this! In fact, I have a couple items in my closet right now that don’t fit me but that I refuse to get rid of because they act as motivation for me to workout! So far, it’s been working.
    Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6-Pack Ab Workout on youtube ( is awesome. I’ve done it every few days because I’m so sore afterward, but it works your whole body while strengthening your core. And it’s totally modifiable based on your fitness level! :)

  41. stephanie reply

    I really like The girls are realistic and the workouts are simple. They are even on YouTube :)

  42. Jessica reply

    Myfitnesspal all the way! I needed to lose just a tad recently and was very successful using it. Also, granola is actually not the healthiest snack. I know, huge bummer! Eat snacks high in protein, drink lots of water, and those pants will fit in no time :)

  43. Jessica reply

    I would totally do this, too! I recommend snacks like almonds (even the cocoa roasted and mocha roasted seem to be good choices), and definitely fresh fruits and veggies (those are usually available at airports, right?). Yogurt would also be a good option (lots of protein!). My fave ab workouts are quick ones. Search the web for ab workouts and I’m sure you can find one that you can do easily at home from your phone. I’ve also heard that those step-tracker watches are helpful at getting active. You want to take so many steps a day and seeing a number actually makes you want to move!

  44. Lindsay reply

    This post is right up my alley! 50 days to get in shape for my wedding, eek! My favorite ab workouts are planks, which you can do anywhere and any time. Yes they suck, but they work. If you want to make it harder you can lift one leg at a time, or put a book on your back to add weight. I also like to do side touches. Sit with your legs in a 90 angle (with your feet on the ground) and lean back slightly. Hold something that weighs a few pounds (a heavy book or even your purse works great) and turn side to side. It burns! In terms of snacks, I like to cut up strawberries and put them in a little container, also bags of special k protein are great. It’s super filling but still tasty. Hope this helps!

  45. Megan Kelsey reply

    1) PROTEIN!!! I see a few other people are talking about trail mix and with the nuts and dried fruit that’s such a good snack! My favorite nuts are wasabi almonds… oh my gosh, so good.

    2) Katelyn, you need to get p90x3! Not sure what you’ve heard about it, but the workouts are only 30 minutes long… and you can do them anywhere!!! They even have an app that has all the workouts on your phone in case you don’t have the dvd’s with you :) Seriously, those 30 minute long workouts are my favorite, Justin swears by p90x, and it works!!!

    3) I use My Fitness Pal too, so no suggestions there :) But if you have the chance, download the app called Fooducate. It lets you scan the barcode of foods and gives them a grade from A+ to F depending on the ingredients, calorie count, etc. So if you use this while grocery shopping, it will help you buy the “A” foods, and you’ll be eating healthier! :)

  46. Aunt Susan reply

    The best ab exersise can be done in your hotel room. Get in the plank position and hold for as long as you can. Preferrably 2 minutes. To make it harder, rest on your forearms instead of the palms of your hands. Make sure your butt is not up in the air. Pull your belly button up and in as you are holding. Be as level as possible… a Plank! Do this each time a commercial is on!

  47. tangie reply

    Let the fitness guru (me!!!) help you out, Katelyn! LOL! I am training to be a certified personal trainer so I am sure I can help you. I love stories like yours because this has helped me to combine to my two passions of fitness and photography to inspire people. I started the fit body project© to capture people from all walks of life (And fitness) on their fitness journey. I sure wish I lived closer to you so I could work with you and share your end results to inspire others!
    that being said, I live in the gym and I am so passionate about fitness. (and no you do not have to “live” in the gym to get fit…plus that was an exaggeration but I do work out regularly). please know that it is not all about the exercises you do for your toned abs. that is only about 20%. you must eat healthy for a flat, toned tummy. 80% of your flat abs are going to come from what you are eating. cut back on breads, sugar and carbs. Eat 100% wheat bread if you are going to eat bread. any granola bars, cereal bars, etc. should have less than 5 grams of sugar in them. drink lots of water.
    as far as exercises go, start off with planks so you can tone your abs from the inside out. do 3 sets of 45 seconds every single day. and then you can add your usual ab workout at least twice a week. I have plenty more tips for you if you would like to e-mail me:

  48. Michele Conde reply

    Katelyn, I recently lost 30 pounds so I’m so feeling you! I did a low carb diet and I really can’t say enough about that strategy. So my advice would be to find high protein/fat snacks with low carbs. In the airport it can be challenging but sometimes at the carryout snack places you can find almonds (there are a ton of different flavors these days) pumpkins/sunflower seeds, or a meat and cheese tray. Protein and fat will fill you up for longer. Sugars/carbs will make you crash and make you want to eat more. I followed Jorge Cruz’s 100 Diet but once I reached my goal i was able to introduce more carbs so I don’t at all feel deprived. Good luck!

  49. ashley Mitchell reply

    You got this!!! My favorite airport snacks are Larabars (they have calories and fat but they are ALL natural so I feel better about that than a bunch of processed stuff), a CliffBar is also okay. almonds (try to find some that aren’t coated in oil), jamba juice or smoothie king are awesome if they have one – I have also had no shame in ordering sandwiches and pulling the meat off and eating that – I look like a freak but at least I’m being healthy hahaha :)

  50. Emily reply

    1. My favorite airplane snack is definitely trail mix. We have a great grocery store out here that does trail mix in the bulk foods section that is super affordable, but still not a pricey thing to make on your own! Healthy and keeps you full. :) I’m a big fan of sliced fruit and veggies on the plane too- especially on long flights. Those fresh food make a difference!
    2. I just started training for my first 5k using the C25K app and its awesome! Other than running, ever heard of fitbit? I feel like this is something you would love- tracking exercise, food, etc all in a bracelet! As far as workouts go, I lost 11 lbs before my wedding with Jillian Michaels 30 min video. So worth it.

  51. Anna Henry reply

    you’re totally normal! I got this advice from a very fit girl once: When you are sitting down, hold your ab muscles in. Keeping them tightened helps strengthen them! You can do this anytime! GOodluck sista!

  52. Kelsi reply

    I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of great advice, but I wanted to pass along some things that have worked for me! First, I have used this workout in hotel rooms multiple times and usually have a great sweat session!

    Second, if you just look up HIIT workouts on Pinterest, there are some awesome “homebound” or “do anywhere” workouts. The surest way to flat abs and tone is cardio! (with good form, of course).

    Those pants are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see you rocking them!

  53. Bethany Mitchell reply

    No worries- I do this too!!!

  54. Meg reply

    Wow, I also bought burgundy cord from a jcrew outlet about a year ago. They also are my motivation to work out. Must have been planned!!! I mostly run and eat Kashi Granola bars with chia seeds for my snacks!

  55. Nicole reply

    I love the LoseIt calorie counting app and use Runtastic’s apps for working out! They have several different ones, sit-ups, pushups, squats..etc :) They build up your reps slowly. I use them all the time. The loseIt syncs with FitBit too if you happen to get another one.

  56. Lisa reply

    Love your confidence in posting this abd may I add you are beautiful just the way you are so don’t stress to much on just one pair of pants. The best app I’ve used while traveling is weight watchers because when traveling you never know what the airport or hotel may offer so it helps pick the best options based on what’s available. For working out, I make it a point to find some gym time (even if it is 5 am and I’m simultaneously working on a report/presentation. I’ve actually scheduled/held working meetings at the gym or on a run). If no gym is available, yoga! You can download some videos to do in your room. Not into yoga? Super mans for ab workouts (lie on your abs and pull your arms in front if you. Take your arms off the ground along with your feet and hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat.) you can also use your luggage for arm workouts (when full), so no need to pack weights.

  57. Sharon h. reply

    katelyn – you can do it! those pants hanging in your closet will be a great motivation, and yes i’ve done the same thing! i have a great recipe for a low fat chex mix, i’ll email it to you. i make two batches and it’ll last me months. as for the best ab exercise – – my vote is for the pilates criss cross move. here is a link:
    good luck! I’m rooting for you!!!!!

  58. maria reply

    check out this page for a 600 calorie burning workout you can do anywhere without equipment:

    It’s just one idea; there are tons of other workouts on bodyrocktv you could try. short bursts of high intensity exercise will burn fat and resistance training will build muscle.

    building muscle and burning fat will give most women the look they want. focus on body composition rather than body weight. try to lift weights if your hotel gym has them and try to do short bursts of high intensity cardio such as tabata (

    the high intensity cardio will burn fat but smart food choices will help fat burning too. i don’t use an app to count calories, but it’s good to set a caloric goal with goals for protein, carbs, and fat, and try to plan your meals accordingly. if you can’t plan your meals, then just track what you have eaten throughout the day to keep your calories in check. good luck, i’m sure you will slide into those burgundy pants soon.

  59. Brittany@brittanybrookephotography reply

    If you are looking for a workout that you can literally do anywhere and targets your abs like crazy… try Barre3! They have an awesome iphone app that is $4.99 (I believe) and it has several videos that are between 5-10 minutes long. They use a squishy ball (that you can deflate for travel) and light handheld weights but they have several Prop-Free workout options! (They also offer an online subscription, which is like the app with 10, 30, 40 and 60 minute options) They have a 15 day free trial to the online services right now :) And now I have to mention that I am not affiliated with Barre3 I just really love their workouts!! <3

  60. Katie reply

    Granola is not a great healthy snack…it’s mostly carbs and sugars. Look for snacks with protein and healthy fats, like a sandwich with turkey and low fat cheese, or something like that. I have noticed better results in overall body composition when I’m sticking to a higher protein diet, but it really is all about calories in and out. for #2, you can get abs without doing a single ab workout! you have to lower your overall body fat percentage because unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce body parts :( So unless you reduce overall body fat percentage, you’ll just have really ripped abs under a layer of fat :( Lifting weights is going to be awesome for lowering your body fat because muscle burns more fat and calls at rest than fat does. So the more muscle you have, the better! I can share more tips when I see you in Oct! Living with John has taught me a TON about working out and diet!!!! Not that I practice what I preach, but that’s another story.

  61. Mary Maier reply

    Try the Noom app for counting calories and tracking workouts! I love that app.. it is the only thing that gets me to lose weight, plus it helps you learn about ways to control your hunger! Also, soups and vegetables are super filling but have low calories–the best combination.

  62. Anna reply

    If I travel (within the US) I will pack my own snacks. I usually will bring nutbars. Some airports have the fruit and yogurt snacks or the fruit cups (the real fruit).
    For working out, try doing bodyweights workouts. We followed a lot of the Funk Roberts videos for a while when we worked out from home. When I traveled to Chicago I was able to workout in the hotel gym.
    Finally, I don’t have an app recommendation but what I am home I make unseasoned grilled chicken with steamed veggies at least once a day. I’ve tried to decrease my portions too. This is how I keep my girly figure so that I can keep cooking for my blog. I try to make fitness a part of my “work schedule” for my blog. Its important to maintain my body nice and healthy so that I can continue to do what I love :) All the best!

  63. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    You’re definitely not the only one! Last time I bought jeans, they were buy one, get one free. So I bought a pair in the size I fit into now and a size lower as motivation. I’m almost there, but not quite. You’ll get there!

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