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  • Wedding Wednesday

Can’t I be honest?  Today is a boring day.  I feel like my creativity has disappeared AND it’s been raining ALL day long. It’s just a dreary day! However, sometimes dreary days are necessary. Not everyday can be cute and fun and creative. There are boring things that just have to be done…like filing paperwork, updating client accounts, entering payments and returning emails.  There is always a boring side to every job and today, I’m feeling my boring side.  It is on days like today that I realize that I wouldn’t survive at a desk job.  I would shrivel up and die, I’m convinced. When I’m not involved in something that is creative I get tired, bored and cranky.

I’ve noticed within the past year that wedding planning is the same way.  The end result is going to be beautiful and it is fun to plan… but the little details annoy me. I figured out what I wanted to do for centerpieces 9 months ago and that was so much fun! ….. the problem is that I have to collect enough supplies to make 35 centerpieces!  I found twigs at Walmart that I LOVED…. well, it took be a whole day to travel to every walmart between Fredericksburg and Richmond to find enough of them! It’s a tedious job!


So today’s Wedding Wednesday is all about buying in bulk! Whew! I feel like a pro in this area!  Throughout this past year I have ordered 30+ birdcages, over 400 peacock feathers and 10 lbs of teal tissue paper! Yikes! The basement has now become the “Wedding Warehouse”.  I have seriously thought about having a bridal yard sale after 10.10.10 is over to get rid of all of this stuff! Well, throughout this process I have found numerous websites and stores that have helped in my collecting of items for 10.10.10!


1. One great website that I have used for multiple items is :  Their delivery is fast and so far I’ve been impressed with their products!


2. Jakprints is an AMAZING printing company that I used for parts of our invitations…. that we are STILL working on! They’re getting close to being done!


3. Marshalls, Walmart, Ross, JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels…. couldn’t live without them!


4. Etsy is a lifesaver! I’ve actually only ordered a few items but the ideas that I get from this site are awesome!


5. THRIFT STORES ROCK! …. especially in Newport News!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Melissa Arlena reply

    It took me forever to get rid of stuff from my wedding two years ago. I found selling stuff on the knot boards to work best. I love all the frames you’ve collected, I was looking for frames like those with unique looks last week! Good luck with selling them and I bet if you do a yard sale on your blog you might find some buyers!

  2. Brittany reply

    I feel you on this! Your basement=my dining room and guest room!

  3. Michael reply

    Yeah we should sell all of this stuff like have a set of items that go on sell everyday…till it is ALL gone. But I am sure it is gonna look great!!

  4. Kelley Owens reply

    KK! I cant wait to see the things you have been coming up with!!! And oh my goodness.. those white dishes in the very last picture.. the ones on top with dots are exactly the ones that adam and I have in our kitchen right now!! I love them :) Love you.. hope to see you soon!!

  5. Em reply

    Well KK you shouldve posted pictures of everything you’ve bought in bulk…. what about the forest of twigs we have growing in our basement or all of the huge glass vases!!!! You can hardly walk through our basement now. crazy!!

  6. Tori reply

    You’re doing great. And yes, the little details can be annoying, but, to add to the little details I have a website for you. These are beautiful and didn’t know if you could use them but thought, with your theme, they might be Fabulous :) Bird’s Nest Rings, have you seen them?!/quaintcreations?ref=ts

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