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  • Camera Makeover

It’s always fun to receive packages from the mailroom ladies but it’s EVEN BETTER when they say “Oh hey Katelyn… you have FIVE today!!” Yes, that’s right! 5 packages!! Too bad they were all business related and none were personal!  That’s ok, I was still extremely excited to receive my 5 boxes of camera accessories!  I have been putting it off but I finally bought a battery grip for my MarkII and it is now accompanied by a handstrap! Perfect! That’s what I needed. I hate the long strap and I make myself nervous just resting my camera on my arms while I try to give instructions. So we are going to give this a try and see how it goes! I love that the battery grip stores two batteries and so I will never have to change them during a wedding but I think I also secretly bought it because it makes my camera look so legit. ha! Seriously, it’s so heavy now!!


I also purchased some new CF cards and I know I’m not the only photographer that is annoyed at how much those things cost! Gosh.

Ok I know someone is going to notice that my diamond is on my right hand…I just wanted it in the picture ok!? I’m still a little obsessed with it! Thanks to my wonderful roomie Britney for the pic!

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  1. Leslie reply

    show off

  2. Steph reply

    isnt that your right hand?

  3. Mo reply

    so legit! you are awesome! love you!

  4. emy reply

    is that your ring on you right hand… im confused?!?!?

  5. Erica Collier reply

    That was me who said you have five packages! it feels nice to get blogged about! lol

  6. Josh reply

    You will have the strongest right arm you have ever had, in a few weeks it will be like the grip is not even there :)

  7. Tira J reply

    You are going to love having those extra batteries. And the great feature on the 5DMark2 that tells you how much battery juice you have left on each battery is even better. I can shoot a wedding and still come home with tons of power. Now, the memory cards are another issue depending on what file type you are shooting. Do you shoot RAW?

  8. Emily reply

    Oh good now you can photograph my entire wedding weekend without changing your battery once… this is exciting! :)

  9. caroline reply

    i didnt realize how much of a NEW addition that was!! haha it will be Mike and Kate plus 28…..28 CAMERAS!!

  10. Sabrina reply

    I love camera accessories! and is that a CLEMSON shirt you’re wearing?? I know you did the Brock’s engagement and wedding pics (all of which were amazing) so maybe Justin got it for you…? you’re doing fab work. keep it up!

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