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reaching the point when I finally feel like I’ve been out of college for quite some time. A year or so ago, I felt like I had just graduated and I still had a ton of friends and connections at CNU. Now, most of my friends have graduated and to be honest, if I was to walk around campus, the only people I would really know would be my friends that WORK for the university!! I feel old. However… just a little side note, we do have some pretty awesome friends heading to CNU next year as freshman and we’re SO excited for them!

So the reason I just got side tracked about CNU was because these two are a CNU couple! I got to know Maddie first because she was on the worship team with me! We practiced and sang together until the wee hours of the morning in the old Admin building. There were many many memories made at those practices! Then, I met Andrew! He was also a Worship team member and so needless to say, these two make a very musically talented couple!!

Now, the reason I felt really OLD and far removed from CNU was because I didn’t realize these two were engaged or even DATING until I got Maddie’s email! HUGE fail on my part! How had I not seen this coming? How had I not seen this on Facebook or through mutual worship team friends!? I have no idea how I missed this but let me tell you, I was THRILLED when I finally heard the news!! Maddie and Andrew as a couple? That’s a no-brainer! They make quite an incredible pair and I am SO EXCITED to be a part of their beautiful wedding day!!

We walked around the streets of DC last Friday and shot their engagement pictures around the FDR Memorial and the Capital! It was a perfect day for a session. 60 degrees and no tourists!! Hallelujah! Enjoy a few of my favorites of this sweet couple and get excited for their wedding!!!

We had the place to ourselves! 

Love these! 

How crazy is that tree?! 

Oh you two! So cute! 

I think this is my favorite!! 

And then we found this awesome tree!! 

Maddie you’re gorgeous! 

Love this too! 

The capital makes such a clean background! Loved shooting in this location! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. elizabeth reply

    aw I loooove these! so gorgeous! congrats you guys!!

  2. Janelle C reply


  3. Michael & Laura reply

    AH! Maddie!!! You are gorgeous!!! I love these so much! Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Kristina reply

    Love these! Just beautiful! I just took pictures at our state capitol in Utah. :),

  5. Catie reply

    Oh my gosh these are incredible!!! The photos definitely show their personalities. I love these!!!

  6. Kristina W. reply

    I love DC engagement shoots! These shots are gorgeous!:D Makes me miss home though! Congratulations Andrew and Maddie!

  7. Aunt katy reply

    Love these pictures! You both are so very photogenic! I can’t wait for the wedding! Congrats!

  8. Tamara Pizzeck reply


  9. Beth reply

    Oh these are amazing!! Cannot WAIT for my coaching session at the end of the month!

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  11. Lauren Tapscott reply

    These are gorgeous! Maddie- you look so happy and beautiful:) Congratulations!!

  12. petals and promises LLC reply

    Well you know how much i love ilex berries?ring shots with blue juniper berries rate right up there to!!?

  13. Gabrielle C reply

    Always love when you shoot in DC. and how you make it a beautiful and unique location for each couple!!

  14. Holly reply

    That last horizontal before the end? Um, CANVAS!
    I just had an idea, and it’d be cool to see a post from past brides, to see what their experience was like and how they treasure their images, even as much as a year out from their wedding!

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