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day off and so we drove to Charlottesville to meet a friend for lunch and then drove through the rolling hills to Barboursville Vineyard .  We were meeting Laura there to shoot her bridal session and as soon as we pulled up, I knew this was going to be a fun one! Old ruins? Fields of daffodils?! Yes please! Laura looked amazing and so natural. I never did a bridal session before my wedding and every time I shoot one for somebody else, It makes me wish I had! Maybe I still will! Bridal sessions are awesome because they allow the bride to get comfortable in her dress AND in her shoes! It’s like a trial run!

The hair gets done, the makeup is on and the bride gets a glimpse of what she’ll look like on her wedding day! The other great advantage of a bridal shoot is that I get to be with the bride one more time before her big day! When I was with Laura on her wedding day this past Saturday, I felt like we had JUST hung out!… Maybe that’s because WE DID! During Laura’s bridal session I not only got to see her, but her whole bridal shoot entourage! Her mom, dad and mistress of ceremonies came to watch and be a part of the shoot. So while Michael was talking to Laura’s dad about everything history related, us girls had fun posing and finding awesome light! Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited for Laura and Craig’s wedding on Thursday!

Work it girl!!

Green shoes?! Love it.

Thomas Jefferson….even thought this house burnt down… your ruins still look awesome!!!

Believe it or not… these are BOXWOODS….and they are probably over 100 years old! They are HUGE!

Laura you’re beautiful!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Vanessa Myers reply

    Okay, couldn’t help commenting. LOVE the ruins!! Such an exquisite backdrop for a beautiful bride!

  2. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I love your bridal sessions! :) :)

  3. Allison reply

    What a sweet location?!?! Beautiful work!

  4. Michael reply

    it was a really fun day!! laura you look beautiful!! congratulations!!

  5. Ashley Terry reply

    What a fabulous location! These are incredible.

  6. Abby Grace Photography reply

    Aw these are beautiful! I love the ones with the lavender flowers growing on the side of the hill. Great job!

  7. caroline reply

    Katelyn, I absolutely love this location. Ruins are so cool and the colors just POP!!! I’m sure Laura felt SO loved during this entire session. you’re amazing!!!! love you dearly :)

  8. Annetta reply

    I love this shoot. Especially the photo with the fence and phlox. It’s the best. I wish I had scapes like that but I live on the dry prairies. Your work is beautiful.

  9. Jennifer reply

    Beautiful bride, beautiful setting. I wish I had done a bridal shoot. A fabulous idea! Love it!

  10. Chris Walters reply

    Oh my gosh, I would KILL for a location like this near me in Atlanta. You did an AMAZING job as usual! Your use of available light is just incredible to me.

  11. Ahna Beth Photography reply

    I’m looking through all of your bridal shoots to get excited & inspired for one I’m doing on Thursday!!! :D I love this VENUE! Amazing.
    & I would LOVE TO SHOOT bridal portraits for you. Maybe we could do a little trade ;)

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