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  • Our First Christmas in the New House! | 2017

This post has been a long time coming. I am realizing something about myself as I look back at the past two years… when I don’t get to do something I love very often, I forget how much I enjoy it, and it quickly starts to seem like a chore. I saw friends getting their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, and I thought to myself, “Oh gosh…. we have to decorate for Christmas”. What?! I love decorating!!! Why was that my response?! Because I haven’t been able to decorate for Christmas in two years! I had forgotten that I actually LOVE decorating for Christmas and that it is fun for me!

Two years ago we were trying desperately to sell our house that had been on the market for over 10 months with zero offers. We kept our Christmas decor in a storage unit. Then, in December 2016, I was 8 months pregnant, had gestational diabetes, a tumor in my hand, and we were trying to finish our house before I had our first baby. No Christmas decorating. It just wasn’t a priority.

Well, two weeks ago I was working in my office and I heard Michael working on something in the living room. I peeked down the hall and he had set up our Christmas tree!!!!!!!! It was beautiful. We have a 12 foot tree in our living room, and I had forgotten just how much I LOVE IT!!! Michael’s little surprise sparked my motivation to decorate! I went from dreading it to going a little over-the-top.

We found a sale at Hobby Lobby and now we have 11 Christmas trees at our house. ELEVEN! Yikes!!!! I went from one extreme to the other!!! Now our foyer feels like you’re walking into Narnia, and I LOVE IT! The house really does feel magical. My brother and sister-in-law spent the night with us last weekend, and Corey said to me “KK… the foyer feels like a forest!” and I took that as a huge compliment!!!!

Our normal, everyday decor has changed since our last house, and I did some tweaking to make our old Christmas stuff still work! We had to invest in some new wreaths because we have more windows in this house, and we moved some of our old wreaths to the basement apartment windows!! My sister and brother-in-law and nephew move in NEXT WEEK, and so they needed some Christmas decor too!!! :)

Enjoy a peek into our home this Christmas!!!

I’m horrible at remembering to print photos, but our CHATBOOK subscription automatically sends us 5 prints each month from our current Chatbook, and that’s what I used in these cute ornaments! Learn all about how we’re organizing the documentation of Evy’s life HERE!! ha! There is a SYSTEM! 

People always tell us “Um, enjoy that now, because you can’t decorate like that with a walking toddler”. We get it. Some things will have to change. But for now, I’m enjoying the pretty, and putting the “soft and safe” decor in the places that she can reach! Like those cable knit cone trees on the right! 

These are ornaments from Michael’s mom’s side of the family! 

And this was a family nativity set, also from Michael’s side of the family, that was painted the year I was born! 

My family ALWAYS thinks I’m crazy with my decorating ideas… and then I do them and they LOVE it. So, the moral of the story is to be BOLD with your ideas! When I saw these trees were super affordable, I knew that they would make a BIG impact. We don’t have a lot of super high-end figurines or expensive ornaments. We maybe have 5 from Pottery Barn but really, we invest in decor that will make a statement instead of tiny pieces that get overlooked. What we spent on these trees is what some people spend on giant blow up Santa clauses in the front yard! It’s all about personal preference!! We skipped the icicle lights and window lights this year and did the “Narnia Foyer” instead and it was a great decision!! 

Evy’s room has just a little Christmas cheer!!! I love that blush colored tree! It lights up! 

Our teal tree ornaments moved to this room! It’s more of a “modern” Christmas room…. but I love it!

These peacock decorations were part of our centerpieces at our wedding!!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jamie reply

    Oh my gosh, STUNNING! what a beautiful job all over your home!!! :)

  2. Marie-Laure reply

    You did a great job !!!! well done

  3. Sarah Markus reply

    seriously gorgeous! your home is perfect!

  4. Debra Van Eerde reply

    Where’s your doggy?

  5. Tina reply

    So so pretty!! I miss seeing photos of your beautiful home on the blog and this sparked the decorating bug inside of me! :)

  6. Val reply

    I’d love to know if your fiddle leaf fig – looking plant is real and if not, where did you get it?! :D

  7. Erin Schrad reply

    Can I move in with you, too?? Such a winter wonderland!!

  8. Mary reply

    Oh man! You never disappoint that’s a great quality about you my sweet friend! i hope you guys have the best Christmas ever.

  9. Elizabeth reply

    Love it!!! You guys have a beautiful and dreamy home.

  10. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Yay! So glad you indukged us with your Christmas decor!!! It is so beautiful, those trees are magical!!! And I love your front porch and those wreaths! Please come decorate my house! Evy will love it! I have a 5 year old and a toddler…the toddler is currently pulling ornaments off the tree!

  11. Stephanie Stewart reply

    *indulged :)

  12. Kelley reply


  13. Brittany Fry reply

    It is so pretty and must seem so magical for Evy!!! So glad you got your groove back and thank you for sharing!!!!

  14. Laura Hernandez reply

    What a GORGEOUS home and decorated perfectly for Christmas! Love!

  15. Lu reply

    Aaah so gorgeous! You definitely need to share more photos of your home. I find it really inspiring!

  16. Miriam reply

    Seriously Katelyn if you would sell an e-course on how to style a Christmas tree like yours, I would totally buy it! I’m from Germany and your tree looks utterly American and I LOVE it! I wish I would know how to style a tree like that! It’s beautiful!

  17. Jill reply

    That last picture at night with al the wreaths…STUNNING! I also LOVE how you used baskets for the all those trees at the bottom- so gorgeous Katelyn!!! Dying to know where Evy’s blush tree came from too!

  18. Jessica reply

    It looks like a dream! And I love your white nativity…I’ve been looking for one.

  19. Brienna reply

    I always love your home posts! Everything is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Lilli reply

    wow, your home is so beautiful. especially for chritstmas.

  21. Jessica M reply

    I was hoping you would share your Christmas decor with us! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and have a blessed Christmas!

  22. Diane Malloy reply

    Hi Katelyn…Can you please let me know what paint color you have in your family room with the flowered drapes and the white chairs? We live in Wellesley, and are friends with Mary and Alan Jones, your former neighbors and are painting early next week. Thanks sooo much! Blessings, Diane Malloy

  23. Haley reply

    Katelyn! This is gorgeous! Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home with all three of you!!

  24. Ashley Ziegler reply

    It’s just beautiful!!!! :) I see that last photo and think about when you were just starting to build this home! It’s beautiful.

  25. Lauren reply

    I love every single little detail, Katelyn! A Christmas dream home!

  26. Angie reply

    It’s beautiful!! I LOVE all the trees! Makes me wish for more space in my house to do the same thing!

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    So gorgeous!

  28. Christy Tyler reply

    I’m OBSESSED with the Narnia foyer!! Where did you get the flocked basket trees? I looked for a link in your post but didn’t see one unless I overlooked it…? Thanks, love! xo

  29. Sheri Berke reply

    So beautiful. As always, so many great ideas!

  30. Tonya Glennon reply

    I follow you and love seeing all of your post. I saw one where you posted how you turn on all your lights at once. What did you use to do this? Please continue to share!

  31. yify reply

    Thank you for making my party successful! The idea is great and quite simple. Have more meaningful posts to share with everyone.

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    So beautiful!! Wow! Thank you for the inspiration.

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