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blogging calendar, I’m a little thrown off this week.  I took Monday off, which would seem normal to most people since I work on Saturdays…but I still have the same type of Monday mornings like everyone else. The emails are piled up and the work is just staring at you from your computer screen. However, despite this fact, I took Monday off and I also didn’t really blog on Monday! So, this post is a few days late and I have to apologize because I have kept you from one beautiful shoot!! I’ve shot in Libby Park at Church Hill before… as most Richmond photographers have…

and so I wanted this to look different. I didn’t want it to be the same as what I normally do because lets be honest, that can get boring!! Thankfully, I as able to do just that! Noah and Kaylie made this area look like a new and exciting location instantly! I just love these two!! We hadn’t met before their shoot and so when I walked up and saw them waiting for me I thought “Oh man! This is going to be fun!”.  Kaylie’s amazing outfit choices made for awesome colors and I cant’ wait to show you how much color we were able to find in the trees!!

Noah and Kaylie will be married next year and I’m thrilled to photograph their big day! I was looking forward to their wedding before the engagement shoot but after spending an hour and a half with these two and getting to know them, I realized that once again, I had booked an incredible couple!! I’m so thankful!! Enjoy these images of Noah and Kaylie!!


Seriously, how cute are they?!! 

Kaylie you’re beautiful girl!

A favorite for sure!! Love their model faces!

Ah! Fall! Just stay forever!!

Whoever owns this car….we thank you:)

Love this!!! 

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  1. Ashley Jock reply

    Gorgeous!!!! I love these!

  2. Ali Lovegrove reply

    AMAZING! This is hands down my favourite engagement shoot you’ve every done Katelyn, it is absolutely stunning. The colours, the couple, the light everything is just perfection. Great job! xx

  3. Laurie reply

    aw! love them all!

  4. Laurie reply

    amazing! the one with the light coming through the tree = FAV!

  5. jamie reply

    Gorgeous couple… and you guys have the BEST fall! My favorite is the one under the huge backlit tree, so well done.

  6. Stephen reply

    Such a beautiful session with wonderful colours!

  7. Melissa Kate reply

    Katelyn, you have the MOST AMAZING poses ever!!! I learn so much just by looking at your photos

  8. Lauren reply

    Your photos exude happiness. Gorgeous!

  9. Caroline reply

    Katelyn, these are absolutely gorgeous!! I think this might be my favorite engagement session of yours!

  10. katie yuen reply

    This session really makes me wish we could have done a fall engagement session! ahhh so beautiful!

  11. Emilia Jane reply

    What a seriously gorgeous engagement session!!! I love her first outfit especially :-D

  12. Carrie Logan reply

    looooooove this. they are DEAR. and her second outfit? i want it :)

  13. Janie reply

    Just beautiful!

  14. Abby Grace W reply

    WOW!!!!! This engagement session just might be my favorite!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful couple:):) God Bless!!!

  15. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I’m constantly blown away by your gorgeous pictures (and couples!). This session is no exception!!

  16. Lindy reply

    Okay. they are adorable. Wonderful pictures!

  17. Sara W reply

    These are amazing!! What a cute couple and gorgeous location! Stunning as always, Katelyn!!

  18. brittany Claud reply

    Ahh! Love these…fall in Richmond makes me SO happy!!!

  19. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    These are SO classy and beautiful!! :D

  20. Meredith Sledge reply

    Oh my gosh, Katelyn, I think this is my favorite engagement session you’ve ever done!!! These are amazing! And she’s so stunning and fashionable. Love it!

  21. Annamarie reply

    LOVE this session! They are such an adorable couple…and I need to find out where she got that teal necklace:)

  22. Abby Grace reply

    That teal sweater is adorable!!! I want one! Your posing all throughout the session is just so perfect for them- they look totally natural!

  23. jenn reply

    wow! the light is amazing! love this session, this couple and her outfit!

  24. Kathryn Grace reply

    I love it! So beautiful!

  25. Emily reply

    Katelyn, your images will never become boring! I could look at your posts all day long, and never tire of seeing how absolutely stunning each and every photo is, and the emotion you capture is just simply incredible! I really really love these photos, and her teal sweater is to die for!!!

  26. JON fITZGERALD reply

    That beautiful young Lady is my Daughter. Kaylie… are truly beautiful. Thanks Katelyn for your AWESOME photographs:)

  27. Jon reply

    I forgot to mention the handsome young man….sorry Noah. You make a beautiful couple:)

  28. Alex reply

    love how sweet young and delicate they are!! These are wonderful shots. Great job!

  29. Rici reply

    KATELYN! These are sooooo super wonderful! LOVE the car picture and the second set of outfits is just perfection! WOW!!! ~ Saluti.

  30. Jeremy Jackson reply

    Love the locations, colors, and their style. Beautiful!

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