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almost one full month into 2014… annnd I still have things on my “New Year To-do list”! For example, I need to reorganize my hardrives… it just needs to be done. I need to clean off my desktop…. I need a new sample album. All of these little things are adding up and you know what?! This is supposed to be the SLOW season, right? Well, I’m slowly realizing that it will never truly slow down unless I shut my business down completely for a month…which may be a great idea next December! :) So I’m learning that if I want a “slow season”, I have to consciously make it slower.

For example, it snowed here yesterday and it seemed like the perfect day to go use our giftcards to the spa! So at lunch time, we stopped work and headed into town and it was AWESOME!! So random and so wonderful! That’s not something we could do during our busy season and so I’m learning to be very thankful for those moments!

So where was I? I was talking about the new year and goals because another item on my to-do for the new year is to blog about an amazing conference that is taking place in Raleigh on March 21st!! I have realized in the last two years that I really do enjoy speaking at workshops and conferences…I actually LOVE it and hope to do more of it in the next couple of years! However, there is something EXTRA special about this one… I’m speaking alongside two of my PAST BRIDES!!! What?!! It doesn’t get any better than that! We are going to have a BLAST! I don’t know if you follow Molly or Amanda but you should put that on your 2014 “to-do” list because I LOVE these girls to death! Molly is a social media guru, an awesome blogger and a momma to sweet Lily and Amanda is a talented wedding photographer and full time momma of *almost* two sweet girls!!

So why should you come to the CLIC CONFERENCE for the day?! Well, 1. There aren’t a ton of conferences offered on the east coast! I was so excited to see that this was going to be somewhat local for us! 2. This is an affordable, educational opportunity for anyone looking for a fresh start in 2014! What better way to begin wedding season than with an empowering business and marketing conference?! We are pumped!! And the BEST part is… I get to give two seats away!! YAY!! Each seat has a $375 value and so be sure to enter! The contest will run for a week! We’ll contact the 2 winners next Wednesday! We would love to see you there!!


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  1. Stephanie McNeal reply

    I would love to take a trip to the Click Conference. My goal this year is to grow my business with an extra personal touch for the client.

    Thank you:)

  2. Katie Adams reply

    I would be so excited to join y’all! Although I am still in portfolio building mode, I can only dream and pray to have a successful business like yours one day. I’m so glad this is taking place in Virginia! -katie

  3. Amanda reply

    Hey katelyn! I was JUST looking at the CLIC page last night. Too funny. How do I enter though?!?! I would love to win!

  4. Charlotte Jennings reply

    eeeeek! I’m so excited!!! I might be able to finally meet you Katelyn! And how awesome that these ladies are former brides?!?!!! Thanks for this opportunity to try and win a seat!

  5. Wendy reply

    This sounds like an amazing conference! I’d love the chance to go and soak up the knowledge!

  6. Leah Otten reply

    I have only recently started following you on your blog and instagram, but when I first came across you website, I knew that you would be someone I would find as an inspiration and (virtual) mentor. Your posts and your pictures are uplifting and inspiring. Being new to the photography business, I yearn to surround myself with positive and uplifting people. Even if I don’t attend this conference, I truly do hope to meet you one day at one of your workshops of one on one sessions. Until then, I look forward to turning to you and others like you for creativity, positivity, and inspiration. Truly. Love and Happiness!

    Leah :-)

  7. Rebecca reply

    I am soooo very excited about finally meeting you! Already have my tickets!!! Followed you for years and very excited about meeting you in person!

  8. Ali reply

    would love the chance to wine this!:-) attending a conference is on my list this year.

  9. Brett reply

    I would absolutely LOVE to be apart of the conference this year! I love the inspiration and wisdom from people who have gone through so many difference experiences than I have. It helps to prepare for the future!

    Fingers crossed! :)

  10. MEGAN K. MARCUS reply

    I entered!! Yay!!!! Fingers crossed + praying extra hard that it might be God’s will that I can go to this conference!! If not through the giveaway then maybe by registering for a seat! :)

  11. Melissa Hunt reply

    I am so excited about this giveaway!!! I have been hoping for something like this in 2014!!

  12. MICHAEL reply

    Would love to send my wife with Ashley Peterson for a girl’s getaway! <3

  13. vanessa reply

    I have a question! Can I still go to this if I am Just now starting. I don’t have many lens and still learning will this be good for me still.

  14. Courtney Hathaway reply

    finally a workshop that is close to home! I would love to win a spot!!!

  15. Katelyn McKay reply

    I am so excited to finally meet you, after following your work for so long!! I so can’t wait for the conference. :) xo

  16. Mariah Johnson reply

    What an amazing giveaway this would be to win! I am just getting started and would love the chance to get to soak up as much knowledge as possible from all the amazing speakers at clic! Thank you for all the advice and encouragement you provide!

  17. Tiffany Weaver reply

    I’m praying I am one of the winners of this giveaway! If not, I’m going to make a point to be able to go somehow! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! :)

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