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pulled up in a shiny Chrysler 300 and I told Michael “Wow, they lucked out with a cool rental car!!”. Ashlie and Johnna got out of the car and I greeted them and then stated what I thought was the obvious “Nice rental car!”. Ashlie laughed and said of this isn’t a rental, this is mine!” I replied with “Umm, but aren’t you from TEXAS?!”. They laughed and told me that Johnna was from Texas and Ashlie was from Missouri and they DROVE HERE!!!!!!! Yes, they DROVE to Virginia from half a country away. They were so impressed with the mountains that they crossed in Charlottesville because they are from the plains.

It was so mind blowing to me that they came SO far but they made a roadtrip out of it and had a blast! I loved getting to know these two!!! Not only are they great friends, but Johnna is Ashlie’s AUNT! Crazy right? I can’t tell the whole story because I know I would mess it up! haha It was so much fun coaching them and I’m so honored that they made the drive all the way to VA to spend the day with us!

Two days ago I had the honor of meeting Brooke and Terri! They are from opposite parts of the state. Brooke is from Virginia Beach and Terri lives in Fredericksburg. Brooke is the momma to an almost one year old and let me tell you, he’s a cutie! Terri works in Richmond full time AND runs a business on the side… talk about a lot of work! She has lived all over and as she gave me a little background on her life, she mentioned that she was actually a HAIR model at one point! These are the little details that I love hearing!! I can totally see it, she has gorgeous hair!! :) It was so wonderful getting to know these two this week. We had quite a hot day for headshots but they made it look easy!! Enjoy some of my favorites from this month’s coaching sessions!


Johnna you’re beautiful! 

Look at that model face!! Get it girl! 

How beautiful is Terri?! Love her smile! (And her hair of course!:)

Gorgeous! Please let me look like this after having a child only 11 months ago! Lucky girl!!

Love her colors!

Yay for new friends!!!!

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  1. Lacoya Heggie reply

    YAY YAY YAY! I’ve been waiting for this to hit the blog! I love the way you brough out Terri’s beautiful smile! I’m so glad you had a great time and she has told me already how much she learned from you! Awesome! Yeah!

  2. Katie reply

    Beautiful images of beautiful girls!! Also, Katelyn, you could totally be a hair model too! Haha.

  3. Rhonda Bowman reply

    Katelyn – I love reading and seeing your coaching sessions, you bring out every ounce of beauty in everyone!!! I LOVE these images and let me just say that Brooke is so adorable and I cannot believe she just had a baby and I can see how Terri was a hair model – her hair is GORGEOUS – everyone is so super fun loving and looks like they had an amazing time!!!!

  4. Ashlyn reply

    These are all so beautiful- each one of these women look like they know what they’re about! Their smiles were so radiant- and Terri, can I have that last outfit? My word! (And Katelyn- that last dress was gorgeous.)

  5. Cindy Habel reply

    Beautiful, Katelyn! I love seeing your coaching sessions, they’re one of my favourites :)

  6. Jane Stratton reply

    Fabulous photos, beautiful models, and a great blog! You captured my full attention and drew me in … caught myself smiling right along with all of you.

  7. Abby Grace reply

    I love Terri!! I’m so glad she did a coaching session with you- Terri is the sweetest and her work is gorgeous!

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