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I had the honor of meeting with Brittany of Brittany Claud Photography! We sat in my office and talked about everything from print labs to Bokeh. Last week I was super busy and so Michael took Bokeh to his grandparent’s house for a few days. I totally forgot that some of my coaching photographers… actually, ALL of them have wanted to meet Bokeh! Poor Britt, she missed out on the spastic ball of apricot colored fluff that we call our dog. He’s just been crazy recently!! whew! Two shoes have hit the trash can because of him recently!! Yikes!

Anyway! Brittany and I had a great coaching session together! It’s so much fun to help new photographers realize that they can actually DO THIS!! And then send them home with steps to make it happen. Brittany is going to do amazing things and I’m excited to see all that’s in store for her business! I think we covered almost every photography topic under the sun and we could have kept going for hours!  Enjoy some of my favorites of Brittany and have an awesome weekend!!! xoxo

Are these colors GREAT?!

So cute!

Don’t hate me fore posting this one Brit! I just love it!!



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  1. Meghan Hochgesang reply

    i’m going to go ahead and need outfit deets for her amazing mustard pants and cute polkadot chambray!

  2. Brittany Claud reply

    Katelyn! Thank you SO much for an amazing day!! I LOVE all of these! And hopefully I’ll get to meet little Bokeh another time ;) Have a wonderful weekend!!! And Meghan…both the top and the pants are from Old Navy!! :)

  3. Jolynn reply

    These are all so cute! I’m totally digging the yellow pants, Brittany! =)

  4. Cindy Habel reply

    Very cute outfits, gorgeous model and beautiful photography as usual Katelyn :) Love seeing your coaching sessions…great poses!!

  5. Sierra Gallardo reply

    Katelyn you are the cutest dressed person I have ever seen!

    So I have LOVED your photography style for a long time now… How do you get your colors to POP in every photo!!?? Is it’s your camera, lens, lighting? Or is it all in the editing? I’m not a super savvy photographer by any stretch just a mom in LOVE with your photos!

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