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cool things happening with KJP these days!! The #1 thing would be the fact that I’m getting to meet so many amazing people and not only do I get to be their friends, I have the chance to help them grow and expand their businesses! So, some photographers are purely ARTSY… and the business side of their work drives them insane…. almost to the point of burnt out if they don’t get help! Then there are photographers like me that actually ENJOY the business side in some weird way!! It’s strange right?! Well there has to be a happy medium. You HAVE to be creative and push yourself artistically but in order to grow a business

you have to be a motivated entrepreneur that has a desire to move forward. Being a business woman is fun to me. I think it’s ridiculously awesome that I can pay my bills by doing something that I love! Sure, it’s tough and I work long hours sometimes, but I love my job. So what could make my job BETTER?! …. Helping others love their job.  Some photographers are about to throw in the towel because the “business” side is just too much to handle… or maybe they are organized but they don’t know how to market and they are slowly dying….or maybe they have the potential to grow and reach thousands but they can’t seem to understand LIGHT in a way that helps them determine THEIR style and they’re STUCK!


Coaching sessions allow me to HELP these photographers and business owners. I get to sit down with new friends, one -on- one and just listen and give feed back. Eventually, we start writing down goals and the goals can range from “Buying a backup body” to “meet with a designer and revamp your look”.  Helping other photographers feel empowered and equipped for the next step of growth in their business is an awesome privilege… and I’m pumped because I’m offering a whole slue of new COACHING DATES!!! That’s right! We have coaching dates available from December 2012 to April 2013 and you can save your seat today by clicking HERE!!


If you want more information, you can actually checkout my new “For Photographers” branch of my website!! I’m kinda excited about it… and the fact that I made it a little over an hour is amazing! Woopwoop! That’s Showit for you!!  Here’s a peak of the new addition and you can check it out for real at



Coaching Checkups


Something else that we have decided to offer is full service coaching. Basically, if you were to pay for coaching services in other arenas like sports or a life coach, it wouldn’t be a one day thing. Your coach would keep up with you, meet with you constantly and monitor progress along the way. While I wish I could meet with ALL of my coaching photographers every month, that’s just impossible! However, we are opening up 10 “Checkup sessions” for past coaching clients. We are limiting them to 10 to ensure that I have ample time to give to each photographer. These “Checkups” will be two hours of evaluating what has been done, planning what is left to do and making goals to continue to move forward. There are no specific dates assigned to these checkups, however you MUST be a former coaching client to signup. If you’re a coaching client that is interested in continuing your coaching with a checkup, you can signup HERE! 


And lastly, hear from a few past coaching clients about what they thought!! :







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