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for a treat! Yup! right here on the blog. You’re going to love this couple and you’re going to love them 10x more when you see their classy 2nd outfit.  Robbie loves to dress up and Nicole had a fabulous pair of heels that had never been worn. This all worked in my favor. We had an amazing time in Colonial Williamsburg last week.  It was a tad chilly but we made it just in time to catch some leaves before they were gone for good. Winter kinda becomes depressing for photographers.  Not much sun, not terrific light, not many colors… so I was happy to have one last session with color that POPS!

Robbie and Nicole are so stinkin sweet! I meet the most awesome people through my job and I’m loving it… like really loving it. Robbie’s proposal was incredible and when Nicole emailed me, she told be the WHOLE story, start to finish and I was impressed. I was impressed by Robbie’s thoughtfullness…. (He had a limo and everything!) AND I was impressed that Nicole wrote the whole thing in one email! It took her two hours!!! Any girl that is THAT excited to be engaged is my kind of girl! Shooting their engagement session on their Alma mater’s campus was such a privilege. As we got close to our 1/2 way mark of our session, the clouds came rolling in and we lost a ton of light. HOWEVER, by that time, these two were pros and they rocked the end of the session in record time…. I actually like the shots that were a little rushed even more! (Maybe that has something to do with those amazing black and white outfits! loved it! Enjoy some of my favorites and be sure to share on FACEBOOK if you think someone else might enjoy these as well!!

oooh lala

Nicole you’re so cute!

Robbie, you did well…BEAUTIFUL ring!

Here we go!

LOVE THESE!… They look almost like they were taken in front of a backdrop… but that’s a REAL building. Promise.

Same location, four different poses… we were trying to make the best out of our fading light!

Robbie you have a gorgeous fiance’!

One of my favorites…. there is so much happiness is this shot!! I love my job.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking “Oh my GOSHHH Katelyn, you post WAY too many shots for engagement sessions!!!” …. Yes, I know… I’m working on it, ok?

My clients have fun during their sessions… I think. They may just be laughing at me…. whichever if fine with me, it works and they look happy!

This was a last minute “ohh just run over to that building really quick!” moment. I’m glad they were up for it! So Colonial Williamsburg!

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  1. ashley barnett reply

    Never too many pictures Katelyn! LOVE her shoes! It is amazing how late the trees changed over down this way, you definitely got them right at the perfect time :) Great session!

  2. Anne Taylor reply

    love.those.colors. and her black and white shoes. and colonial williamsburg. what a great session, Katelyn!

  3. ali williamson reply

    WONDERFUL. I love the yellow trees.

  4. Brooke Lewis reply

    Katelyn, you did an amazing job (: I’m sure Nicole and Robbie are VERY happy with them. I agree the black and white outfits were awesome, including her shoes.

  5. Nicole Lawson reply

    AHHHH! Ok, so I’ve looked through them once and all I can say is… WOW! I am so happy! I’m so excited I can’t sit still, so I’m carrying my laptop around and walking around! Ok, I’ll comment again after I look through them more!! THANK YOU! You are amazing! xoxo

  6. Robbie Wnukowski reply

    You can ask Nicole, I was actually really nervous about being in a photo shoot. Thank you for making it so easy and fun! I can’t believe how great the pictures turned out!

  7. stephanie reply

    oh so cute! The colors are so bright too! This totally makes me homesick…maybe I need to make a trip to CW very soon! :) Oh, also great job on the macro ring shots! Awesome!

  8. Karla reply

    OMG SOO Beautiful!!!

  9. Sydni Jackson reply

    oh my gosh i LOOOOOVE the last one on the left, the second pose in front of the backdrop-looking building, and especially the ring shot with the swirly hook!!!!

  10. kat reply

    i LOVE the ones by the fence in the black & white. ahmazing. :) however, my absolute favorite is your ring shot in the flower! when i get engaged i’m gettin’ one of those!! :) you said you were working on your ring shots & they look wonderful. (not that i stalk your blog or anything) haha. keep up your amazing work; i love looking at them.

  11. Emily reply

    BESTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE your pictures! their soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!! i need some! haha! you looked so beautiful in those pics, and Robster looked so handsome! my favorite couple! love you both!

  12. Bri and Josh reply


  13. Nicole Lawson reply

    Ok, I looked through them about a hundred times (plus some) and can speak now!! :) My mom loves the mom shots, hehe, you are so good! And the ring shots… you’re working on them? PSH!! You are a pro! I love them ALL! Especially the flower one! The shoe shots… LOOOVE! I can’t wait to make a collage of the shoe and ring shots…! The lamppost pictures are gorgeous – what a great idea! And I totally agree, the second outfit was awesome! Although, I hope no modeling agency steals my fiance` from me! hehe :) His model face is WAYYY better than mine. The building in Colonial Williamsburg is amazing! Yes, everyone, it is REAL, not a backdrop! Katelyn knows a great photo spot when she sees it! And the last minute stop in front of the tailoring shop was perfect!! The leg-hug picture is so creative, I love it!

    My top 3 favorites (after hours of deliberation) are:
    #3 – Leg hug in front of the tailoring shop with both of us in it
    #2 – Us leaning against the white house facing each other with Robbie’s arm over me and me smiling at him
    #1 – The wooden fence pictures with Robbie looking casual and me leaning into him adoringly!

    THANK YOU! I’m so pleased! So much for studying more for my exam tomorrow… Much better things to look at now! :) :) Love ya!

  14. Becca reply

    Definitely not too many pictures posted!! loved them! You did an awesome job! I loved the ring shot you got- how unique are the sides of that? So great!!

  15. Brittany reply

    I love ALL the second outfit ones. But my favorites would be the three where Nicole is leaning with her back to the building looking up at Robbie and he’s smiling down at her. So much love and passion in those shots! Simply amazing!

  16. Kristina N. reply

    Such great photos Katelyn! You’re so great at photography and I think the ring with the red leaf (or flower?) is my favorite of all your ring shots!

  17. britney reply

    ring shot in the grass = amazing. pic of them in the clearing in front of the house = amazing. love their outfits. so dapper and 1920s with a modern twist!

  18. beth ferrara reply

    these are great pictures of Robbie n Nicole!!! congratulations to the happy couple!!

  19. Girish reply

    Great shots. Always good to see so many shots and varieties. No complaints ;). What lens did you use for this.

  20. Britne reply

    I love the ring pictures!! The one with the flower is gorgeous! :)

  21. Alex reply

    Love the ring, especially in the red flower! I can feel the love and excitement this couple has for one another and it makes my heart smile. Another beautiful session.

  22. Spring reply

    Williamsburg is one of my favorite places ever!!!! I have been dying to shoot there- I took so many photos there as a kid with my first camera when we would go visit but I have yet to do a portrait session there… these photos are stunning and make me want to move to VA :)

  23. Lauren reply

    The red ring shot does *pop*… but I have to say, the shot of the ring hanging on that scrolling hook is my new favorite ring shot EVER. Note to self: find an old, quirky, metal hook when I get engaged :)

  24. Jenn reply

    THOSE SHOES! oh yeah… and those pictures! both amazing! where in the world are those shoes from? and PLEASE tell me they’re from this season!

  25. Nicole Lawson reply

    The black & white shoes are from Anne Klein. They are last year’s winter season. I got them last year for Christmas but hadn’t worn them! The brown peep toes are from Candies (summer 2010 season). Gotta love shoes!

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