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I can’t believe what is right around the corner. It snuck up on me.  It was only a few days ago that I was trying to figure out what Michael and I were going to be for Halloween and now it’s time for Thanksgiving! This semester has flown by and while I am sooo ready to have a break from classes, it means I’m one semester closer to wrapping up my “College Life”.  So strange. I absolutely LOVE this school and these people. My roommates are some of the greatest girls on the planet and I’m so thankful for them!

As I was culling David and Rochelle’s super fun engagement session, I thought maybe I would just quickly post a little something about being thankful. I mean, it’s a very appropriate topic being that it’s only a week away! Obviously, I still can’t believe that! So not only am I extremely thankful for awesome girlfriends and my life here at college, I’m also so thankful for Michael, my family and a ton of little things! One of those little things would be COLOR! It sounds so strange but I’m so thankful for it! Just think how boring our life would be… how boring my JOB would be if we didn’t have an color?! No TEAL! No greens or blues! Devastating.  I took this picture at home last weekend. It’s the only tree that still has it’s leaves and when I was scanning through some of these random pictures, it caught my eye. The colors are beautiful and everything about that picture was created by the Lord. I’m so thankful that He doesn’t make us live in a boring, colorless world.  How dull that would be!

So, as I approach Thanksgiving next week, Color has been added to my thankful list … along with a ton of other little things! Happy Early Thanksgiving!

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  1. Michael reply

    Is that tree going to be red on 10/10/10 and what does culling mean? and I think you may want to make the L in Teal Uppercase…it looks like TEA! Love you

  2. Steph reply

    Culling -v.- The process of removing animals from a group based on specific criteria. For livestock and wildlife the process of culling usually implies the killing of animals with undesirable characteristics.

  3. britney reply

    Are you culling David and Rochelle!? Come on KK…haha

  4. Michael reply

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….”As I was culling David and Rochelle’s super fun engagement session”…Wow you need to explain this…You said you loved them…I don’t think you meant “removing undesirable characteristics” or maybe you did…God Bless Photoshop. Maybe J* can cull away the zits on my face.

  5. lauryn reply

    hahaha michael!

  6. Michael reply

    Lauryn, I need you to get a blog I can comment on. I just went through all of your old post at work. I especially enjoyed the one about how to make a compost thing, and how to make Laundry detergent. Oh and that one about some workshop you went to. Awesome…I have officially added you as one of the blogs I will stalk.

  7. caroline reply

    AMEN! God sure built a mighty fence in the background :)
    hahaha love you so much. im thankful for YOU!

  8. Petia reply

    whoa. this picture is absolutely stunning! i love how God’s creation can take our breath away.

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