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Like anyone who is young and has a thriving business, I get asked this same question over and over again… what is your SECRET to success. Well, I don’t have any secrets and I think that was very evident when I spoke at the Come Together Event last Thursday with Jordan and Amy Demos. I openly admitted that not only do I not have secrets and that I am also full of insecurities just like everyone else! However, I also shared about how blogging IS a secret weapon for my business…. but it’s a secret I’m willing to share because I want EVERYONE to have a blog success story like ours!

Why would I want EVERYONE to have the same success as me? Well, for starters, that’s the kind thing to desire for others and secondly, my blog is what initially starts my relationships in my business and the relationships in my business are how I slowly but surely impact the world.  I don’t know about you but I think our world could use a little “impacting”!!! I want EVERYONE to hear my heart behind this blogging phenomenon that has totally rocked our business and I want everyone to have the tools they need to make a CHANGE happen in their business!!

Today we’re announcing that for a LIMITED TIME we have the recordings of both of our 90 minute talks available for purchase!!! We have been asked over and over again “Can you please record these things because I can’t come!!” and so we listened and we did just that!! The first 99 videos sold are only $99 for 3 hours of teaching content straight from the event! After those 99 are sold, the price jumps to $129 for the next 99. If you’re not sure what to expect from this, here’s a little preview!!

Grab one of the remaining 99 HERE!! 



So you’re probably thinking “Ok, tell me the 3 Blogging Tips That I May Be Forgetting!” already! Here you go! When I was giving this talk, I tried to take note of when people nodded their heads the most and when they perked up and really started scribbling down notes! This showed me what information was brand new to them and what I could share with you guys! I can’t share it ALL simply because my talk was 90 MINUTES long but I can share 3 things that bloggers are constantly forgetting!!


This is one of the most simply ways to make your blog post searchable in google! Use your keywords and commit to NEVER having a blog post that has a URL that ends like this:  That’s not good and it’s SO not helpful to your SEO! Don’t know how to customize your permalink? Here’s a screenshot for WordPress users!



This is actually a thing! I normally share one link or image of my blog post for the next day around midnight the night before because 1. There may be less people online but that means there is less competition for engagement and 2. There are people on the west coast and across the pond who are still online during that hour! Why not take advantage of it! I normally wake up with some likes, comments and maybe a share or two. That jumpstarts my facebook marketing for the day!


Create a mission statement for your blog and filter EVERYTHING through that mission statement! I’m realizing more and more just how IMPORTANT this is!! My blog is a very valuable part of my business and I want to make sure I’m filling it with content that pushes my overall vision forward and isn’t confusing my readers.

I hope this was helpful! If you want to hear MORE tips about blogging and how it basically catapults every workflow in my business, you can have 90 MINUTES of me talking about that topic by clicking HERE!  Keep scrolling to see some behind the scenes of the event and some personal takeaways but before you do that, there are some helpers and sponsors that we just HAVE to thank!!!

Ty and Ash…. Well, Tyler and Ashley, we just call them that for short! :) These two make up HERRINTON WEDDINGS and they have done SO much for us the past year when it comes to the video side of our business! We can always count on them and we’re so thankful for them!!!

BIG thank you to Creative at Heart for sponsoring our pizza party!!! We couldn’t have done it without you! We love what you stand for and we loved introducing so many new creatives to the amazing “Creative at Heart” community!!

Another BIG thank you to PASS for 1. Making my life easier on a DAILY basis and 2. Helping us sponsor the bar! These guys are good to us and we’re so thankful that they were on board last week. For those that have never heard of PASS, this program basically simplifies everything about my image storage and organization! Because of PASS my images are backed up for 10 years, I have a “online portfolio” gallery where I can access my best work CONSTANTLY and my clients have gorgeous galleries for their images!!

Other HUGE thank you’s to:



HH BOOGIE (These boxes are Amazing!)





xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Lacoya reply

    SOOOOO enjoyed hearing from you all on last week! SO much stuff to implement and I’m so excited to get started! Love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you again! XO

  2. Megan Kelsey reply

    I have goosebumps watching the little preview! So glad I attended this talk because my heart is on fire again for impacting lives through my blog and social media accounts. I loved all the stories you guys told and I’ve been telling the one about your bride’s grandma to everyone when they asked who “Katelyn James” is! What an amazing legacy to have. <3

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  4. come together event with katelyn james and amy and jordan demos » Kaitlyn Phipps Photography reply

    […] I could go on all day, but instead I’ll just say, if you aren’t following Katelyn and Amy and Jordan, you best start. And if you’re blogging or social media presence needs some practicality and a kick right in the heart then you should check out the recorded version of this event! […]

  5. Hayley Watson reply

    Thanks for the tips, KJ! 1) Do you have any workarounds for scheduling a FB post with your blog link before the post is published? I find that the link won’t produce a preview type of link with an image of the link isn’t live yet, so I can’t schedule those kind of posts ahead of time. 2) Do you recommend any apps to schedule IG posts at specific times? Thanks!

  6. Deb Kepiro reply

    This event was such a wonderful evening… thanks again for all you shared! Changed my views on blogging completely!!

  7. Mahmud reply

    Yup, a lot of bloggers miss these, Permalink is one the most important one to get rank in Google SERP.

  8. Mahmud reply

    Great tips for beginners. In the beginning a lot of bloggers missed this.

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