Rome, Georgia

  • Connect Retreat 2014

home is such a mix of emotions…. and that’s a good thing. Michael and I have spent the last 4 days in Rome, GA for the CONNECT Marriage retreat. I’m thankful that I wasn’t ready to leave . I’m thankful that I wish we had more time there because that means that we had an AMAZING week. Incredible couples, hilarious relationship building exercises and time to re-connect with our spouses an old friends… what could be better?! I’ll tell you what could be better…. having all of this amazingness in one place and have Chickfila food!! :)

That’s just icing on the cake….and icing on the cake makes me think of “ice cream”….. because there is a 24/hr ice dream machine at Winshape available for all. Ah-mazing.  Michael and I feel as if Winshape has become a home away from home. I could name at least three of their staff workers by name and I’ve memorized the names of all of the different buildings. We love that place… it never gets old. It’s incredible to me that God can use an old dairy farm to revive and save marriages!!

Michael and I love being a part of this retreat. Connect is a retreat for couples in business together. Couples flew and drove in from all over the country… and even outside of the country! It’s amazing what happens when you leave the craziness of life behind and dedicate 3-4 days to your marriage and refocusing on the things that matter.  We heard incredible stories of marriages that were hanging on by threads and left yesterday with hope and commitments to move forward.  We heard stories of couples deciding to use their business for more than just a revenue stream… they want something MORE from their business… they want to change lives.

I could go on and on about what we learned and how much we cherished this time away… but I have some super entertaining pictures to share!! Here are some of our highlights! Ps. If you’re interested in more info about Connect, visit the website and watch the trailer from last year HERE!

  • We loved having the opportunity to speak TOGETHER…. twice!! This was a first for us! 
  • We loved reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!! 
  • Sneaking into the dining hall with our small group to get some Ice Dream goodness!
  • Spending time with the other speakers. We love and look up to these two couples in so many ways! 
  • The “experiential learning” part of the week…. HILARIOUS! I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time! 
  • Worship…. there’s something so powerful about praising God together with others in a setting like this. I’m thankful that I was able to lead and sing this week…. and I STILL have some of my voice left! If you’ve heard my voice story, you’ll know that that is a miracle! 
  • A Surprise sunrise anniversary shoot for Casey and Kristin Peddicord!! ;) I’ll share more about that next week! 
  • AMAZING weather!! 75 degrees?! That’s what I’m talking about!!
Love seeing Michael use his administrative gifts again this year! He was Jody’s right hand man and planned small groups, Battle of the Sexes, 5Min Marriage and ran slides for worship and made everything happen smoothly.

Ohh these two! So funny!


And then we blindfolded our husbands…

And they walked through the woods like this….

This right image cracks. me. up….. Jordan is literally walking in the wrong direction…. into the middle of the road. haha

Bucket team building time!


Best team ever!

The Mishes…. love them!

And then this happened!

ha!!! Balancing act.

Love these two!

Instas from our time in GA!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amy Demos reply

    BA HA HA!! Katelyn, WE ARE CRYING!!! These photos are EVERYTHING!!! I think we might just keep scrolling and re-scrolling the rest of the night and laugh like little girls at a slumber party. The photo of Jordan walking blindfolded in the road is the greatest moment ever captured on film. And Michael and Jordan on all fours?! Oh boy. This is pure gold. How do we get back there?! Missing you all already!!

  2. Jordan Demos reply

    Ba ha ha! We are literally CRYING in our office right now looking at all of these photos! What a GREAT week! And thanks, KJ, for posting so many ridiculous images of me in compromising positions that I will never, EVER be able to run for President of the United States.

  3. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Wow it looks like you guys had a blast! I love all the photos and the stories!!!

  4. Deborah Zoe reply

    What a fun and amazing retreat:)! Kinda makes me wish I worked with my hubby;):)

  5. Sabrina reply

    Oh my goodness! We already want to be back there! Thank you guys for EVERYTHING from this past week. And especially for this hilarious photos of our Wednesday afternoon! Laughing so hard looking at these!

  6. Suzanne & Mike Taylor reply

    Love this Katelyn and so impressed on how quickly you were able to blog all of this awesomeness. Thank you for capturing this amazing period in our lives so that others who could not be here could get a taste of what is CONNECT. I wish for every couple in business to attend this life changing experience. Winshape is a magical place that change perspectives and lives. i am so glad we didn’t cancel and back out last minute. we SOOOO needed this trip this year. it made a world of difference in our marriage and lives. I know our children and our business will see a drastic change when we return. love you guys. thank you.

  7. Kelly reply

    Haha I am dying to know the games you played that led to some of those photos! What a fun recap! sounds like an amazing retreat!

  8. erica reply

    Ah! This post makes us want to go back! can’t wait until connect 2015. thank you so much for all you and Michael put into this week. seriously life-changing! xo

  9. Jody gray reply

    It was so great having you guys a part of connect again!! Xoxo

  10. Kristina W. reply

    It looks like so much fun!

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