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“rolling with the punches” comes to mind when I think about Amelia. This girl has had some CRAZY speed bumps along her wedding planning journey and she just kept on going.  Plans changed and new plans were made and her wedding day was perfect this past Saturday! So when her first bridal session got rained out, she didn’t blink an eye. We just rescheduled and made it happen the following week!  I met them close to where I grew up in Caroline County and we drove down some LONG dusty roads to find these locations. Now I’ve lived in this part of the country for 20 years…. and I have never even SEEN the roads we were on!

As I followed them down an old hunting path for several miles my thoughts were this: 1. The Toaster (aka my box car) is not going to MAKE it! and 2. Where the heck are we?!!!.  We stopped at a cute rickety old bridge and began there. Then we proceeded to DRIVE OVER the rickety old bridge on to our next location!  I’m just thankful I wasn’t in my old VW bug… that car was NOT made for off-roading bridal shoots!


Amelia’s parent’s joined us for this shoot and it was a fun evening to just relax and get excited for their big day! Amelia looked amazing and I squealed when she got out of the car with a beautiful hairpiece and ruffles galor!  Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited to see their wedding tomorrow!!!

And just for humor’s sake…. this is me taking those field shots! Michael did NOT approve of this! The poor toaster had a rough day!

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  1. Abby Grace reply

    Oh man, I love her hairpiece! And dang, she’s BRAVE. I never would have walked into a field of tall grass like that prior to my wedding. Beautiful shots, girl!

  2. Lizzy reply

    great shots, Katelyn! i did have to laugh at the last one, though. looks EXACTLY like me during shoots! haha! the most memorable one in a field was one in Texas at dusk…think mosquitoes galore, burrs, and me falling into a pitted area and cutting my leg! the shots came out but i left rather bedraggled! oh, the things we do for a great image ;)

  3. McCall Doyle reply

    Abby, I totally agree! I was thinking how brave she was for venturing into what looked like damp territory in that gorgeous dress. Love these pics, Katelyn…they have a slightly different feel (in a good way!) to your usual shots…Amelia seems more contemplative and the whole thing just looks serene and elegant.

  4. Stephen reply

    Standing on the car was clearly well worth it. WOW!

  5. molly reply

    STUNNING. holy moly is she a MODEL? cause she looks BEAUTIFUL. wow. katelyn you did a great job! and abby is right – she is BRAVE!!!

  6. Kari Jeanne reply

    So beautiful!!! I am in LOVE with her dress!! So stinking gorgeous!!

  7. Sarah reply

    LOVE her dress!!! It’s so elegant but unique! Great work!!

  8. Ashley Link reply

    oh my gosh! i love the last shot before your car picture! she looks gorgeous and i love that field!!! :) great job! congrats amelia! :)

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Haha, I love the one of you on top of your car! Amelia is beautiful! My favorite one is of her smiling in the brown colored field.

  10. Michelle reply

    I love, love, love the one with the pic of my Grandma’s house (Amelia’s Great Grandma) in the background!!!!!

  11. Gabby / En Route Photography reply

    HaHa… I was wondering how did u get thos shots from high up… hillarious… u should post more nehind the scenes! ;D Lovin´them!

  12. Amelia reply

    Katelyn…… you picked some of my favorites for the blog! I just cant wait for the wedding post tomorrow!

  13. Annetta reply

    Wow, amazing pics Katelyn. I like everything about this shoot. Well done.

  14. Michelle L. reply

    Congrats Amelia! You look beautiful! All the pictures are gorgeous!

  15. danielle honea reply

    stunning locations, and great angles…should have guessed you were on a stool… or a CAR lol. Can I ask, where is her amazing dress from!? Its stunning!! My fav of her, is the close ups–gorg blue eyes!!

  16. Karie Murray reply

    lovely Katelyn! I adore the bride’s dress! …and of the BEST shot, of course, is of you on the car hood! :)

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