A Country Sunrise Shoot

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there were some people that we saw everyday. My roommates, our neighbors, etc. There were also some friends that we only saw every now and then because of the age difference, class schedules and living arrangements. Michael and I have been friends with Mary Margaret and Tim since college but because I wasn’t in Young Life, I didn’t get to see them very often. We share all of the same friends and I have always thought to myself “Gosh, they’re super cute together…. I wonder when they’re getting engaged!!”. Well, the proposal happened this summer and their getting married this winter in the most adorable location!!

Tim and Mary Margaret live in North Carolina and so our schedules are hard to coordinate for engagement pictures. We realized that we would both be in town for Brendan and Jenna’s big day and so we made it happen at the crack of dawn on Saturday! After hanging out with them that morning, I regretted that we didn’t hang out more in college because they’re so much fun! I’m just so honored and so excited to be a part of their day and I love that we’ll have so many friends there! Friend’s weddings are the BEST!!!

We shot these sunrise portraits around Goochland near our new house and I have to say that morning light may be one of my new favorites things! :) Enjoy my favorites!!!

That light?! It was heavenly!! 

You guys are the cutest! Such great smiles!!

How awesome is her hair?! 

A favorite!

And they said they weren’t good at the “model face”…. I beg to differ:)

Love these!!

Mary Margaret loves RED… ruby red to be exact and I have to say that after editing these pictures, I may even like ruby red too! The colors she picked for their outfits were awesome!!

Ha! I think this was an “in between poses” shot but I loved it! :) 


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  1. Carrie logan reply

    they are so cute!! that morning light is glorious!!!! ahhhh!! and i love their second outfit! can’t wait to see their wedding!!

  2. Elise reply

    Yay Yay YAY I LOVE these! MM, your outfits and hair are perfect. I miss you all over again! And KK, awesome job as always :)

  3. Erika reply

    Mary Margaret, you are GORGEOUS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit selections. You too make an adorable couple!

  4. Elise reply

    Yay Yay YAY! I LOVE these! MM, your outfits and hair are PERFECT. I miss you all over again! And KK, amazing job as always :)

  5. Gabrielle Corbin reply

    Love these! They seriously are an adorable couple. :) And you must have really liked that final photo, I spotted it twice. ;)

  6. Amanda reply

    Don’t you just love engagement sessions! Nathan and I always feel like they’re double dates! I love the red and mustard colors of her outfit! They so “work” for me! LOVE

  7. elizabeth r reply

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped….love this couple and holy cow AMAZINGGGG job Katelyn!!!! beautiful light…..WOW!!!!

  8. Holly reply

    Ahhhh yummy light and gotta love a YL couple! Mary Margaret you look STUNNING!

  9. Kat reply

    I think this is my new favorite engagement session of yours!! Love her outfits, her hair and that amazing light! Stunning Katelyn!!! :)

  10. Abby Grace W reply

    LOVE ti!!!:) Her hair is beautiful!! Love the colors in the last set:):)

  11. Marlayna reply

    oh my goodness these are fantastic. I love how the backlit photos are perfectly light and airy Not even blown out. So much detail… I’m obsessed! Also yay for curly girls :) & all the colors. & just all of it really!

  12. Allsion reply

    They are just adorable together and that location and LIGHT– so amazing!!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    You asked how awesome her hair is and it is SUPER awesome! I love it! :) Yay curly girls! Her outfits are really cute too! And that light! I didn’t know that sunrise light could be so beautiful!

  14. Gill Wimbish reply

    What?!?! Super excited for Tim!!! I knew him at Derbyshire Baptist. :) Congratulations!

  15. Lindsay reply

    This is definitely one of my new favorite sessions!!! GORGEOUS!

  16. Kathryn Grace reply

    OH my gracious! Favorite engagement session!! Or at least waaay up on the list of favorites. Amazing (x10!) light!! And such a gorgeous couple. LOVE!

  17. Dawn Pierro reply

    My most handsome nephew and his gorgeous bride to be, so awesome!!! Making me teary eyed again. You guys look so sweet. Can’t wait to see you for real xoxo

  18. molly stillman reply

    these are beautiful!

  19. Urška Majer reply

    What a gorgeous light! Amazing shoot!

  20. Mallory reply

    Beautiful pictures!! I have so many favorites!! I love the colors! :)

  21. Caroline reply

    Gorgeous light! I looove her hair!

  22. Mary Beth reply

    As much as I did enjoy their model faces, I don’t think I would have recognized MM. Whenever I saw her around campus, she was smiling! She is such a wonderful and joyful person!

  23. Alicia reply

    Between you & Abby Grace y’all are really making want to do a sunrise session! This couple is gorgeous and so are the images. Just beautiful!

  24. Ethel Bowers reply

    Pictures are outstanding. Love my grandson!! One thing I noticed, was Mary Margaret”s beautiful blue eyes. my best wishes to both of them

  25. Chels reply

    love that red & mustard combo-stunning! and beautiful lighting and everything too…spectacular!

  26. Olivia reply

    omgosh! This might be the cutest couple I have ever seen… the shots are amazing Katelyn… And her hair! <3

  27. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    They have such radiant smiles…and you have such grougeous couples! I love this!

  28. Rhonda pike reply

    Oh MY! How beautiful!

  29. Sherry Bowers reply

    Absolutely love these pics! Not only is the photography great, but you two look so happy. wish I could be there for the big event, but alas tis not meant to be. my best to you both!!

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