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you love it when wonderful people come into your life in the most random, unexpected ways?! It’s the best!! Close to a year and a half ago, Michael and I were on the journey to find a new house. We saw a listing for a pre-existing home in Goochland and so we took a little drive to go see if it had potential. We were excited because it was in our budget and had a unique floor plan. However, we were quickly disappointed when we drove past and saw the “sold” sign in the front yard. So we kept driving and found a new subdivision with a model home that we absolutely LOVED! We signed a contract 5 days later and

we couldn’t wait to have our parents visit the model home!  We walked into the model and were immediately greeted by Jen! Jen is quite possibly the sweetest and most welcoming girl you’ll ever meet. There’s just something about her that makes anyone in her presence feel loved and cared about. She took such great care of us during our journey through the home building process and it’s hard to believe that one Sunday drive into Goochland County ended up leading to a new home for us and a new friendship with a future bride!! I was SO HONORED when Jen emailed me and told me that she wanted Michael and I to be a part of their wedding day!! YAY!! She has followed our work since we met her and now it’s her turn to be a KJ Bride!!

I met up with Jen and Steven last week and we drove into the heart of Goochland for their engagement pictures. It was the perfect day and I couldn’t have loved our time together more! These two have known each other since the elementary school bus stop. They would walk through the woods to the bus stop every morning, side by side… without knowing that they were walking beside their future spouse! Just when I thought they couldn’t make a cuter couple, they told me that story. We are SO excited for their wedding day! Enjoy some of my favorites from this gorgeous engagement shoot!!

How awesome is this old bridge?! 

Ohh you two… making this look easy! 

Love this! 

You can’t have a country engagement shoot without a barn! :)

And then we found THIS location! Beautiful!!! 

One of my favorites!

Ah! That ring!!

Another favorite!!

I was so excited that the sun decided to make an appearance!

Yep. This tree was made for shooting under!

Love. This. 


You two are amazing! We can’t wait for July!!!

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  1. SHalese reply

    I love that tree! Goochland has sure has some hidden gems. :) Gorgeous work, Katelyn!

  2. Kristina W. reply

    Ahhh these are such beautiful locations to shoot in! Congratulations Steven and Jennifer!

  3. Anna reply

    Awww! Love these, Katelyn! Especially the ones along the fence!

  4. Rebekah Carter reply

    Ooh, i love that bridge! Actually all these locations are great! All the GREEN is awesome.

  5. Claudia reply

    omg her ring is absolutely gorgeous. very pretty photos.

  6. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Those pics by the fence and under that tree are amazing! I love your country shoots! There’s just something so beautiful about them!

  7. elizabeth reply

    So gorgeous, Katelyn! And I’m loving that overgrown bridge – such an epic location! =)

  8. Jenn Mitchell reply

    Great pics! And awesome locations! :)

  9. ashley link reply

    these are gorgeous! so pretty! love them! :)

  10. Melissa Macko reply

    Beautiful! You find the best locations I swear! How?

  11. resi reply

    That tree! Gorgeous.

  12. laura beth stricker reply

    Oh my. I love everything about this shoot, especially the gorgeous scenery!!!

  13. ahren reply

    Ahhh! love this! that barn makes my heart skip a beat…and those trees…

  14. Elizabeth reply

    Absolutely amazing pictures! The location is sooooo gorgeous! Love love love the organic elegance of the pictures.

  15. Melissa Macko reply

    Completely in love with this shoot! Great locations! These two make such a cute couple. Can’t wait to see the wedding day blog! Fence and Barn shots are def. my personal faves!

  16. Daylene Wilson Photography reply

    Wow… Watching these photos feels so calm! The place is so peaceful. Nice shots!

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