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those that follow us regularly know that this post is a little out of the norm. I’m not a portrait photographer… I wish I could do ALL types of photography but I have come to realize that it was a super smart business decision to become a specialist in “Weddings” 4 years ago. However, I still love being able to use photography as a way to bless our friends!! I could go buy our expecting friends something off of their registry but a little maternity shoot would be way more fun!! Jim and Chyrie are expecting their first baby in July! We cannot WAIT to welcome little baby Sell into the world and I’m so thankful that despite their busy schedule and ours,

we were able to find an evening to head out to the field for some portraits!  We love these two (or should I say THREE?!) and we’re so thankful for their friendship! They have been so loving and welcoming to us ever since we moved to Richmond and my only complaint is that we don’t see them enough! (Which is totally our fault!) We love grabbing dinner or going on walks with these two and the puppies. Pretty soon, our walks will be including a stroller!! They’re having a little boy and he was the size of a pineapple during the shoot so we HAD to take some pineapple shots! :) Enjoy meeting our sweet friends today get excited! Chyrie has great style! I love all of these!! xoxoxo

Oh this has to be one of my favorites!!! 


So beautiful! 

Chy you’re so cute!!

I love ALL of these!!!

Chyrie if I look anything CLOSE to how amazing you look while being pregnant one day, I’ll be thrilled!!


Wowsers! Stunning! 

Another favorite!!

Chy you’re glowing!! So beautiful!!

Little baby Toms! 

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  1. Urška Majer reply

    Gorgeous! Love seeing a bit different post on your blog :)

  2. Stacy Hart reply

    I love every single one of thesE! I love how this session showcases the baby AND the couple :-) I cannot wait to pick your brain about the business and my Brand next month!

  3. Shelley Hohe reply

    What a great session! I don’t know what you are talking about girl, because you are a fabulous portrait photographer. What a blessing for your friends to have such amazing photos of this special time in their lives. I wish maternity photos were the in thing when I was pregnant 14 years ago…it would have been nice to have such special photos like these!


    Perfectly beautiful as always. LOVE.

  5. Ruthie reply

    Lucky friend! Beautiful shots.

  6. Kristina Bills reply


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