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  • CreativeLive Photo Week Today 4:15 EST

I really can’t believe it’s GO time already!! I feel like it was just last week that we got the call from CreativeLive asking if we would be a part of Photo Week! Well! It’s HERE! Today at 4:15pm EST, I’m going LIVE and I’m freaking out!! I don’t care if I only have 20 people watching and most of those 20 consist of family members… it’s still nerve racking to fly all the way to Seattle for 24 hours just for a 90min presentation! It better be GOOD!

I’m speaking on Creating Community and if you’ve never heard this talk, you should most definitely watch for FREE today at 4:15pm EST! You can be a part of it by CLICKING HERE!!!

If you’re the praying type… I’d appreciate prayers for clarity, confidence and a boost of energy!!!! :) So thankful for those of you who are going to join in this afternoon!!!

CLICK HERE to watch LIVE for FREE!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. elizabeth. reply

    Thanks for sharing! May God give you the words to say!! You’re going to do such a fabulous job. :)

  2. Colleen Smith reply

    Praying for you! :) You got this!

  3. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Go Katelyn!!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. Robin reply

    Praying for you guys! It’s going to be GREAT. Can’t wait to tune in (as #21, non-family member).

  5. Danielle Blocker reply

    So excited to watch + I guarantee there will be more than 20 people. You’re going to be amazing!!! XO

  6. Anna | ANNAdventure reply

    Rooting for ya! You will be so amazing and to be honest I knew creativeLIVE was in your future ;) it was only a matter of time! SOOO many photographers will learn from you that I am sure you will be back to do a full on course on wedding photography! Cheers!!! <3

  7. Rici reply

    So cool that you are at cL!! Love it! Waiting for you to speak european time ;)

  8. Suzanne reply

    I’ll be tuning in! :) Don’t sweat it – you’ve got this :)

  9. Jill reply

    Loving it already!!!!! :):)

  10. elizabeth. reply

    Katelyn, you were amazing!!!! Just scribbled down 8 pages of notes in between laughs and tears in the eyes. Wow. This was needed + appreciated. Thank you so much!! You totally knocked it out of the park!! Must go back to Creative Live!! All. the. explanation. points. :) Wow, totally inspired. Wow, wow, wow.

    • Elizabeth reply

      Also, wondering if you could possibly sometime briefly say the opening story? My video cut out at that part and it sounds really good. :) No problem if not!

      (P.S. Also, this really makes me want to be a #KJBride someday, haha. :) But seriously!)

  11. Didi reply

    Katelyn, where do I go to get the Creating Community Workbook? Thank you and I loved the live video. It was very informative.

  12. Abigail Gilbert reply

    Katelyn.You.Are.AMAZING!! As a freshman in high school, I started following your blog for advice on starting a photography business. Fast forward five years later, and I am now a sophomore at Clemson University studying Graphic Design. Although, I am pursuing a career other than photography, I can’t stop keeping up with you & your business (seriously)!! It’s like you’re my best friend, and whenever I see pictures pop up on Facebook from your latest adventure, I have to check it out! You truly do a great job of connecting with people even if it’s only through the internet. As I watched your CreativeLive episode today, I noticed you talked about how important it is to run a business based on relationships. Ironically, I had my first Marketing exam last week and one of the terms was “relational orientation.” In my notes I wrote, “KJ photography” as the definition. This was all I needed to remember the term meant running a business based on relationships rather than transactions. And you bet I got that question right on the test haha :). As I said, I have been following your blog for a while, but I just wanted to share what a positive impact you have had on complete stranger. I can’t want to see what the future holds for you and Michael!

  13. JENNILYN reply

    Hi Katelyn just watched your creative live course all the way in Melbourne, Australia. Job well done. Will definitely be watching for more of your classes. Just signed up for your emails & blog.

  14. Laura Foote reply

    Praying for wisdom, clarity, and most of all the sweet reminder that your identity is in Him and all goodness comes from that! Thankful for the gift you are to this community, Katelyn! Enjoy today!
    xo- Laura

  15. Kristina W. reply

    Good luck Katelyn! :) You’re going to do great!

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