A Big Day in Sparta!

  • Celebrating 25 Years

God has multiple careers and jobs for people to do. I think at one time I heard that the average person changes careers or jobs 3-4 times during a lifetime. I’ve always wondered…. “How long will my career last??”. What happens when Michael and I aren’t young and 100% relatable to our young brides and grooms? What happens then?! Well, thankfully we’re trusting that God has a plan for that season of our life and we’re not stressing about it. I hope we can do photography for a lifetime but I know that not many people are blessed by a lifelong career.

My daddy is one the few that have been in the same career for the majority of his life.  This weekend, we celebrated 25 YEARS of ministry at our home church!! Momma and Daddy moved to the country so that daddy could pastor this small little church when I was 18 months old. So, Sparta, VA has been all I have ever known. The crazy thing is that most pastors only stay at churches for a 5-7 years at the MOST… and daddy just passed 25 YEARS!!!! It’s amazing!! Sure, our church has had its’ share of difficult seasons but over all, we have been so blessed. Daddy has led these people for over two decades and Sunday we spent the whole day celebrating him and all that God has done through him!! Lifelong friends traveled in for the day, there was a huge luncheon and then we had a party at my parent’s house afterwards. All of that was a blast… but the BEST part of the day was when my brother and I got up to sing during the service and I thought my momma was going to pass out!!

You have to know this…. I have been singing in front of people since I was 2…. no one even knew my brother could sing until we recorded a song for my sister’s wedding! Just getting him to sing for the recording was like pulling teeth! And so if someone had told me that 4 months later he would agree to sing in front of over 200 people, I would have laughed in your face! There was NO WAY that would happen! Well, on Sunday, I was proven wrong!!  Corey got up in front of a packed church and he sang in front of people for the first time EVER. And he did GREAT!!!!! We are so SO PROUD! Momma cried… daddy cried…. I tried not to cry. It was such a sweet gift for Momma and Daddy. So hopefully Momma won’t hate me for posting the pictures of her in shock… but when you see her face, you’ll realize just how big of a deal this was!!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for our family! Thanks to our family friends who drove in! Thanks to Julianna for singing with me during the service and for all of those that helped plan the reception and the service!! It was a beautiful day!!! Enjoy a little recap of our weekend fun!

And to Daddy… I hope you know how much you are loved, cherished and respected in our family, our church and throughout the whole community. I know you don’t love praise and you always deflect it back to God but the truth is, He has done amazing things through you. I’m so honored that you’re my dad and I’m so proud of you and how you have loved and served so many people for SO many years!! You have taught me so much about leadership, love and having a servant’s heart. I love you daddy!! Congratulations!!!!

Michael and Emy read a letter from a childhood friend of Daddy’s! 

Julianna and I sang a song that we sang at Joe and Emy’s wedding!

And then Corey stood up… and Momma was REALLY confused.

And then really shocked! 

And then we sang!! And he did GREAT!!!

And they cried…

I know we have a small church but this is a LARGE group to sing in front of for the first time EVER! (Thank you to Michael for these pictures!!)

Mike (Michael’s dad) did an awesome job planning and running the service. Sometimes I forget how awesome it is that our families are so close. We’re so thankful for the Alsops!!!

This is what Daddy does when he’s trying to hold it together…:) 

And then in true Salem fashion, they prayed over our family and for our future and for all that God still wants to do in this special place! (Katie Beale you’re the best for capturing this!!)

Then we went home and my sister had made Pinterest come to life!!! She’s awesome in the kitchen!

Roomies!! Love seeing these girls together! Missed you Alex!

Bichpoos everywhere!!

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  1. Anna Burke reply

    Yay! This was an awesome day and a super celebration. So blessed by your Dad… and your whole family!!! Love you all :)

  2. Caroline Logan reply

    Sooooo special :) This may be one of my favorite posts of yours ever… close families are SUCH a blessing and this is such a good reminder for me to hug my family and thank my parents again for the example they’ve set for me :) Love you!!

  3. Lauren reply

    Oh I just LOVE this! Your mothers face is priceless!

  4. Sachel Samone Photography reply

    You and your family are so blessed!!! congratulations to your daddy for celebrating 25 years of service to jesus!! there’s nothing like submitting to him!!

    Sachel samone

  5. Julianna reply

    Loooove the shocked Brenda face! And loved hearing her question Corey: “wait, where are YOU going?” haha. What a great day celebrating what the lord has done. miss you all already.

  6. Robyn reply

    continued blessings to your Dad on his ministry! (and your Mom’s reaction was perfect!)

  7. Daddy reply

    Thanks for the post KK. It was a wonderful day and we serve an awesome God with some amazing people. I am so blessed to have a savior who is Lord, a wife and family to share love with, a church to lead and serve and a community to bless. Can life be any better.

  8. Megan Kelsey reply

    What a sweet post, your church family sounds like it is so tightly knit and that is such a blessing!! now I just want to see a video of all the songs that you guys sang! :)

  9. ashley link reply

    love this! i love reading about your sweet family and how God uses y’all! <3

  10. Katie reply

    Oh this post was so so so awesome to read! I LOVE the way you love on your family Katelyn! Also, I feel like hugging your whole family. I’ve been reading your blog for 5 years now so basically, I know them. ;)

  11. Erin reply

    How did I not know you were a pastors kid? How awesome!

  12. Marcia at Organising Queen reply

    Congratulations to your dad and mom for 25 amazing years of ministry! It’s not easy being in ministry no matter how wonderful the people are :)

    I also love how you wrote about it – your love is so evident and YAY to corey!

    Interestingly, our pastors just celebrated 35 years of ministry this year – we’ve just finished our annual “celebration” service.

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