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I’m starting to notice a pattern. Every time I show up at Yorktown for an engagement session, it ends up that the couples are from CNU and I totally recognize them from campus! I just never make those connections through email! I totally recognized SaraLynn and she then introduced me to her fiance Daniel. I knew it would be a fun session when the first place we started shooting, they couldn’t stop laughing! I reassured them that they were doing EXACTLY what I needed them to do in order to capture genuine images.  Being able to laugh at each other is key… even if it’s making fun of one another, I don’t care! It works and it shows personality like nothing else! So Daniel and SaraLynn, thanks for laughing and being an AWESOME couple to work with! You’re fabulous and I just know your wedding is going to be fabulous as well! Goodluck and Best wishes!

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Oh gosh I just love this! I really have nothing against their faces, I just think there is something about this one that makes it look old and rustic and I like it!

This is a fav.

No idea who’s car that is…but it was awfully nice of them to let us use it! We didn’t touch it! promise.

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  1. sydni reply

    FIRST COMMENT! :D wow. these are stunning. look at her E Y E S!!

  2. Catie reply

    wow KK, i love the shots with the bridge in the background. love the shot where they are kissing with the bridge in the back. beautiful. <3

  3. maria moore reply

    LOVE the first b&w!

  4. emy reply

    Love them! kk you’re awesome!!!

  5. Sara reply

    Thank you for doing such an amazing job :)

  6. Lisa Figs reply

    Amazing! What an adorable couple!

  7. Amber Brush reply

    Oh my goodness….these are sooo beautiful!!

  8. Amanda Ortiz reply

    You did such an amazing job capturing them as the amazing couple that they are!!! You both look FAB sara!! :)

  9. Anna reply

    Beautiful, KK! She was another FCS student! You seem to be getting lots of those, too!

  10. Michael reply

    Really good…ya cant beat Yorktown. Great Job

  11. Melody Weaver reply

    The couple and the pictures are beautiful!!

  12. Brookelynn Constant reply

    These photos are beautiful. Saralynn’s eyes are stunning- I love how grown up these two soon-to-be-wed look! Great job, Kaitlyn!

  13. caroline reply

    loooooooooove iiiitt!!!!

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