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So Amanda Hedgepeth and I have been texting this week because GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!! She just shared her first video blog this week and we had scheduled to bring out video blogs BACK this week!!! She’s just adorable so you have go watch! We laughed about our timing of it all. I’m so thankful to have such sweet friends in this industry that are such cheerleaders and not competitors!!! Amanda is such a dear friend, amazing peer in the industry, past KJ BRIDE!

So be sure to pay Amanda a visit! And you may be wondering….. “Why has it been SO long since you did a video blog, Katelyn?” … Welp! I haven’t done video blogging because I wanted it to be perfect and wonderfully scripted and really organized… and ya know what?! That’s just not reality!! The reality is, if I let go of my need for perfection, I could get a lot more accomplished!

So, I “LET IT GO” and I’m doing more video blogging because I can share more of me AND help more people in a shorter amount of time… that’s working smarter instead of harder! :) So enjoy! This post is about addressing the DREADED question that we get asked so often…. how do you tell a client that you’re not the right fit? ….

Ps. If you want to see my ANCIENT video blog about “shooting details”, you can view it HERE! … Bokeh was a bad boy in this video! :) He is more well behaved now!

Pps. Tyler Herrinton is the…. Such a talented videographer and great friend! Thankful for his constant help!!!

If you found this helpful, you may also really like our new KJ LIVE video in The Collection!!!! VIEW IT HERE!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. hannah elise reply

    Wow this was SO good..right on, Katelyn! Loved it.

  2. Maria reply

    Thanks so much – really helpful! I love the system you’ve set up.

  3. Amanda Veronee reply

    I lovvveeee this!!!

  4. Kristie reply

    This was helpful as a bride! I’ve followed you for I don’t know how long and you are my dream photographer! (We just can’t afford you – which is a plus for you because your business is doing amazing!) :) I love Bokeh and hope someday to meet him, you and Michael!! PS- Your video blog was great, please do more, you’re stunning!

  5. Sheng reply

    Thank you for sharing! This assured me I made the right decisions so far about my brides.

  6. Amanda reply

    Hi! Do you suggest turning away brides that aren’t your for fit as your still building your business Katelyn? Id like to be more selective and have done a lot to TRY to ensure the right bride comes my way, but I don’t decline the bride unless obviously their budget doesn’t fit my pricing.

    • Katelyn James reply

      I think you can have more wiggle room! But still say no to situations that will turn into nightmare couples because that will HURT your business in the long run.

  7. Erinn reply

    This video was super helpful! Thanks! I was wondering if you would be willing to share the initial questions you ask an inquiring client that help you determine if they will be a good fit from the beginning? Thanks again!

  8. Katelynn Dow reply

    Thank you for making this video, Katelyn! You have helped refocus my desire to love and direct all clients well!

  9. Nicole Salter reply

    You so cute. I usually send a couple of names but that’s a really good idea kind of researching others more in depth for them :)

  10. Kristen Caudill reply

    This was SO great! You had some helpful suggestions for even us non-photographers deal with our not-so-ideal clients. Thank you!! :)

  11. Emily reply

    Katelyn! You’re so adorable. I’m not even a wedding photographer, but I loved watching/hearing you chat. You should definitely do more! :)

  12. Tyler Herrinton reply

    Woo! Hooray for video blogging! Can’t wait for many more to come!

  13. Brianna reply

    Thanks for the great advice Katelyn. I second Erinn’s comment above and would love to know the types of questions you ask in your first client inquiry. I’m struggling with how I should be approaching difficult clients and knowing the right questions to ask would be really helpful.
    Thank you again!

  14. Amanda reply

    Great advice! I would love to know what your questions are for the bride to fill out…next video blog, perhaps?! Love the video format!

  15. Megan Kelsey reply

    Katelyn I love that you are starting to do video blogs! How fun! I loved “seeing” you this morning and hearing all about your inquiry process! I’m sitting here hoping so deeply that I’ll be a future #kjbride <3 Also, I *loved* your pricing guide. Xoxox

  16. Rachael Werner reply

    Love the video blogs! I learn so well that way! Would you consider doing a video on how to help your clients achieve natural smiles during the shoot. Are there certain phrases you say to get a giggle or “real” smile?

  17. Brittany reply

    Although it’s never actually happened to me, I do wonder if telling a bride we’re not a good fit might be taken as a refusal of business? I worry that an already difficult client might not see it as a service to refer them to someone else. I’m sure I’m overthinking it but all the potential legal issues are scary these days!

    • Katelyn James reply

      Yes that can be scary! But ultimately, if you can’t provide what they are asking for, it’s bad business to take them on. I think I know what you’re hinting towards and you’re right, it can be a hard to decipher!

  18. Cinnamon reply

    this was a great video! I went and watched the other one too mostly b/c I had to see Bokeh being a bad boy. Oh man, he cracked me up! Stealing that flower. I don’t know how you held it together! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Emily Crall reply

    I’m with Erinn & Brianna! Would you mind sharing what kids of questions you ask in that initial email to help determine their/your fit? Thanks so much for the video! Super helpful!

  20. Thamer reply

    Hi Katelyn,
    That’s a lot of great information and I love how you are using video content marketing. I need to get on that ASAP. lol What are some questions that you send out that help you determine if you are the right fit or not?
    Thamer from Costa Mesa, CA

  21. Mylah Renae reply

    Thank you for sharing! Trying to figure out which brides would be ideal clients and which would be better served by another wedding photographer can be hard to do. I’d love to see what sort of questions you send them initially to get a feel if your personalities would be a good fit or not. I’m excited to follow the rest of your video blog!

  22. ashley reply

    LOVE this!!! Eee!!! I hope you do more!!! I love learning from you! Thanks for sharing your heart and helping us help others! <3

  23. Tatyana reply

    Love this!

  24. Katelyn James reply

    Thank you all!!

  25. Ashley Powell reply

    This is AWESOME, Katelyn!! I LOVE the video blog! You are such a talented speaker and an amazing teacher! I can’t wait to see more!! xo!

  26. Natalie Kunkel reply

    Wow! Loved this video!! :) So helpful!! I loved what you said you did with your pricing sheet. You have a guide?! Thats awesome! Such a good idea! Do you ever think you might possibly have the pricing guide template for purchase in your store? I would love to offer something like that to my clients as well! Seems so personal!

  27. Barra Freed reply

    Wow! First I can’t believe your words but after watching your video I am just speechless. Good job keep it up. Nice post for all.

  28. Courtney Carolyn reply

    KATELYN! You are so awesome and soso helpful with all of your advice. I recently had an interaction with a bride that isn’t the right fit for me and was racking my brain on how to communicate that to her. I had scattered thoughts in my mind but after hearing your system it helped me gather it all together!

  29. Bride Photo reply

    “how do you tell a client that you’re not the right fit? ….” This is a very hard thing to say since ofcourse you dont want to offend your client. Great tip! I am sure theyll understand the reason behind once you say it clearly and propery. Thank you!!

  30. photoshop alternative reply

    This is so great and I absolutely appreciate you sharing your experience.

  31. Diana Irving reply

    You look so beautiful in this video! I love you, your work, and all you share!! Thank you!

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