Dear Pollen

  • Dear Pollen

Dear Pollen,


I don’t know what the deal is, but you have really outstayed your welcome this year. You prance through the air and then settle on our cars, making them a lovely shade of green.  I have never seen you so out of control! I’m sneezing constantly and my eyes are itching. This post is really an invitation for you to leave.  I have thought about it and I cannot seem to find one positive thing about you…. except that when you come to visit, you also bring flowers and I must admit that they are BEAUTIFUL this year!!!

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  1. Brittany reply

    completely agree! these pictures are beeyooteefull though :)

  2. Torrie Robbins reply

    The gumball picture really inspired me. You already know this…but I am doing a rustic theme for my wedding this September. I’m planning on using a lot of things from the woods to decorate (i.e. leaves, branches, pinecones, etc.) I totally FORGOT about gumballs! :) Love the pictures! :)

  3. Sydni Gould reply

    SO beautiful!! i love the last two :)

  4. Leslie reply

    love these..hate pollen. it needs to stop immediately. but as you know, i love love love that tree picture. its so great. youre so great kk. i cant believe youre so good at what you do. i love youuuuu

  5. Leslie reply

    oh and i also love these flowers, and the gumball. every rose has its thorn ya know? i cant wait to see the wedding youre doing today!!! im gonna come watch you edit them and play with your hair, because i can only do that for a couple more weeks. ahhhhhh dont leave me. okay theres your scrolly bar, i love you kk.

  6. caroline reply

    i wanted a pic of your face reacting to the pollen on this blog hahaha snort that nasal spray!

  7. Jack Jack reply

    awww awesome pictures!

  8. Ashley Terry reply

    Katelyn, these are so beautiful–it makes me crave springtime. So simple, yet so gorgeous.

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