I have actually had a day or two of relaxing! When I say relaxing, I mean that I didn’t have any sessions that HAD to be edited and blogged, I didn’t have a paper due within 24 hours and I haven’t had a million meetings to attend! However, I have been chugging away at my to-do lists. I have “to-do’s” that get pushed back and pushed back and pushed back because they just aren’t important enough to make the “immediate” list.  One of these “to-do’s” was making new headers for the blog! I found myself playing around with them in Photoshop this morning and I was having so much fun that I totally skipped my Comm Persuasion class! haha Oh, I shouldn’t have admitted that to the Internet because my mother checks the blog on a daily basis!!

Anyway, after making a few headers and starting to design a sample Coffee Table Album I realized just how much I LOVE THIS JOB! And then I realized that this really isn’t a “job” at all! I’m doing what I love!  It’s so much fun for me to take my images and design an album or re-design parts of my website! I’m in the process of ordering new packaging materials and I’m convinced that if I had a never-ending supply of money, I would buy every teal ribbon known to man! I love that stuff. I love this “job”!  Below is a perfect example of why this isn’t a “job” to me at all.  Yes, there is a TON of time and energy involved and I do have moments of stress and frustration. However, I get paid to take pictures of people on one of the happiest days of their lives and I get to celebrate with them!  These pics were taken at Ryan and Michelle’s reception by their INSANE DJ! He was probably the most energetic and involved DJ I’ve seen yet! I usually dance to the Cupid Shuffle at least once during the reception and he decided that I should have a picture of it! haha

Again, this is a perfect visual of why I love what I do! Be sure to check out my Shootsac! I use that thing ALL THE TIME and I LOVE IT!

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