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  • Demolition Day

this is a sorry excuse for a blog post… but today is Demolition Day and I’m busy vacuuming up 10 years of dust and dirt that have been living underneath the carpet in our living room and hallway. G-ROSS. My family came down to help us prepare for our new hardwood floors that will be put in next week!! Daddy brought his truck to pick up the flooring and then one thing led to another and now the carpet is gone all together!!  We’ll be renting our cozy cape cod once our new house is built and new flooring is on our list of to-do’s!!!  So I’m off to help the family continue their hammering and vacuuming!! & you KNOW I’ll be showing some before & afters!!


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  1. Kristina W. reply

    Good luck! I hope none of you get sick from all the dust!

  2. Angela Snyder reply

    Isn’t demolition glorious? My husband and I had all of our pennies saved up for hardwood floors in our offices but I spent it all on my new 70-200 2.8…..OOPS! Good luck!

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