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  • A Cazenovia, New York Engagement Shoot

It was YEARS ago that sweet Kerri came to my home for her coaching session. We chatted, and talked and brainstormed… I loved her! Her joy and her smile were contagious! Kerri is one of those people who make you see the world in a happier way. Her joyful spirit is one of my favorite things about her, and I remember thinking way back then that she needed to find a guy who would love and appreciate her happiness!

Well, fast forward several years, and I got the most exciting email from her!!! She had found her soulmate and was GETTING MARRIED!! I’ve been looking forward to her engagement session ever since she booked, because I knew that it was going to be so much fun, and I was right!! I loved seeing her so happy and it didn’t take long for me to realize that Derek was made for her!!

Derek is so personable and kind. When Kerri would get excited and squeal about the fact that HER engagement session was actually happening, he would smile at her and pull her close for a hug. He loves her joy, and the more time I spent with them, the more I could see just how perfectly matched these two are!

Michael and I drove up to New York one evening, spent the night, and then photographed their sunrise shoot the very next morning! We made the call to do a sunrise shoot the day before, because we wanted to avoid the rain! Kerri is a photographer herself and so she wanted to have that glowy light, and sunrise was our only opportunity! We had to avoid the rain that was going to set in later that evening, and I’m so glad that we did because it was PERFECT!!!!

Also, at 5:40am I got a text that said “We built a teepee in a field!”!! Derek and Kerri handmade this beautiful teepee and used a lighting app to make sure it was positioned correctly for the best light in the field! She’s such a photographer! :) I hope you enjoy my favorites and get excited for their wedding!!! It’s coming this fall!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Cyndi V. reply

    Oh my Gosh Katelyn!!! That’s where Chris and I lived for 8 years!! LOVE Cazenovia! Such a beautiful town and GREAT spot for an engagement shoot! Hope you enjoyed sometime to explore the lake and hopefully stayed at the Brewster! So GREAT to see some very very familiar places in your shots! They are GORGEOUS as usual!

  2. Melissa reply

    You guys do such beautiful work!!

  3. Nakiba reply

    I LOVE this SO much, Katelyn! This made my afternoon. I LOVE getting your notifications letting me know that you posted something new. I usually like to curl up on the couch, and pretend that I’m right there with you. #wcw #girlboss

  4. Ariel reply

    Amazing!!!!! That’s my town! These images are stunning + everything sweet all rolled into one. You are incredible at capturing couples’ spirits. Love Derek + Kerri and LOVE these images!!

  5. Kristina W. reply

    Awww what a cute couple! These turned out great! Their teepee is awesome.

  6. Sabrina reply

    Oh my goodness, these are beautiful!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting these and it was worth the wait! Kerri, you are beautiful and I’m so thankful to call you and Katelyn both friends. Super excited for you and Derek!!!

  7. Ashley Ziegler reply

    That lighting is beautiful!

  8. Rebekah reply

    These are so gorgeous! I especially love the second of her outfits & how perfectly it matches the woodland theme.

  9. Kerri Lynne reply

    I can’t even believe this is REAL!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are such a gift in our lives.

    And so crazy that I’ve been commenting on your blog for years Katelyn and I never thought I would comment on my OWN images! I could cry!

  10. Sharon Verley reply

    I know this couple!! Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple. The teepee is awesome. Derek is my son and Kerri soon to be my daughter in law. Love you both!

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  12. Ruxat Photography reply

    that awesome, i can learn, thank you for you share, Kate.

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