Anna lost her dad to cancer while she was in high school and so at the time of her engagement, it had only be a few years since she had walked through that season. Because of this, there was something so real and genuine about Ryan and Anna’s day. They didn’t shy away from the fact that they wished her dad was there. There were tears but it was so beautiful to see a family celebrate a marriage and at the same time honor the beautiful memory of their day at the same time. I’ll never forget Ryan and Anna’s day. Ever. And now that they are some of our dear friends, I have an even softer place in my heart for their family.

So what does Iceland have in common with all of this? Well, when I found out that Annamarie’s younger sister was getting married and that my good friend Jill was shooting it and would be 7 months pregnant, we decided to help. I’m pregnant too but at the time that we made this decision, I wasn’t! So it was so much fun to shoot another wedding together with Jill while we both have baby bumps and snacks crammed into our camera bags! This won’t be our last wedding that we’re shooting together before baby Powers arrives! Us Prego photographers have to stick together and look out for each other! This is part of the reason this trip was so special for us. Not only did I get to shoot a wedding for a family that I already love, we got to experience one last epic trip with our best friends before we BOTH have kids! We’re already planning trips with the babies but we know that it will never be quite like it is now and so we’re thankful for this trip!

So who is this sweet couple that had such an epic destination wedding in Iceland?! Let me introduce you to Hayden and Geli! I remember meeting Geli on Annamarie’s wedding day and thinking that she was gorgeous. Everyone in this family is beautiful!! I didn’t get to meet Hayden until we all got together for lunch a few weeks before the wedding and I loved him immediately. He’s so easy going and he goes with the flow. He’s currently in youth ministry, and since Michael and I started our married life in youth ministry we can totally understand what their life is going to look like. You have to be an amazing person to dedicate your life, your time and your flexibility to serving teenagers. It’s easy to tell why these two are made for one another and why they have the perfect personalities for an epic destination wedding!

When you decide to have a destination wedding, you have to be ok with going with the flow. Things are going to change and little details can’t be finalized until last minute. Thankfully Geli has one incredible sister who helped her make her dream destination wedding come to life and it was perfect! The ceremony was just a tad windy, but I think that just adds to the epic-ness of the moment!! We spent hours driving to some gorgeous locations for their portraits and even though the sun decided not to hide behind the clouds like it normally does in Iceland, there was nothing that could minimize how amazing this day was!! Nothing. Never in my entire career have I photographed a bride and groom in front of epic waterfalls, on the edge of incredible cliffs overlooking crystal blue water and in front of icelandic mountains!!! And just in case the location of the wedding wasn’t special enough, Hayden and Geli’s family gathered together for dinner after the ceremony and it was one of the most intimate receptions I’ve ever witnessed. Toasts and tears were shared, Geli’s sweet dad was honored & remembered, and their closest friends and family had a chance to tell the newlyweds just how much they loved them. You’re going to love this sweet wedding!

Enjoy my favorites, but you HAVE to make sure that you see Jilly’s post! She shot some incredible film portraits that I just LOVE!!! Also, Jill gets all the credit for the beautiful BRIDAL DETAIL shots shown below!

Also! Here’s their amazing film that was shot by our HUSBANDS! Drone footage and amazing editing by Trevor of 740 Films!!! :

Geli and Hayden | Short Highlight from 740 films on Vimeo.

Primary Photographer & Florals | Jillian Michelle Photography

Ribbon | Silk and Willow 

Design & Styling | Tart Event Co 

 Invitations | English Tea Paperie 

View our wedding from the South of France HERE!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amanda Fothergill reply

    This is seriously one of my favorite weddings I’ve seen on your page. The way you didn’t shy away from shooting in direct sunlight is so awesome! Iceland is so gorgeous!

  2. Megan Kelsey Photography reply

    This is beautifullllll, Katelyn!!! I actually love the bright sun, the water wouldn’t have looked nearly as vibrantly blue without it!!! What an amazing wedding day!

  3. Sarah mullins reply

    You make shooting in direct sunlight look like a breeze!!! So beautiful!!!

  4. Crystal Bolin reply

    Oh my GOODNESS Katelyn!! These are BEYOND INCREDIBLE!!

  5. Meghan reply

    These are INSANELY AMAZING! You made harsh light look INCREDIBLE!! Great job!

  6. Sabrina reply

    Oh my goodness, these are seriously BEYOND amazing Katelyn! You and Jilly did such an incredible job capturing this day for them… just thinking of how sweet Anna is, I can only imagine how precious this day was for her sister and their family and I know they loved having such dear friends there to capture it all!

  7. Annamarie reply

    YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!! I can’t stop looking back at these!!!! I’m so amazed and grateful and in love with these!! Love you so much!!!! I’m so glad you were there!! You’re so special to me!! Love ya friend!!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Awww I just love the feeling of this sweet, intimate wedding! It’s beautiful! Congratulations to Hayden and Geli!

  9. Rici reply

    These are outstanding Katelyn!! love them so much! And the familiar faces ^^

  10. Mel reply

    This is gorgeous! I absolutely adore your work Katelyn!

  11. Edith, your Auntie reply

    Katelyn, diese Bilder sind wunderschön. Traumhaft schöne Erinnerungen an Geli and Hayden´s very special wedding day . DANKE

  12. picaram reply

    The photos are so stunning!! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous photoshoot. Everything about it are all amazing!

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