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I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Didn’t Katelyn JUST blog about being a consistent blogger and she hasn’t blogged today?!”.  Yes, I’m a little behind today. Michael and I got home at 3:30am and my schedule is still a little thrown off. However, the good news is that even though this is a late blog post, it’s a GREAT one!! I can’t wait to share this beautiful destination wedding! Michael and I took two days and vacationed in St. Thomas and then spent two days in St. John preparing and then shooting a destination wedding at Caneel Bay Resort.  It was beautiful! I love destination weddings for obvious reasons…the beaches, the experience, the weather…. but I also love them because I have

the opportunity to REALLY get to know my clients and their families. When you’re on a tiny island in the middle of the Virgin Islands, you’re going to be spending a lot of time together! Luckily, Cary and I hit it off from the beginning.  She came over to the house last year for an initial meeting and we talked for hours… literally hours. So I knew going into this trip that it was going to be a good time. What I hadn’t thought about was how much Michael and I would get to know her WHOLE family! Her parent’s, her sisters, her grandparents and even her aunt and uncle were there to be a part of the celebration. Michael and I had the privilege to spend two days with this sweet family at Caneel Bay and it was such a treat!


Now I know what you’re thinking “Oh, tough life!”.  Well, shooting for 7 hours in the tropical heat was definitely hard but I do have to say that this was the most stress-free wedding I’ve ever been to OR photographed.  It was wonderful.  We had plenty of time, no pressure, beautiful weather and some of the most GORGEOUS scenery I’ve ever seen! It was a photographer’s dream! Michael helped me throughout the day and I’m so thankful that he doesn’t get frustrated when I get my “game” face on. “Working” Katelyn isn’t as much fun as normal Katelyn. I can be a bit bossy. However, Michael always knows what I need and he was there right when I needed him the entire wedding day. I couldn’t have done it without him!


As we finished portraits on the tip of the resort at Turtle Bay, the sprinkles started to fall. Perfect timing. We headed to dinner with Clint and Cary and I felt great about all that we accomplished. This couple is amazing because they CARE so much about their images that we had AMPLE time for portraits of the two of them! In just 2 hours we shot at old ancient ruins, cliffs over looking the teal Caribbean waters, rainforest-like pathways, and white sandy beaches.  I’d call that a success!!


As Michael and I packed up and climbed aboard our shuttle to the airport, I couldn’t help but take one last look at that beautiful island and feel extremely thankful.  It was such an investment for Clint and Cary to have us there to capture their day and I’m honored. So honored. We felt like part of the family and I can’t thank the Spier’s for being so welcoming and hospitable. This will definitely go down in the books as a favorite!! Clint and Cary, CONGRATULATIONS!! What an awesome couple!! Best wishes as you start your brand new life together as husband and wife!!! Enjoy my favorites from your tropical wedding day!


Love these rooms! So much light! 

Looking good sir!

Just hanging out… it’s so nice when you’re not rushed! :)

Some sister help…

Beautiful Cary! Stunning!

Love. This.

Grandma’s first look got everyone choked up… including the photographer.


First Look at his bride!

A favorite for sure!

When you have a destination wedding, you just do what you want! So if you want to drink a smoothie during family portraits…. you drink a smoothie during family portraits:) No problem.


Caught grandma sharing a kiss during the vows. I love these.


Ok in the next few, notice how quickly the clouds rolled in! 

The sky became dramatic very quickly and I’m glad!! The light was amazing!


Canvas worthy!

So cute! 

Dinner at the Sugar Mill!

The view of St. Thomas at night! 

Florals, Cake, Officiant, Ceremony, Reception | Caneel Bay Resort 
Hair & Makeup | Beauty Lounge
Dress | Jcrew
Bridesmaids Dresses | Banana Republic
Jewelry | Kate Spade
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sabrina reply

    Ok, so maybe that same thought about being a consistent blogger went through my head… BUT, I had also seen your tweets about getting home at a crazy hour so I figured if you blogged then it would be later in the day. But when I clicked over and saw you posted the wedding you just got home from, my mouth fell to the floor! You’re amazing. And these images are GORGEOUS. So excited for you and all that’s going on! Clint & Cary were lucky to have you both there!

  2. Christy Payton reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are so talented. You’re going to be famous, and then I can brag that you shot my wedding :)

  3. Christy Payton reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are so talented. You’re going to be famous :)

  4. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Wow Katelyn!! This collection is absolutely stunning! You have such a variety of portraits, but yet all so consistent in color and style – beautiful!!!

  5. Amanda reply

    These are out of control amazingggggggg! And that ring shots with her jewelry, I love!!!

  6. molly reply

    i am floored right now – these images are STUNNING. nothing like a destination wedding! WOW!!!!!!

  7. Anna reply

    Wow- blown away. This is STUNNING. You never disappoint! Keep on being awesome :D

  8. emily reply

    these are GORGEOUS! love the colors of everything!

  9. Deborah Zoe reply


  10. Tori reply

    so much gorgeousness! what a stunning location AND couple. amazing, as always, girl. :)

  11. Abby Grace reply

    KATELYN. That dusk shot of the trees is INCREDIBLE!! All of these portraits are gorgeous.

  12. Sarah Goodwin reply

    LOVE! I call St. John my 2nd home, I just love it and all of the surrounding islands – it holds the key to my heart!

  13. Lauren Winstead reply

    Ridiculously beautiful wedding!!! I’m definitely partial to his Vineyard Vines tie. ;)

  14. erin reply

    *AMAZING WORK!* WOW! I love the last set of beach portraits and the night shot of the palm trees.

  15. Meredith Sledge reply

    Oh mannn, I didn’t know there was such a place as that!! SO BEAUTIFUL. And their portraits are literally to die for!!!

  16. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    She looks like Edith from “Downton Abbey”!

  17. Annetta reply

    WOW!!!! You out did yourself this time with these beautiful images. LOVE the one of Cary alone under those orange flowering trees.

  18. kristine reply

    okay, im not usually a commenter on posts (though i like them all!). but this wedding was i think the best of the best that i have seen on here. the photo just under the heading “canvas worthy” is totally one of my favourite wedding portraits ever!!! incredible job, Katelyn!

  19. Josh Gooden reply

    Wow, these are incredible Katelyn! Definitely one, if not my favorite post you have done so far. :]

  20. Gail reply

    Absolutely STUNNING.

  21. Girish reply

    Super the use of the locations to the best :) … brilliant pictures of the couple :)

    I love the attention to give all the details in the start pictures.

  22. Mandy reply

    New favorite!!! I loved everything about these! You really captured the beauty of the couple and the unique location so well! Also, sidenote: these are my favorite detail shots you’ve ever done I think…bold claim! :) Way to rock it, KK!

  23. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love when you shoot destination weddings! The pictures are always gorgeous!!!

  24. Lauren Wakefield reply

    GORGEOUS! These are so beautiful. I love the colors. I love the portraits under the tree! So pretty…

  25. Kathrin reply

    Beautiful! What a dream location …

  26. Katie Peterson reply

    You have really out done yourself Katelyn, these are absolutely incredible! What a adorable couple, the scenery was to die for. I must say the picture of her grandma stealing the kiss made me tear up! Great job! :)

  27. Kristin Greenwald reply

    Katelyn! My fave is when you point out which picture should become a canvas in each blog post! Adore. :)

  28. Caiti reply

    You just shot the best detail photos I have ever seen!! This was my favorite by far! With every one I said “oh my gosh, I love it. Oh no, I love that more.” And it kept going! Especially the engraving in the ring – holy cow! Amazing.

  29. Elizabeth reply

    ok wow…absolutely incredible!

  30. Annie W reply

    I all I gotta say is , “WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!”. I felt like I was right there with you. Your work is so beautiful, natural, and in the moment.

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