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Have you ever had something happen so spur of the moment that it totally makes your day?  Like randomly running into your best friend in Target or getting a refund check for tuition and then your mom saying you could keep it?!  (lovvve that!)  Well, that’s the type of feeling that I got when I randomly met Stephanie Fay at Airhorn’s and Lasers Party  at WPPI.  I fell in love with Stephanie’s blog after I saw her engagement pics on Jasmine’s blog. (I mean, she’s a Jstar bride too, of course I’m going to LOVE her!)  She has amazing talent, the sweetest husband and the most welcoming heart.  I was SO excited and honored to randomly connect with her at WPPI.  I was even more honored when she asked if I wanted to tag along for a session she was shooting while in Vegas! How fun is that?! I had the afternoon free before flying out on Wednesday night and so I was THRILLED to have the opportunity to hang out with Steph and her husband Stephen.


We met Christine and Don at the Venetian Hotel just off the strip for their session.  I’ve had clients in the past who have asked, “How long is too long to wait to do a Day After Session?”  A week? A month? A YEAR?!  Well, now I can officially say that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married! Christine and Don have been happily married for 11 YEARS! WOW!  It’s never too late to have awesome wedding pictures.  Christine and Don never had an actual wedding.  They were married during their lunch break at the courthouse and so this session was such a special time for them! Can you imagine?! Seeing your wife of 11 years in a GORGEOUS wedding dress for the first time?! I loved being a part of this session and I can’t wait to show you some of my favorites…. ok, maybe ALL of my favorites! Be sure to check out Stephanie’s blog as well!


How did we luck out with a teal bathroom? I don’t know but I LOVED it!

Their first look from a distance! So sweet.

Look at the dress!

Such models.  I loved watching them give Christine and Don posing examples, so cute. Michael, start practicing!

At first I was annoyed, but now I’m kinda liking the old guy in the background who obviously didn’t care that he was in the picture!

Christine’s shoes = awesome.

I know! I know! I’m blogging too many!! I can’t help it!

Steph and Stephen, thanks so much for letting me tag along and hangout for the afternoon. Can’t wait to see you again! … and for you to meet Michael!

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  1. britney reply

    love them! the dress… the hotel… the couple… stephanie fay and stephen (one of my fav j* couples for sure!). great photo sesh kk. u always impress me :)

  2. Leslie reply

    im so jealous you got to shoot a session with stephanie fay. so so jealous.

  3. Mandy reply

    These are awesome! I like that you post lots of pictures :) Next time you shoot with Stephanie Fay and Stephen you can feel free to give me a call…I could be a 3rd shooter or just be know…whatever you may need :)

  4. johnna brynn reply

    *i loved the old man in the pic! :) great job on it all!

  5. Allison reply

    You definately didn’t blog too much! I would have a hard time picking what pictures to blog if I had that many great shots! Awesome job!

  6. Jessica reply

    these are reallllyyyy beautiful. i’m glad you blogged so many!

  7. chris cornwell reply

    Ahhh…the highly anticipated post! THANKS so much Katelyn! You’re a sweety and we’re so honored to have you there as well. It was so fun we might have to do it again!! Hahahaha… yes, 11 years is never to late and maybe next time, we’ll do it on an island or something…. : )

  8. Michael reply

    These are so good. Sorry that I missed them, but we can go ahead and start planning the trip for WPPI 2011!!!

  9. Jessie reply

    Her flowers and shoes matched so well…these are gorgeous…and her dress…well worth the 11 year wait. She is a stunning bride. They make a wonderful couple!

  10. laetitia reply

    gorgeous, totally gorgeous…

  11. Sabrina reply

    PLEASE don’t ever say you’re sorry for blogging too many pictures. Um… it’s kinda why I look at blogs like yours and J*’s!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love hearing what photographers have to blog about but the pictures are what I drool over. And this session is no different :) Not to mention that you were able to hang out and shoot with Stephanie and Stephen. SO fun! Fabulous job (as always).

  12. Rachel Clarke reply

    Gorgeous!!! And that is SO awesome that you guys got to connect!! WPPI seems to be an awesome place for that! Can’t wait to go next year.

  13. Amanda Hilborn reply

    These pictures are not only gorgeous, but it means so much more knowing they’ve BEEN married for so long already, it’s a different take on the usual first excited puppy love pictures we’re used to (aka mine that you just took, hahaha) and just shows that there are some happily successful couples out there still excited to show off their happy relationships I LOVE IT!

  14. caroline reply

    um. yeah. wow.

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