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the whole “Blogging Early” thing that I teach at my workshops…. I have really failed at that lately! Maybe it’s the wedding season, maybe it’s the packing and moving and closing on a new house… or maybe I just need to get my act together!! :) Whatever the reason, I’m going to try to get these posts up early this week! I think I’m driving Katie crazy with all of her sneak peeks on facebook!! Finally, here’s the post!! I’ve known Katie for the past two years and not only is she a sweet friend, she’s also a fabulous photographer!! She contacted me about doing a anniversary portrait session for her and John’s 2nd

wedding anniversary and while normally I have to say no, I looked at the calendar and I happened to have one open evening and so I said yes! Now, those that have asked for portrait sessions in the past are probably glaring at me through the computer screen. After discussing this with Michael, we’ve decided that we would be able to take on a few portrait sessions for COUPLES only this year if the shoots took place in or around Richmond. We can’t promise that our schedules are going to be super free but the truth is, we love couples. I’m definitely not a family photographer or a newborn photographer but we’re all about marriages and giving couples an experience and images that they will cherish forever. So whew! Glad that’s out there!

So John and Katie couldn’t be more attractive. I knew this was going to be super fun and EASY since she’s a photog and already knows the ropes! Well, not only was it FUN, it was super crafty and unique to them! We started at a donut shop in Carytown because Katie is slightly obsessed with donuts! Then, we headed around town for some festive anniversary pics with her hand crafted pinata! Seriously, she’s so good at this stuff!! We had so much fun and I couldn’t be more excited to share these images with you! Katie and John, happy 2 years!!! yay!! Enjoy!

Seriously? How cute.

Katie you are stunning! Love this one.

So glad she wore the red lipstick!! It totally MAKES this photo!

Rings hanging on a telephone pole? I’m weird, I know:)

Don’t ya love her Pinata!!?


Katie looks a little bit scared… and she has good reason to be… you should ask her about the first attempt at this:) 

Oh this light! It’s hard to get this light on hazy summer days! So thankful we had a few minutes of it for these shots!


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  1. ashley barnett reply

    WOOHOOO! These are incredible!!! Also, I have to know if John REALLY ate that donut or not hahaha! KATIE YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. Annamarie reply

    SO AMAZING!!!!! I’m going to look through them ten more times…LOVE THEM ALL! Katie, you are absolutely gorgeous and you two make the cutest couple ever :)…I love how all of your ideas turned out! Yay!! So good! And I’m with Ashley..haha..I want to know if he ate it too…

  3. Regan reply

    WOW I love this!! Seriously the sweetest session! And amazing light in that shop!! Every single photo is my favorite! :) Love their color scheme! So so sweet!

  4. molly stillman reply

    omgomgomgomg. I am in love with these! seriously. First, #JNEEZYISRIPPED: your arms look ridiculous. I’m still scared of you. :) And Second: Katie you are absolutely stunning. WOW! Stunning. Third: You both will make amazingly attractive babies. And Fourth: Every single image is just dripping with love! I LOVEEEEEE them!

  5. Urška Majer reply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! They are such a cute couple & i love their first styling…fist so good with the donuts theme :)

  6. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I am obsessed!!! Katie, you look stunning!! You and your hubs are soo adorable together!! This session is so full of love :) Congrats on 2 years, you guys!! :)

  7. rachel reply

    GIRL this is gorgeous! Love them all and Katie is of course super crafty! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  8. Katie Welsh reply

    I am totally obsessed with this shoot! So many fun details, that doughnut shop is perfect. What a fun, cute couple you really let their personalities shine! Also helps that they make awesome models. Definitely a favorite!! LOVE!

  9. hannah elise reply

    oh my word what a stunning couple and session!! fab work Katelyn.

  10. Katie reply

    Ohhhhhhh katelyn thank you so much!!! seriously WE LOVE THEM!!!! I don’t know how we will ever narrow down our favorites to print them!

    PS…John totally ate the donut…it fit his macros. HAHA.

  11. JessenA reply

    *Swoon!* Love the colors and how he looks at his bride :-)

  12. Anna K. reply

    Katie you and John are GORGEOUS!!! i love these!!! Katelyn, you did an amazing job!

  13. Christy Tyler reply

    I’m DYING OVER THESE!!!!! Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! These two are already such a gorgeous couple (Love you Katie!!) and you captured them perfectly Katelyn! Ahhhh! LOVE! Also – Katie – tell John he needs to work on his arms. I think they’re looking a little weak. ;) haha

  14. tina | Tabibi Design reply

    OMG LOVE THIS SESSION!!!! Katie and John are such a great couple. So many wonderful images. Fyi, I too am also curious if John ate the donut. HAHAHAHAHA. knowing john, this was definitely scheduled on a “cheat day.” happy anniversary guys! xo

  15. jamie reply

    i LOVE those ring shots! This whole shoot is amazing and lovely. They are a gorgeous couple and the light is stunning!!

  16. Katie Barber reply

    these are absolutely gorgeous!!! the donut theme is so cute and the lighting is amazing! this is one good looking couple!

  17. Karen Allen reply

    Love, love, love!! Katie, you are STUNNING!! That red lipstick on you is incredible.

  18. Sarah Adams reply

    How do I just keep liking EACH of your shoots more and more? This is just fabulous. Love the location, outfits, cuteness of the couple, lighting, EVERYTHING.

  19. Becca B. reply


  20. Dan and Melissa reply

    These are gorgeous!

  21. Roxanne Still reply

    These are beautiful! You are so talented Katelyn!

  22. Christy reply

    THESE PHOTOS ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL! I’m just in awe over the colors and lighting! THE DONUT SHOP THEME is super cute too! I hope you offer more anniversary sessions in the future : )

  23. Vanessa Chupp reply

    Oh my gosh Katelyn these are so stunning!!! Love these! Katie and John you both look so happy and in love- so awesome! Happy anniversary! :)

  24. Katie reply

    Well I’m speechless! You two are SO attractive!!!!! This shoot is in-cred-ible! Gahhhhhh Katie you’re gorgeous!!!!!

  25. Meredith Sledge reply

    Love these so much! Wow!

  26. Sarah Heppell reply

    Beautiful! :D Yay Kate!

  27. Carrie logan reply

    I CAN”T HANDLE how perfect these are!!!! ahhhh katie you are stunning and you two are just so adorable!!!! katelyn these are amazing. oh my goodness!!!!

  28. ali W reply

    love. perfect combo – cute couple and kateyln james. haha! Models.

  29. ashley goodwin reply

    AMAZING job as usual katelyn! They are freaking hot together–and I am with Ashley B on this one and thought “now really, I know john is NOT eating that donut….” hahaha

  30. Emilia Jane reply

    Ok seriously?! Katie & John are STUNNING and I love this session <3

  31. Evie Perez reply

    What a cute shoot!! these pictures make me want some doughnuts!! congrats to the couple.

  32. Evie Perez reply

    *correction: donut

  33. Ashlyn reply

    Wow! So amazing!

  34. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    gahhh – they are a smokin’ hot couple!!!!

  35. Jen Jar reply

    KATELYN! You just continue to outdo yourself! These images are absolutely amazing! My twin looks so darned gorgeous! And shoot John looks like a model!!!

  36. Megan reply

    I adore these, and your fun ring shot, the pinata, the poses and moods, seriously so cute and huge props top Katie on the clothing, the first series she wore red lipstick and he wore mint pants, then the second stores they flip-flopped and he wrote red and she wore mint, a true photographers dream, no you can hang them in canvas clusters together:)

  37. Carmaleta reply


  38. Erin Schrad reply

    Adorable! Katie, you look gorgeous! (Black dress was a good call seeing it now with John’s attire!) I really love the later images with the sun behind you… oh and the B&W on the couch at the donut shop! So glad Katelyn could break her rules for you!

  39. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I LOVE those last few pics in the sun! Amazing!

  40. Kristina W. reply

    This is a super fun shoot! Love the creativity in it and the red lipstick! :)

  41. Allie reply

    Cutest anniversary shoot EVER! I can’t even say how much I love love love everything about this!!

  42. Caroline reply

    holy buckets!!! SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! LOVE couple shoots – so cool to see the maturity and deeper appreciation they have for each other

  43. Catie Ronquillo Wood reply

    Gah! They are so cute, I can’t handle it. :) Loveeeee!

  44. Morgan Leigh reply

    LOVE this session! Saw these on her website, I should have known you took them! Love her! Too sweet! <3

  45. reply

    thanks for share!

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    […] One last example I have of this is from my friend Katie Nesbitt! She announced months ago that she was training for her first FULL marathon. She instagrammed her progress… her good days, her bad days…. the days when she wanted to give up and the days when she impressed herself with her run times. She showed how this training took a toll on her body and she didn’t shy away from how much of a struggle it was at times. So fast forward a few months… and it’s RACE DAY!!! For months, I have watched this sweet friend of mine prepare and as I saw her updates the day-of, I felt like I was a part of her progress!! I saw updates that stated “Katie just passed mile 7″ …. “Katie just passed mile 13″ and I was cheering her on the whole way! I commented on her statuses and her updates because I felt like I was a part of the story!! It almost shocked me how invested I felt…. I’m not a runner but I loved this!! This is the PERFECT example of sharing a continuous story that people will get attached to! (ps. You may remember these two from THIS shoot!:) […]

  47. Tatyana reply

    What a fun theme!

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