Mike + Caroline | Engaged

  • Downtown Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Portraits

You may be thinking “Hm, these two look familiar!”…. and they should! Why? Because I’ve already taken their engagement pictures! Now you may be wondering “Well why do they get TWO engagement sessions?! That’s not normal, right?”. Right. It’s not normal. It’s also not normal for me to forget about DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! During their first engagement session, right as we were leaving for their second location, the sun started to set. It was already overcast and I wasn’t sure what was going on and then it hit me… I forgot about daylight savings! Ah!!

Luckily, Mike and Caroline were so understanding and to be honest, it kind of worked in their favor because they got TWO engagement sessions instead of one! They now have pictures during Fall AND Spring! It was fun to see them again and just pick up right where we left off several months ago. They already knew all of the poses and so we ROLLED through Downtown Alexandria like champs and they have so much variety in their portraits now!

After posting their last session HERE, I saw a comment that made me laugh! Someone commented and asked if Caroline and I were COUSINS! I guess it’s because of our hair color?! If someone thinks I look like Caroline, I’m just going to take that compliment and run with it!! No, we are not cousins but if I did have some cousins, I would want them to be like these two! They are so much fun and so easy going! I cannot WAIT for their wedding this fall!!! It will be here before we know it!

So even though you have already met these two…. here are some brand new, spring time engagement pictures for you to enjoy!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jennifer reply

    These photos are stunning! I’m so jealous of all the pretty blossoms :) Such a beautiful couple and beautiful locations!

  2. Meredith Sledge reply

    I don’t know where you find all these amazing spots in Richmond but I love alllll of these locations! Beautiful!

  3. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    HER DRESS!! Goodness, so gorgeous! Beautiful job, as always, Katelyn! :)

  4. Meredith Sledge reply

    Totally just realized this isn’t Richmond!! Haha! Whoops! I love Alexandria!

  5. purl reply

    Don’t tell me you made Michael climb a tree to shake to get a branch to shake those blossoms off! ;-)
    That’s above and beyond the call of duty if that’s the case. I think *that* one’s my favorite. But they’re all such gorgeous pictures!.

  6. mona yadav reply

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