• Buddy + Jill | Engaged | Part II

full of so many of my close friends right now! Ali and Manny made their debut last week and Jill and Buddy are back on the blog this week! It’s wonderful! I love this time in our lives. Michael and I have SO many friends that are getting married and it’s exciting! We were sad when college ended and we moved on into this new phase of life but now that we’re here… I kinda like it! …. Actually, I LOVE it. Being married has made my life so much easier and I love feeling like I’m where I belong. As we watch our friends enter into marriage, we’re so happy for them because we know how awesome this life change is!! It’s wonderful!

Buddy and Jill have been really close friends of ours for quite some time. If you had told me five years ago that Buddy and Jill would be getting married and starting a farm together I would have said “Jill? A farmer’s wife? … and who’s Buddy??!”. Ha! I knew Jill before I met buddy and I have to say that when I met Buddy…his hair was almost as long as jill’s and he was wearing tube socks with shorts.  He’s a cool guy though, I promise:). I couldn’t think of any other person that would be more perfect for Jill… they’re an amazing couple and when you’re around them, you can visibly see how much they just completely adore one another. I can’t wait for their wedding in April! It’s going to be yet another tear jerker…of course, it doesn’t take much to make me cry. I’m such a sap. So, anyway!… Here is PART II for Buddy and Jill! If you missed PART I you can find it HERE!!! Enjoy!

Love this next series of shots! Downtown Staunton was good to me! AND Bud and Jill are so photogenic!!

One of my favorites!!!!!!!! yessss!

Ahhh!! JILL! Your wedding pictures are going to be amazing! Can we bump up the wedding to…hm, lets see…. MARCH?! I can’t wait!!!

I have no idea what this building is…. but I love it!!!!!

Why was there L O V E written randomly on this wall? I have no idea!….But I love this shot!

The End!

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  1. Jessica Fike reply

    AAHHH I used that red door in a fall photo shoot back in 2009! Isn’t downtown Staunton just the greatest?? I’m taking some bridals there this spring and cannot wait! Great work, Katelyn!

  2. Emy reply

    Super Cute!! Gosh Buddy & Jill im in love with all these pictures… i can’t wait to see wedding shots!! They are going to be SO good!! KK you did a fabulous job, i love the “Love” wall too!

  3. Brie reply

    STUNNING! :) Can’t wait till you guys get hitched!

  4. Jill reply

    thank you so much Katelyn-we love them!!!!! I can’t wait for the wedding either!!!! xoxo

  5. Julianna reply

    Ahhhh!!!! I love them!!!

  6. Brooke reply

    Wow they are gorgeous! I’m so sending this to my fiancée… because of the tube socks with shorts comment. He doesn’t see anything wrong with that. At least he doesn’t wear socks with sandals!

  7. amanda west reply

    OMGGGGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. stephanie b reply

    she will be suchhh a gorgeous bride!

  9. Katie reply

    That Love picture is ah-mazing. These are just spectacular!

  10. Life with Kaishon reply

    What a sweet post. I love the great colors they are wearing. You shot them so perfectly. I can feel their love : )

  11. Ashlee reply

    I love her dress!!!

  12. Elizabeth reply

    LOVING the “Love” randomly on the wall! :) Amazing pics! What a beautiful couple!

  13. ashley barnett reply

    Love all the contrasty walls/buildings! And that love written on the wall has been there for years- it’s awesome, someone keeps re-writing it! :) I did an e-session about 2 years ago and it was there then! But the handwriting wasn’t as pretty lol.

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