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is one characteristic that I wish every high schooler had, it would be motivation and the ability to dream BIG…. ok those are two things. I think it’s sad when I meet students that are completely satisfied with the status quo and have no real ambitions for the future. Hadley could not be further from that type of high school student. Since I met her, I have known that she was driven and that she had leadership qualities! However, I met Hadley when she was first starting high school and so I’ve seen her actually watched her grow and realize just how much of a leader she is and what she is capable of over the last 3 years.

She’s an incredible girl. She’s smart, caring and so SO genuine. She’s one of those people that you just love being around and could talk to for hours. I cannot BELIEVE she’s a senior and is sending off applications already!! All I can say is, watch out future business/communications world!! Hadley is going to  do BIG things and I cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes! Hadley, I just love you girl!! I’m so proud of you and excited for this exciting next phase of life!! AND I’m excited to share some of my favorites!! Love you to death!!! Enjoy! xoxo

Ohhh Hadley, you’re so good at this! 


A Favorite!

so so beautiful!!


Doesn’t this look like Charleston! I love Richmond!! I’m constantly finding new places that I love!

Gorgeous Hadley!


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  1. Sara Winant reply

    Sooo gorgeous! I love that you do these for your seniors :) so sweet that they have these amazing photos to capture a great time of their life! She is so pretty and you can tell it also radiates from inside! great session :)

  2. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love all the neat places you find in Richmond! Hadley is beautiful!!

  3. Andrew O’Sullivan reply

    Hadley, you are amazing! I am so lucky to be dating you and have enjoyed the last 3 years together. You look fantastic in these photos

  4. Megan W. reply

    These are gorgeous!

  5. Mallory reply

    Literally obsessed. These are the greatest.

  6. Sarah Adams reply

    She’s so cute!!! Such an awesome and classic sense of style! Love it!

  7. Leanne Wight reply

    These are so adorable! Love you Haddles!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    I love all her outfits! Have a great senior year, Hadley!

  9. Lindsey pantele reply

    Absolutely stunning photos! katelyn, you did a phenomenal job!

  10. Meghan O’Sullivan reply

    Hadley!!! Your so pretty! looks like u had an awesome time! Love u! Xoxo

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