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little nervous before an engagement session. I’m just being honest! It needs to be fun and relaxed and enjoyable for the couple….. but I always have to get some “money shots”.  (If you’re new the to blog, a “Money Shot” is defined as: A shot that AWESOME, blog-worthy and worth big bucks!!)  So the pressure is on when I’m photographing an e-session but I love it. I really do. Kelsey and Dan are an incredible couple and I had heard that from mutual friends but after spending an evening with them, I got to experience their awesome-ness for myself! I love these two and I secretly wish I didn’t have to wait all summer for their wedding!

You just wait until you see these images… Kels is going to be a STUNNING bride. I’m SO excited I could squeal! I met Kelsey when I was visiting my best friend Caroline a few years ago at Tech.  We were only freshmen and I remember thinking…. “Oh she’s beautiful” after being introduced. Little did I know that I was going to start a wedding photography business and I would be shooting her WEDDING!!! Lucky me! And I had also heard recently, through the grapevine that Dan was equally as awesome as Kelsey AND that he was a character. Well, I love characters, I will take a groom with a personality ANY day! It makes my job so easy when I am working with a guy that can make his girl laugh constantly! Dan it was SUCH a pleasure to meet you finally!!!


Well, I know you’re wanting to see the images but I just have to explain this location.  I discovered this area during Isaac and Kristin’s Wedding last April and after shooting my PROMO VIDEO in this area, I knew I HAD to use it for an engagement session! So we scheduled this shoot a few months ago and I’ve been excited about it ever since! Kelsey and Dan, you are so much fun! I’d go exploring sketchy areas of richmond with you all day long! Thanks for being awesome and letting me shoot an hour longer than planned…. sometimes I just can’t stop!!!! xoxo

Seriously? These were some of the first shots…. ummm… I knew this was going to be a great shoot. So natural… I love it! 

ah! Ya’ll are getting married!!!!! (I think they’re excited about it…. just a little bit:)

Kelsey… please girl, you make this look so easy!


Ya know, it’s always a little hard to balance the “Model” looks and the genuine, joyful images… but I think we mastered that balance with this session!

gah! Lovely light! Work it girl!

Dan! Looking gooood!!! Love the lines in these!

Oh hey awesome huge wall! We’ll use you! Perfect.

I LOVE THESE… they might be favorites!

Ah! Beautiful!

I think is when I told her she looked like Pocahontas…. that’s a compliment! Pocahontas is beautiful!!!!!!!

Love the variety of this session!

Can’t wait til the wedding!!!! Leave them some love!!

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  1. Julianna reply

    Yayyy Kelsey and Dan!!!!! Suuuper cute pictures! Loved the locations too! Kelsey- you are absolutely gorgeous. Dan- you’re not as pretty as Kelsey.

  2. Abby Grace Photography reply

    I adore that shot of her in the pink dress leaning against the brick wall. Ah! I love your style, Kaitlyn! I feel liek we’re friends from reading your posts. Maybe one day I’ll tell an engage friend to hire you so that I can finally get the chance to see you work. Using my friends wedding as a chance to meet a dank photographer? yes.

  3. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    So pretty! I love the pictures o f them in the grass, leaning up against the brick wall and the ring shot! That teal is so pretty (not to mention a gorgeous ring!!)!

  4. Stephanie Yonce reply

    These are awesome. I can’t wait to do a shoot in the city!!! I especially love the shot of the ring at the end. Of COURSE the shots of the couple are incredible! The ring sitting in that curly-q is beautiful.

  5. Elise reply

    AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these people so much and these pics are AWESOME!!!! ALL OF THEM!!! :) Obsessed

  6. Laura Britton reply

    Kelsey and Dan, you look amazing!! you have some awesome pictures here, so fun! Can’t wait to see wedding pictures!! :)

  7. Emy reply

    LOVE every single picture. Shoot, these last few posts have been remarkable and so popular. look at all those comments! KK, you’re becoming famous… don’t forget im your sister. When you’re rich and famous and I’m poor and homeless I trust that you will be there to provide for all my needs. loves yous.

  8. Emy reply

    p.s. Kelsey you are breathtakingly gorgeous!! Dan is one blessed fella! I can’t wait until your wedding day!! I love all these shots, especially the ones where Kelsey is laughing and Dan’s just grinning at her like she’s the cutest thing in the world. precious.

  9. Derek James reply

    I love these pictures! The color is amazing! Great Job! Beautiful couple!

  10. Kristina N. reply

    I love the close up black and white ones!

  11. Kelsey reply

    LOVE Them Katelyn!! You make us look so good and captured so much of our personality and love for each other. Thanks for all your hard work! Hugs

  12. Kimberly Stone reply

    Love it! Just great photography and sweet photos. You are wonderful!

  13. Pam reply

    You are the cutest couple I have ever seen. And this is a totally unbiased opinion!

  14. Randy Newman reply

    These photos are amazing!

  15. Molly reply

    My favorite photos are the ones where Dan are out of focus.

  16. Emily reply

    These photos are amazing! Kelsey, you look amazing, I can’t wait to see every photo from August 13th! They are going to awesome and you will look BEAUTIFUL! Dan, you look pretty too! :)[Katelyn, you are an amazing photographer. You should know that from australia, i often stalk your blog! :)]

  17. Sabrina reply

    Love the images, love the locations… but oh em gee… my jaw dropped when I got to the end and saw that ring shot. M-O-N-E-Y. Love it. Nicely done (on all of them!).

  18. caroline reply

    LOVE! WOW can we say GORGEOUS???? STUNNING. Beautiful couple inside and out. so great.

  19. Girish reply

    Fantastic !! Real real good shoot this. Great photographs. Superb locations.

    I like her smile a lot :)

  20. Caitlin Scott Photography reply

    I love these. They are a super sweet looking couple. Love the locations! Awesome shots Katelyn!

  21. Sarah reply

    YAY!!! Such beautiful pictures!! I am so excited for the wedding!!!

  22. Susan reply

    These are beautiful – beautiful couple and love the location. That ring shot is AWESOME – my favorite ring shot ever.

  23. gayle reply

    Gorgeous couple, even more beautiful because of their love for Christ. Amazing job once again Kateland!

  24. Michelle reply

    There are many good photos but I’d have to say my favorite are the ones where you can tell they are both enjoying each other’s company fully. They are so natural and they describe Dan and Kelsey.

  25. Amanda reply

    I LOVE these pictures. Kelsey you look so beautiful!!!

  26. Megan reply

    Awesome pictures you guys look so happy! Hope wedding planning is going well!!

  27. Reba reply

    So many good shots! You guys are so cute together! I love the blue & pink pictures. The outfits and backgrounds look awesome together!

  28. Kelsey reply

    Gorgeous pictures!! I’m so so excited for you two :) Kels you are beautiful inside and out, and Dan you truly shine for Christ. I can’t wait to see how God uses you two in the future!

  29. Michelle reply

    You both look great :) I’m so excited for you two :)

  30. Kayla reply

    Kelsey, you are beautiful! You’re going to be the most stunning bride! I love the black and white photos and the shot from across the street is cool!

  31. Rebecca Lansford reply

    So many gorgeous pictures!! Kelsey, you’re going to make a beautiful bride!! :) So happy for you two!

  32. Bailey reply

    I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES!!! so great!! :) can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!

  33. Jessamyn reply

    kels, you are seriously a babe! i love these, and jordan and i had so much fun looking at all of them and imagining what you guys were thinking! :) can’t wait to see the wedding photos – katelyn you are awesome!

  34. Tonya Elliott reply

    Such a gorgeous couple. They are truly deeply madly in love with each other. Best wishes to them.

  35. Cassie Glover reply

    Kelsey and Dan, these pictures are amazing! You both look great in them! Kelsey, can’t wait to see the pics of you on your wedding day. Best wishes!

  36. Shana Underwood reply

    Kelsey and Dan these pictures are so gorgeous and so fun to look at! I enjoyed every last one! I am so excited for you and I can only imagine how amazing your wedding pics will be! Love ya!

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