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  • Downtown Shepherdstown, West Virginia Engagement Pictures

I felt bad. I hugged Jennica and introduced myself to Brent but then I saw Mila and I just LOVED her! I went into my “dog voice” and I just fell in love! I completely forgot to do my normal prep-talk before the shoot because I was so obsessed with their four-pound ball of fluff! It was a bit chilly in downtown Shepherdstown, WV and so little Mila was cold. Michael literally walked around during the entire shoot with Mila sitting inside of his coat! It was adorable!!

So now that you know how much I love Mila, let me tell you how much I love Jennica and Brent! Jennica is good friends with Jess, and Jess is a dear friend and past KJ Bride!! I knew that since I loved Jess, that I would automatically love Jennica and I was right! She is just the best and Brent is equally as awesome! These two were so positive and engaging. I know this sounds silly but some people are just so easy to talk to and that really makes their engagement session so stress-free! Maybe it’s their smiles, or the way they love each other… or the fact that they have the cutest puppy ever! I don’t know what it is that just makes me love these two but I left their engagement session SO excited for their wedding day in 2016!!!

You’re going to love this sweet December engagement session. The town was adorable and even though the sun never made an appearance, the colors were still gorgeous and Jennica’s outfits were perfect! I’m excited to introduce you to Brent and Jennica… and Mila!! Enjoy!

Gosh I love these family portraits so much!

So classic!

AH! Look at sweet Mila!!

One of my FAVORITES!

Jennica you have the most gorgeous smile!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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