Downtown Staunton Wedding

  • Manny + Alison | Part I

finished up Alison and Manny’s portraits (and I say “we” because Michael second shot with me and I love him for it!)… Michael looked at me and said…”Welp.. this is going to be a “Part 1/Part 2 for sure!”.  You see, this is “blog” language. The blog is the heartbeat of my business and so we talk about it all the time. What Michael meant by that comment was “Whoa! There are going to be a TON of money shots!! You’re going to have to post twice!”. Again… blog language. “Money Shots” refer to the shots that give me goosebumps and make me squeal after I take them….. Alison and Manny had a whole day full of “Money Shots” and I tried my best to narrow it down but about an hour ago I realized

….. there is NO way I can fit all of this into one blog post. I’m sure there is a law about posting 100+ images in one blog post! So Alison and Manny are going to have a Part II coming VERY soon and oh dear GOODNESS I love it so much!! The reason I don’t particularly love doing “Part 1’s and Part 2’s” for weddings is because not every wedding that I shoot can have a part 1 and 2.  There are a few weddings a year that have timelines and locations that allow me to literally shoot portraits NON STOP…. and this was one of them. Alison and Manny are gorgeous and I’m pretty sure that in the future…at least one of their children will be a Jcrew model. They’ve got “the look” and that is dangerous when it comes to me and my camera! I could have shot them ALL day long!!


Alison and Manny were so wonderful to work with… not only because they’re gorgeous… but because they are amazing friends of mine. I entered college as a freshman and Alison was a junior and friends with Michael. I remember meeting her and thinking… “Oh THATS why everyone loves this girl”.  She’s simply amazing.  I really don’t know any other way to describe her to you. Her sweet, genuine spirit is so beautiful and everyone that knows Ali respects her and loves her instantly. The CRAZY thing is….once she met Manny and brought him back to CNU to meet everyone…he was the same way!  Everyone admires him and loves being around him. I remember hearing Ali say in small group that she had “Kinda met a guy” and I thought to myself “Who in the world is awesome enough to date Alison Cunningham?!”….. Once I met Manny, that answered my question.  They are perfect for each other…..absolutely perfect. When they’re together, people see a love that is so much greater than any love that is of this world… they see the love of the Lord.  Gosh! It’s beautiful!!! I love weddings, I love marriage, and I love that this was all God’s idea. Watching the two of them promise to love each other forever was such a joyful moment and it was such a privilege to capture their day!! I felt so honored. Ali and Manny, I can’t express how much we love you!! We’re so excited for you as your begin your new life together!! Enjoy part 1!!!

Welp….once again… I can’t pick a favorite shoe shot so I’m posting them all!

I’m detail crazy…. I LOVED her bouquet!

Awesome invitations! So Ali.

Ok…. by far one of my most favorite first looks ever!! Tears were flowing!  I loved it so much that I’m showing you A LOT of it…. I want brides to see how amazing this moment can be!

From Michael’s Angle…. He’s so good!!! Ah!

AHHHH!! Money shot! Love it! Ali you’re gorgeous!

Simply beautiful.

So…. I got chills when I was scanning through their images and found this one… Ali you are such a stunning bride!


How much do you love this idea?! So cute!

So fun…. I loved their bridal party!


Downtown Staunton I am a FAN of you!

Almost ceremony time!

Michael caught this and I LOVE it.


Michael caught the one on the right and I’m loving it!

Part II will not be far behind this post! I promise!! I may even throw in a slideshow! If you liked this, share it!:)

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  1. Mandee Widrick reply

    So gorgeous! I especially love how the royal blue bridesmaids dresses contrasted so nicely with the background colors.

  2. michael reply

    ahhhhhh so goood!!!!! I am so excited that I was able to be a part of this day…you two are amazing, and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

  3. katie reply

    LOVE IT! :)

  4. Josh, Kelsey, Kimberly reply

    WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ALLLLL DAY!!!!! They look so beautiful. It was a wonderful day, you DEFINITELY captured the moment!

  5. cami reply

    This is so sweet! I was looking forward to this post since you teased us earlier! Nice work! Do you happen to know who the designer is of her gown?

  6. Lauren Wakefield reply

    Love love love love love it. I have goosebumps and I didn’t even take the photos!!!

  7. Katie reply

    This are some of my favorite. Mannie and Alison are beautiful people and they look so geniunely happy. You did such a great job, but I am sure they made it so easy!

  8. Anna Burke reply

    Ok, I’d just like to take a minute to say that I LOVE HER DRESS! If I were to marry Justin again, I’d want this dress :) She’s gorgeous, and you and Michael did a FABULOUS job capturing their day. I can’t wait for Part II :)

  9. sarah heinle reply

    love it and I look forward to part 2

  10. Kristina N. reply

    This blog post just exudes happiness and warmth and love! I think this post shows more raw emotion than any other so far. You did a fantastic job!

  11. Michael reply

    oh and I love the Joe Marks Fist Pump!!!

  12. karly p reply

    ahh katelyn these are so amazing!! i love the location of their first look. so cool! you’re amazing and i cannot wait for part two :)

  13. lori reply

    Katelyn, these are GORGEOUS. You’re absolutely top-notch, girl.

  14. Holly reply

    hands down THE most STUNNING set of wedding images i have ever seen. congratulations, kj — and manny & alison, too! :)

  15. Kelsey C reply

    ahhh!!! oh my gosh i love them all! so so so gorgeous!

  16. Jessie reply

    these are perfect kk :0) absolutely love them!

  17. Emy reply

    I absolutely love ALL of them, so beautiful! But especially the first look shots and the one of them walking down the aisle in black & white where he is looking at her. Love it. Can’t wait for part II. :)

  18. Elizabeth reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! awesome job katelyn!!! can’t wait to see the rest!!! :)

  19. Mandy reply

    AHH!!! KK these are gorgeous! (SO many money pic’s!) :) I love the first look…definitely a favorite! Manny and Alison ya look great!

  20. katie g reply

    ohhhh my goodness !!! i love everything about these! manny & ali just looked so relaxed ! i looove her green sweater and i love one of the last photos of them walking back down the isle and joemarcs fist pumping at the alter hahaha!

    soooo great katelyn & michael good job tooo !! :)

  21. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Gorgeous couple! LOVE LOVE LOVE her ring shot!

  22. Elisabeth Carol reply

    OH my word!! These are my favorite images from you ever!!! Gorgeous!

  23. Katie Schoepflin reply

    LOVE them all!!!

  24. Dennis Bullock reply

    What a great day Katelyn!

  25. Paula Sharik reply

    What a beautiful album! We were so sorry not to have been there – remembering so many times we were all together. Alison, you have grown into such a beautiful woman and your husband is pretty cute too! Looking forward to meeting him sometime soon. Fantastic photos! Kudos to your photographer!

  26. Steph Snyder reply

    OH MY WORD! These are just stunning! I am absolutely blown away – Ali and Manny, you are such beautiful people! and I praise God He brought you two together in sweet marriage!!! Katelyn – you are ridiculous – you have such a gift, my friend! I can’t believe I missed this – I’m so mad!

  27. Katie D reply

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with these pictures!!! they’re adorable! So amazing! Can’t wait to see part 2!!!! :)

  28. Laura Fiore reply

    Such amazingly beautiful photos…I’m a huge fan of yours Katelyn! I can certainly tell from looking through these how much you love these friends AND your job!

  29. britney reply

    Amazing. The whole things looks beautiful. I can’t wait for part two – Congrats Alison and Manny!!!!

  30. Nate reply

    KK (AND Mikey!) This is incredible! So well done! Manny and Alison, y’all are incredible! I am so excited for you two, congratulations!

  31. Jennifer reply

    those pictures are wonderful ! I love the fun you can see on the images and the detail shots are absolutely amazing !

  32. Suzanne reply

    What a sweet looking couple! They look they are just so nice! Beautiful. The bridesmaid’s dresses I *think* are my fave thus far! Michael’s getting pretty good there! =)

  33. Corbin reply

    What a gorgeous wedding! Well-captured, Katelyn :)

  34. Catie reply

    Absolutely amazing, you can really see the love these two have through these pictures.

  35. ashley barnett reply

    Ah! LOVE THEM. Gosh they look like they came right out of the jcrew bridal catalog! And yes, downtown Staunton ROCKS for pictures!

  36. Julianna reply

    Katelyn. God blessed you with this wedding. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I will need both yours and Alison’s help with planning my wedding… I will also need her dress… haha. Great work, as always! You’re awesome and wonderful!

  37. Elise reply

    I love this wedding!!!!!!!! :) I love the first look pictures the best i think

  38. Steve & Linda Weidemann reply

    Thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments of Alison and Manny’s special day and for sharing them on the web.

  39. Diana Frazier reply

    Jim and Mary….as one who remembers Jim’s voice on your answering machine announcing the birth of Allison Marguerite, it’s hard to believe she is married! Wonderful shots.

  40. Laura Gordon reply

    LOVE this wedding! Gorgeous as always Katelyn and Michael did a great job- you taught him well :) lol

  41. Susie Betancourt reply

    Spectacular !! I’ll be apoplectic deciding on those to purchase.

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