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friends… some photographers hate it, some love it. I happen to be one that LOVES it. What better way to capture a couple’s personality! I met Drew a LONG time ago…. well, like 6 years ago (when you’re only 22, 6 years is a LONG time!)  Michael and Drew met at CNU and later became roommates. I was in high school and my only goal on the weekends was to try to find some way to make it down to Newport News. I loved it there. I loved CNU, I loved Michael’s friends and I loved feeling like a college student! It’s hard to be believe those days are gone. College is over now and a LARGE percentage of our college friends are tying the knot!

Kelsey and Drew are getting married in July and I couldn’t be more excited about shooting their wedding!! I love shooting friend’s weddings because 1. I KNOW the couple and it is so easy and natural to capture their personalities! and 2. I actually get to BE at the wedding! The worst part about being a photographer and being RIGHT out of college is that if I’m not shooting a friend’s wedding… I most likely have to miss it. Ohhhh it’s an awful feeling! But no worries here! I’ll be capturing Drew and Kelsey’s big day and it’s going to be perfect! I love these two.  My job was so incredibly easy because Kels can’t look at Drew without smiling at him.  We had a PERFECT fall afternoon to shoot their session at Maymont (where Drew popped the question!).  I loved my time with them and I’m so excited to show you their pics, I can hardly stand it! So here they are!! Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday!!

Drew has always been known for having awesome blue eyes… now he’s marrying a girl with awesome blue eyes….PLEASE let me take pictures of your kids one day!:)

Drew matched all the trees… I’m sure he planned that.

Doesn’t this make you think of Christmas for some reason?!

LOVED this next series of shots!!! Favorites for sure!

Where Drew popped the question!

He makes her laugh…. hard.

Drew and Kelsey, you’re the best!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this HUGE celebration!!

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  1. maria reply

    LOVE all the fall colors. such a gorgeous couple!

  2. evelyn reply

    wow, love these. they are quite a good looking couple can’t wait for the big day!!!!!

  3. emily reply

    the couple is adorable and the location is gorgeous!! where did you shoot these?

  4. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! The fall colors are AWESOME!

  5. best registry cleaner reply

    Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things!!

  6. Caitlin reply

    As usual – I LOVE these – can’t wait to see their wedding! How gorgeous is this couple!

  7. emy reply

    Ahhhh I love all of them!! So good!!!

  8. Ella Kreilisheim (E.K..Foto on FB) reply

    I*ll tell you something, Katelyn ! The time away from photography pluss the fact that you are now married both have contributed to even better pictures from you !!! In my opinion they now seem more mature & more relaxed , as reflected in the persons you so beautifully depict.

  9. Sus reply

    love these two and everything about these pictures!! great job katelyn!!

  10. Steph Murray reply

    these pictures made me smile so much, the colors are perfect. and another girl with a big smile= awesome :)

  11. j gar reply

    studs. i know drew planned his shirt to match those leaves. and he probably tried to match those purple flowers, but his periwinkle and lavender sweaters were in the laundry. those red leaves were legit though. nice work, money in the bank!

  12. Mandy reply

    So…I’m supposed to be writing a paper but I couldn’t resist! These are gorgeous KK! SO many money pics..and I couldn’t help but think of your workshop when I saw the great use of curved lines with the composition (nerdy of me) I love you and I love all of your pictures!!!

  13. Megan H reply

    I have been following your blog for a while now, but have never commented. I just wanted to say that your last two engagement posts have been some of the most amazing pictures ever! I just love your work! You’re so talented!

  14. sharon reply

    katelyn, these are some of your best images! they’re raw and definitely capture how much this couple adores each other!

  15. Drew reply

    INCREDIBLE, Katelyn!! I can’t get over it.. thank you for blessing us with these pictures!

  16. Elizabeth reply

    I *adore* these pictures. So wonderful, and they are both ever so photogenic. I am doing an engagement shoot very soon at Maymont, and was SO thrilled to see this post pop up! I was like ” i know where THIS is! :)”. Yay.

    Absolutely beautiful.

  17. stephanie boyer reply

    These are great Katelyn!! They look so in love, and she is gorgeous!!!

  18. Kelsey reply

    Katelyn, thank you so much! I have no idea how we are ever going to choose which ones to order! What a gift… THANK YOU!

  19. Rebecca Downs reply

    Ummm — CUTE couple! Love the eyes – love her boots – and love that she took them off for the last shot! Looks like they have a sweet, sweet love – have fun with them, Miss Katelyn – errrr, Mrs. Alsop! ;)

  20. Brenda (Momma) reply

    Beautiful pictures KK! What a cute couple; the session looked like a lot of fun, and you know I love all of the flowers and Fall colors. Very nice.

  21. Girish reply

    Beautiful shots. Love the feel in the photographs. Good to see many colors shots…the autumn feel gives so much colors in the photographs..well done to preserve that.

    Are all the shots poised by while walking down you just ask them to hold that pose and you shot !…

    Lovely :)

  22. michaela reply

    She is stunning!! And the pictures are beautiful, as always!! (:

  23. Rebekah reply

    My first ever engagement shoot was at the Carillon in Byrd Park! I absolutely love your work, Katelyn. You constantly challenge and inspire me.

  24. britney f reply

    love love love love it! so happy for them!

  25. Sabrina reply

    1) Fabulous shots (as always!), 2) I love that you always post so many pictures!!! Makes me want to stay and hang out longer :-) 3) the one of them sitting on the steps with the curve of the banister in the far right side is my fave. The lines in that image are fabulous.

  26. cheryl reply

    These are beautiful :)

  27. caroline reply

    oh my goodness. love love LOVE!!! great job KK :)

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