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I love lists. As I get older, I am starting to see little glimpses of how I am turning into my mother!… which isn’t a bad thing! My mother, by far, makes the most intensely detailed lists I know and she’s taught me well.  It wasn’t uncommon for our “Vacation Packing” list to be 5 pages long with each item divided up but each child’s initials.  Yes, it may be extreme, but it worked!

I’m definitely a “To-do” list writer.  I have an unhealthy obsession with crossing off “completed tasks”.  For instance,  I will commonly write down something I’ve already completed, just to CROSS IT OFF MY LIST! There have been many days when I’ve finished something and became extremely disappointed when I realized it never made “The List” in the first place! haha

Wow. I probably shouldn’t have admitted to the Internet that I have a OCD obsession with “to-do” lists but I do want to share about a new little tool that has just recently increased the efficiency of Inspired Designs! (or is supposed to:)  I recently became the owner of a Berry! My little Blackberry Curve follows me wherever I go and brings with it a constant connection to the Internet, email, …. and unfortunately… Facebook.  I haven’t decided if this new addition is saving time but it sure is fun! The goal is to stay on top of emails, return Facebook messages, etc, so that I can have more time for work/fun when I’m actually at home for once! ha!  We shall see if that actually happens!

ps: I love this little thing! …but we all know that in the magical world of technological happiness… this would definitely be an iphone! ;)

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  1. Meghan reply

    I just ordered one this weekend! haha I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. :D I decided not to get internet access on mine (yet) because we are trying to save money to buy a home right now. But once we are in a home I will probably get the internet access. :D I am also the type of person who makes 5 page lists divided up by names for packing. And I bring it with me to make sure I bring everything home! I always have lists around my house and I also often write something down, JUST so I can cross it off! hehe Have fun with your blackberry, I’m looking forward to getting mine!

  2. Emy reply

    oh my word!!! I’m speechless… and not in a good way. Let me guess this is also just another much needed “business expense.” Well while your at it can you get me a new phone, ipod, computer, camera, and hey, go ahead a pay for my college education dear! =)
    hahah I’m just kidding… it is very nice and i’m glad you are happy! =) =) =) =)

  3. Lauryn reply

    you have just joined the club!! Jared and I have curves too!

  4. Tiffany reply

    amen…i cant ever go back to a regular phone :) and if it makes you feel better i am completely the same with the ocd and lists… i bet you are an ical girl :) i can show you a program that will sync your mac and blackberry including your contacts and your ical…haha i know its lame but i am easily amused what can i say… :D

  5. JT Hosack reply

    #1 Really cool pictures.
    #2 …And after all that talk we had with Steiner…geez. Hahaha!

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