• What a Weekend!

Have you ever anticipated something but had no idea when it was happening?! I experienced this on Saturday. I knew that Saturday was going to be a HUGE day for our family… more specifically, my baby sister. Emily’s boyfriend, Joe had shared that Saturday was the big day…. he was PROPOSING! He met with my dad last weekend and so the excitement has been building within the James family!! Michael was a groomsmen on Saturday at JR and Sarah’s wedding and I shot it. The whole day I did a great job of focusing on their wedding day… but I would have random

moments when I would remember “AH! It’s happening today!!!!”.  I would check my phone and then pray that it was going well!! My phone died like three times during the reception because I kept checking it every 5 minutes! Finally, it began to buzz and I ran outside to hear the news. I may have already been in tears before Emy had time to tell me that she was getting married. :) Michael followed me and tried to take pictures of me hearing the news and even though they aren’t flattering pictures, they show just how excited I am for Emy and Joe!!

We had two weddings this weekend and we actually left wedding #2 and hit the road to PA to surprise Emy with a quick visit!! She had no idea we were coming and I just loved getting to hug her and share our excitement in person!! … And of course I wanted to see the ring!! :)

So today…. and most of tomorrow… and a few more days this week… we’ll be resting.  After 2 two-day workshops, 19 weddings in a row, 40 weddings total and a crazy amount of engagement sessions…. oh and coaching every month and a conference…. this fall has been a crazy one! We’re so thankful that we can decide to randomly drive to PA and take a day to celebrate with Em and joe and we’re going to enjoy it!!! So happy happy Monday everyone!! Get excited… there are two BEAUTIFUL fall weddings coming to the blog this week!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Cecilia reply

    Very sweet! Congratulations!!

  2. Janelle C reply

    You are so busy!!! I am glad you are getting some rest! Congrats to your sister!!!

  3. Annetta reply

    So exciting!!

  4. Kendal reply

    Oh my that is adorable!! congrats to your sister!!

  5. Abby Grace W reply

    AWW… Congratulations to your sister!!:):)

  6. Brooke Carroll reply

    I love it when I actually know the people on your blog personally! So happy for these two!

  7. Carrie Logan reply

    soooo sweet! yay james family! now i’m just going to come right out with the question that’s burning on everyone’s mind… will you shoot her wedding?!! :) ahhhhh!!

  8. Elizabeth reply

    congrats to you and your family how exciting!!! enjoy some time off you certainly deserve it!

  9. Kat reply

    YAy congrats to your sis! What a fun time :)

  10. julianna reply


  11. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Aww! This just makes my heart so happy! Even though I was only 16 when my sister got engaged, I will never forget the excitement and joy I experienced knowing that she was marrying such a wonderful man and that our family was adding on such a wonderful guy! I’m so happy for you and Emy and everyone! And how awesome that Michael captured that picture of you! Such a sweet memory you’ll cherish forever :)

  12. shelly reply

    What an exciting day! That’s great that you have pictures of your reaction as you were hearing the wonderful news :)

  13. katie reply

    so much happiness!!! Yay!!! Congratulations Emy!

  14. Megan K. Marcus reply

    How exciting, Katelyn! I’m sure it is going to be such a fun time experiencing this with your little sister! Especially with all your awesome knowledge on the whole wedding thing already! :)

  15. Kristina W. reply

    Yay for Emy! :) So exciting for her and Joe and the rest of the families! :) You’re such a sweet big sister.

  16. Morgan Leigh reply

    Yay!!! You told me you knew it would be soon!! :D Congrats, Emily & Joe!!

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