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ago I was planning my own wedding. I was ordering programs, painting frames, and designing my own engagement guestbook. Now, several years later, I’m doing this all over again… for my sister’s wedding! Emily and Joe get married NEXT FRIDAY! I can’t believe it’s almost here!! I took this week off to help her plan so that we aren’t super stressed next week. As we were planning and sitting down with Anna, our coordinator, the FedEx man delivered the engagement guestbook!! It’s gorgeous!

A few weeks ago I surprised Emy and we drove up to PA to do an engagement shoot with her and Joe. I edited the images on the way home and ordered this Blurb album the next day so that they would have an engagement guestbook for their wedding day! When it arrived, I was in love with it and I realized I have never blogged about engagement guestbook options for my brides! Here’s the thing…. a lot of photographers sell really AWESOME leather bound engagement guestbooks. They are GORGEOUS! I made one for myself for our wedding and we LOVED it! However, these leather bound albums are a bit pricey. As a bride on a budget… I think I would have done things differently if I had had the options I have today. Blurb and Artifact Uprising are great alternatives to getting an leather bound engagement guestbook! Lets be honest, spending SEVERAL hundred dollars on a book that is going to be written on by guests is hard to swallow. So I recommend these other options! You can use templates and so you don’t need design experience. They are affordable, beautiful and perfect for guests to write in!! …. And if, by chance, a guest messes up or writes on an image, it doesn’t hurt quite as much because this was an $80-$100 book…. not a $750 book. There are other options out these as well… but Blurb and Artifact Uprising are my favorites!! Here are a few design tips for making your own engagement guestbook!! :

  1. Design spreads using images that were shot in the same light and location with the same outfit! This will create a cohesive spread design!
  2. Allow some WHITE SPACE for design purposes AND for space for guests to sign!
  3. Simple is KEY! I rarely put more than 4 images per spread in my album designs. I think clean and simple is classy! :)


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE IT :) And I still love mine that you did 4 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!! Crazy that we’ve been married that long (almost!) :)

  2. Nicole reply

    Such good timing. I am making one with blurb for my sons guest book for his birthday. Can I ask what paper you went with?

  3. Nilo reply

    Love it! Your sister is so beautiful, and you did a wonderful job of capturing her happiness!

  4. Wynona reply

    I love it! I love Artifact Uprising too! :)

  5. Talia reply

    What is a good site like this for client wedding albums that you use that is affordable? Also how much do you up charge from production price?

  6. Ashley Herrinton reply

    Love this! Ty and I made a Blurb book for our guest book too! We love it!!

  7. Emily reply

    This is perfect! My engagement photographer had quoted me $500, which i thought was a little ridiculous since people will be signing it as a guest book! Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. sarah Nolan reply

    Ahh! I love this! The first book I ever got was a pinup of me for my husband and it was made by blurb and still looks great 5 years later! Where in PA is your sister?!? I’m a PA girl living in VA, but I go up there all the time!

  9. Katie reply

    We did a blurb book for our guest book too, and I was really happy with how it turned out!! Blurb makes amazing books!!

  10. elizabeth. reply

    So gorgeous! Love the finished creation. =)

  11. Cathleen reply

    Perfect timing! I just had my engagement pictures done and wanted to create a guest book without spending almost a thousand dollars on it. Thanks for the advice katelyn!

  12. Meredith Sledge reply


  13. Emily reply

    I need one of these!

  14. Michele Ashley reply

    This is a beautiful way to showcase an e-sesh and display a guest book. Fabulous!

  15. Kristina W. reply

    I did this myself with my engagement photos and I love it! I used Costco for mine and it turned out great.

  16. Tatyana reply

    Thanks so much for sharing these! I was just looking for the best guestbook fulfillment companies :)

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