• 2012 Money Shots

when I shoot, I have these strange moments when I can FEEL that I took a great shot. Doesn’t that sound strange? I just get this feeling like “That one was a money shot!!”.  It doesn’t happen ALL the time but every now and then, I FEEL IT!  I think this feeling comes from pushing my own boundaries, trying new things, going for the “epic” shot and taking some risks. Just this past Saturday, I asked my couple to climb into some old john boats at the end of their portrait time…. was it a little dirty? Probably. Would the bride’s mother be freaking out if she saw her daughter sitting on a john boat in her wedding dress?

Yes…. but it was so worth it. What a fun shot!! Those moments when the light is just right or I have a creative idea or I push myself to do something new…. those are the moments when MONEY SHOTS are born. Like I said, this isn’t something that just happens when I want it to… it’s random and I never see it coming! But when it happens, I let EVERYONE within hearing distance know about it!! Squeals and high fives are exchanged and I’m one happy photog!! So here are some of those moments from my 2012 engagements!!! Remember, these are money shots to ME. They may not seem like money shots to you but so some reason or another… they are to me!! Stay tuned for the 2012 WEDDING MONEY SHOT post on Monday!!

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  1. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Ok… I’m officially drooling. I’ve always known you were amazing, but this is just a reminder that you are consistently amazing all the time and I just love it!! :)

  2. Laura Hernandez reply

    AMAZING! Every single one of your shots are the money shot! I know exactly what you mean though, when you just “know” the shot you just took is the-one. I have a little happy dance I do. It may not be professional but my clients get a kick out of it and that’s all that matters. Hugs.

  3. Megan Chase reply

    the fence and those horses are perfection! also love the pier shot! what an amazing year you had!

  4. Jessica Fike reply

    I totally know what you’re saying! Sometimes I FEEL some great shots, too! Mine are usually followed by some awkward, bad-sounding singing. :)

  5. Judith reply

    I love your use of light in these photos!!! These pictures definitely inspire me to get outside of my own box and try something different!

  6. Joelle reply

    These are all incredible! My favorite is the white picket fence couple with that gorgeous light streaming in through the trees! amazing! God really has given you a gift Katelyn!

  7. molly stillman reply

    every single one of these is TOTALLY money!! love it!

  8. Lindsey McClennahan reply

    I BELI DAT! Very pretty Miss Katelyn!

  9. Gayle Driver reply

    Lovely! So creative!

  10. Morgan reply

    You are so amazing! If I don’t see said John boat shot soon I might die! (okay, over-exaggeration maybe but still!!)

  11. Ashlyn reply

    Oh my I loved I want to print these all out and hang them in my bedroom. :)
    LOOOOOVED #2, #3, #8…. And every photo that included train tracks. ;)

  12. Jennifer Gulley reply

    unbelievable!! every one is breathtaking!

  13. jamie reply

    the one with the white picket fence… I LOVE it so much! I wish I had a huge canvas of that picture, just with me and my boyfriend inserted. ;) all are beautiful but that one takes the cake!! :)

  14. Urška Majer reply

    I love all this photos :) And i totally know that feeling…and it is an amazing feeling for sure :)

  15. Sarah reply

    Oh Katelyn! These are all stunning!

  16. Sarah Adams reply

    I think ALL of your pictures are money shots! :) Seriously- I look through each of your blog posts smiling the whole way through because of all the beauty you capture! Favorite shot on this post has to be the couple with the two dogs playing during their sweet moment! Such an awesome shot!

  17. Mallory reply

    I love that there is something in every shot that seriously POPS!! And your ring shots are GORGEOUS!!

  18. Kristina W. reply

    I love your year-end posts! These are so gorgeous… they’re all amazing but my favorites have to be those that include those beautiful Virginia mountains or the ones with glowy afternoon light coming in through autumn leaves.

  19. caroline reply

    ooo i LOVE the close up black and white shot of them holding hands and foreheads together…GAH! and you should do more silhouette shots – you’re better at them than you give yourself credit for…it made the MONEY shot post, for pete’s sake! LOVE YOU!

  20. ashley link reply

    love all the colors and unique shots!!! :) you need to just have a massive wall dedicated to your photography. the wall needs to be like 10 stories hahaha.

  21. Kimmie reply

    Your work is incredible, and I love following your work! I follow your blog on a daily basis and just drool over these beautiful images of art that evoke so much emotion! You’re a great example of a wonderful artist and photographer and I admire your work and business style in a big way!

  22. Jessica reply

    I get that same feeling, btw :) what’s crazy to me is that you somehow have a shot in this group from everywhere I’ve lived in VA…I saw Va Beach, Richmond, Roanoke, and JMU!! This post really rang ‘home’ to me, literally!! Brilliant work, as always!

  23. Alex reply

    Katelyn, this is truly a gift. He gives the best blessings!!

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