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believe there was still snow on the ground last week for Erin and Graham’s engagement session! I loved it. My e-sessions this winter have had such a fun winter-y look to them because of ALL the snow! Graham and Erin are actually from Charleston, SC and needed some engagements done while they were up near Erin’s hometown in Nelson County, VA. I’m sure the patches of ice and snow were not what they were used to. Can you imagine living in Charleston!? That place is so gorgeous and the weather is wonderful! If I ever get asked to shoot a wedding down there I think I might just do it for free because I would be on cloud 9

the whole time! Anyway, my time with Erin and Graham started at the Veritas Winery. This beautiful setting gave us some fun light to work with and we didn’t have to be outside in the COLD!  That location is so stunning… if you’re a bride still looking for a venue I would highly recommend checking it out! Wait til you see the window shot in the reception hall….b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! It was Erin’s idea to start here and I’m so glad we decided to try a little something new. Engagement sessions can all start to look the same if you’re not careful! Graham and Erin finished their session on some farmland near Erin’s home where she grew up and you know I always like shooting in locations that have some emotion attached to them. Erin loves the mountains and I can see why. I would love to wake up and have a view of rolling hills out of my window! (but I also love being 5 minutes from a Target so uhhh… I’ll stick with Shortpump!)



Because we had never met before, I was fun getting to know Erin and Graham and hearing about their life. There is no doubt in my mind that they are going to have a fabulous southern wedding! Erin, thanks for allowing me to document your love while you were up north!! What an honor! Enjoy my favorites!!

love it!

Um, hello brides! Someone get married there!! It’s awesome!!!

A favorite!

Nice job Graham!!

Old trucks are always a plus!

The End!

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  1. michael reply

    WOW WOW WOW!!! The one in front of the window…wow. These are so much fun and I can only imagine how cold it was. And his name is Graham. Thats our sons first or middle name. Done

  2. ashley barnett reply

    Ah I L O V E Veritas! Shot a wedding there last year and have another one scheduled there this year. I am so so in love with the venue. And I want to get married there too haha! Beautiful set!

  3. Beth G reply

    Her boots are amazing! :)

  4. Tira J reply

    Fantastic images Katelyn! I can totally envision several of these images made into gallery wraps for an entire wall in their new home as husband and wife. What a beautiful session. xoxo

  5. Natalie reply

    I absolutely love Veritas! Photographed a wedding there a year ago. Gorgeous pictures!

  6. Jessica reply

    Rob and Craig shoot weddings there all the time. It’s gorgeous!

  7. Katie reply

    What a gorgeous couple and awesome location. Beautiful!

  8. Becca Smith reply

    Thanks for the fun comment about Charleston :) Ill keep that in mind should I ever need it in the future! Until then just come visit!!

  9. Brittany Kappauf reply

    Normally I would say I’m jealous but in less than 9 months now you’ll be taking gorgeous photos of me & Harry at a vineyard just like this. I never cease to be amazed at your work and I’m so excited to share our big day with you!!!

  10. Molly reply

    This is one of my favorites shoots you’ve done! Love the light, the backdrops and the RING…Great job!

  11. Lauren B reply

    Wow. these are just so beautiful!

  12. Life with Kaishon reply

    What a beautiful session. Her ring is amazing : ) and so is her smile. Fantastic!

  13. Caitlin reply

    What a gorgeous session. I love love love love love this one……..this is a great location!

  14. elizabeth verna reply

    I LOVE #36, the BW portrait! Absolutely stunning and timeless.

  15. Laura reply

    WOW! Erin and Graham you two look amazing!!! I am going to look at them later tonight after work and let you know which ones are my favorites, it’s too hard to choose right now because they all look so great. What a wonderful idea to take them in beautiful Nelson County. Hooray!

  16. yoissy reply

    great photos, and the location is so beautiful.

  17. Jaime reply

    GORGEOUS!!! I can’t choose a favorite, they are all so good! You are a gorgeous couple!!!

  18. Katherine reply

    Erin, you and Graham look adorable! These pictures are just beautiful – you look so happy! Congratulations to you guys :) Thanks to Jaime for sharing the pics.

  19. Jillian Anderson reply

    I have two favorites, the one of you guys laughing/kissing in front of the barn, and the big one of you two holding hands in the field. You look so happy in both of those shots!

  20. Rita Myrrh reply

    These are all gorgeous, but I love all the ones where ya’ll are laughing! They seem the most genuine. If you don’t have a photographer for your wedding yet Erin I would definitely take Katelyn up on her offer!

  21. Clare reply

    I don’t know who’s more in love, Erin and Graham or me with Nelson County :) Here’s to the handsome couple in the best place on Earth!!!

  22. Heather reply

    I love the engagement photos! I think my favorite is the one in front of the old car. They are all so amazing! Nice Job : )

  23. Meredith reply

    Erin, I love the pictures, they all look so beautiful. Enjoy your engagement.

  24. Vivie reply

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Amber reply

    Great pictures Erin! Love that you came home to take them!

  26. Carey reply

    L-O-V-E them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love you guys too:)

  27. Ann Marie reply

    Thee are AWESOME! Really there are some really good ones, I especially like the ones where you all are all smiley and happy:)

  28. Kevin reply

    Great Pictures!

  29. Ellie reply

    Love the ones in the fields!

  30. Jennifer reply

    I LOVE them!!! Especially the one of you kissing in front of the giant windows!! :-)

  31. Caroline reply

    Beautiful photos!

  32. Robbie reply

    You guys look like models!

  33. Alex reply

    love the ring shot! to take something so beautiful and have it contrast amongst the rust is so creative!!! Another beautiful engagement session.

  34. julie, the future mob reply

    The pictures are super. I love them all. I really like the one with Erin and Graham and the old truck. Erin and Graham are so special to me.

  35. Marilyn P reply

    Erin, I am so happy for you! I love the photos. Love the country side, beautiful Nelson… beautiful bride..

  36. Anna reply

    Great photos, I can’t wait to meet you.

  37. Barbara reply

    These pictures are wonderful. Great photography for a great couple. I’m looking forward to seeing you both. xo

  38. Julianne reply

    These are so cute! You look so happy Erin!

  39. Sandy Weirich reply

    Such a happy couple! These photos are great – I think my favorite is the one where they are leaning against the round bail of hay. Katelyn James does a great job and I think I should tell Terra about her!

  40. Elizabeth Patterson reply

    All of these are awesome. We are really happy for you!

  41. Liz reply

    These photos are beautiful! I especially love the outdoor shots.

  42. Evan Black reply

    I love these pictures! I really like the last one. Order me one! Congrats Erin!

  43. Leslie reply

    Love the pictures! Amazing photographer and a gorgeous couple!

  44. Laura reply

    Wow! I love how the bride-to-be wanted to take such great pictures in her hometown. The natural light does wonders.

  45. Kevin Hess reply

    Where were these pictures taken? I like the truck.

  46. Todd reply

    These are wonderful. I LOVE RUSTY TRUCKS!

  47. Amanda Johnson reply

    Love the ones outside! The light was just perfect! Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  48. Amanda Johnson reply

    Love the ones outside! The light was just perfect! Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  49. Kelly reply

    What a good looking couple. Great photos!

  50. Hayley reply

    These are beautiful. Love the wintery landscape. My favorites are definitely the ones with Erin and Graham laughing Looked like a fun shoot. CONGRATulations Erin! – I’m so happy for you!

  51. Heather reply

    Your ring is amazing!!!!!!

  52. Lindsey reply

    Beautiful photos!

  53. symmes reply

    I love the outdoor shots! Even Graham looks like he’s having fun!!

  54. Sterling reply

    What beautiful photos and how lucky to still have that dusting of snow on the ground!

  55. libby reply

    Simply gorgeous!

  56. kylie reply

    these are awesome!!! congrats!!!

  57. Bonnie reply

    These are beautiful! Love the ones with the truck. Welcome to Nelson County, Graham!

  58. Deanna reply

    Wow, amazing photos and you look so happy!

  59. margaux reply

    i got chill bumps! ilove somany of them! especially the outside ones by the barn, the bench and the old truck! gorgeouse ! ps! iwant those brown boots

  60. margaux reply

    its so easy to fall in love inNELSONCOUNTY!! luv u guys

  61. Melanie Lynn reply

    What wonderful pictures!!! So many great ones… how can you choose? The backgrounds are spectacular but you both are beautiful….

  62. Paul reply

    Love the Pics!

  63. Danielle Malkin reply

    Gorgeous photos! Congrats!!!

  64. Whitney reply

    The pictures are stunning. I love the ones on the farm.

  65. Elizabeth reply

    These are gorgeous photos! I love the scenery and you guys look so happy and in love!

  66. Ashley Silver reply

    Great pics! You both look fabulous!

  67. Heather reply

    Love the outdoor photos!!!! Nelson County was a wonderful idea for your pictures.

  68. Tara reply

    Congratulations! So beautiful!

  69. Hailey Tanner reply

    You two make a beautiful couple! Great pictures!

  70. Will reply

    BOOM! Congrats Gram and Erin!

  71. Laura reply

    I can’t believe my sister is getting married!

  72. Erin’s dad reply

    Nice job Katelyn, of course you had some very good looking models to work with but you were up to the challenge and the photos are great esp. the outdoors scenes in Nelson.

  73. John K reply

    Wow! You look amazing Erin!!

  74. Linda reply

    Mly fav is the pix of you both by the old red pick up!!

  75. Jillian reply

    Beautiful pictures!! Hard to pick a favorite!!

  76. Daphne reply

    Gorgeous pictures, love all of them.

  77. Maya Proulx reply

    The photos are amazing. Congratulations Erin!

  78. Matt reply

    Congrats you two!

  79. Laura (Erin’s sister) reply

    Erin you are popular! Can’t wait for the wedding, it will rock.

  80. Sarah reply

    what a gorgeous couple, fantastic setting, and stunning set of photos. congrats!

  81. Daniel reply

    Nice pics!

  82. Luis reply


  83. Casey reply

    Congrats Graham and Erin!!

  84. Michelle reply

    Beautiful pictures. God bless your union together.

  85. Nena S. Fox reply

    Excellent pictures and settings! But Erin and Graham are The central “part” of the beautifull photos…I wish them all the Love and happines and “green lights” in thear future life, as a Family /too/.

  86. Leann reply

    Beautiful photos

  87. Sondra reply

    Graham and Erin you are such a beautiful couple, I love the outdoor photography!

  88. Denise reply

    I can’t wait for the wedding, it will be beautiful!

  89. Anna Woodard reply

    You guys look great! My favorite is the one of you leaning against the hay. You’re going to make such a beautiful couple on the big day!

  90. Natalie Staines reply

    Erin & Graham, looking great! I love the contrast of Erin’s sexy outfit (and hot hooker boots!) and Graham’s casual look in the vineyard. Great black and white shots throughout; also love the hay bail shots. Congrats again!

  91. Amy reply

    The pictures show how happy you are. Congratulations!

  92. Connie Bailey reply

    We live in Charleston and have met Erin. One of our good friends is a bridesmaid and mentioned the pictures. They are gorgeous. Loved the setting.

  93. Josh reply

    Way to go Graham, you snagged a good one!

  94. Carter Lee reply

    I want to go wherever these pictures were taken, what a beautiful spot. I love the candid shots!

  95. Frank reply

    Congrats! The pictures are beautiful!

  96. Erin reply

    Thanks Katelyn! We are excited about the pics, thanks so much for being able to make the trip to Nelson over the holidays!

  97. Kandice reply

    Erin I heard you are getting married on a plantation, that is so wonderful! You and Graham look so happy together.

  98. Carson reply

    Graham and Erin way to go!! Can’t wait for the big day!

  99. Jaffrey reply

    These are beautiful pictures, I love the ones by the old truck.

  100. Susan reply

    From one urologist to another, congratulations and your New job, your New man and your New life!!!
    kisses – Susan Oakley

  101. Zubair reply

    Beautiful pictures! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

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