• Escalate 2010 | Day 1

I’M A FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER! Woohoo! (Just in case you hadn’t heard!) I’m celebrating by attending a photography conference in Newport Beach, CA and I’m loving it! I love that I have a diploma, I love that I’m doing something new and on my own and I love meeting new friends and reuniting with the old ones! I could spend this post by explaining how much fun I having or about how much I love my roommate Courtney Reese.  I could even tell you about how my blackberry didn’t change time zones and so my alarm went off at 6AM EST, which is 3AM Californian time and I started getting ready for the day! That’s a great story to tell!

However, though those are great stories,  they will come with tomorrow’s post!  What I want you to know today is how much I love my wedding photographer. Really. You’re probably rolling your eyes are shaking your head because you’ve heard it a million times. Well there is a reason that I and so many others sing her praises. She’s real, genuine and has a heart for bringing integrity and “Truf” into this crazy industry.

When I was leaving my first WPPI experience two years ago, I met a fellow photographer in the airport while waiting for security and she asked me who my favorite photographer was. I immediately shouted “Oh Jasmine Star!” because she was all I knew! I only followed her blog, no one else. I was such a newbie!  That photographer quickly rolled her eyes and stated that Jstar was just a glorified sorority girl.  What?! What does that even mean?! I have no clue, but I do know that I grew increasingly defensive as I argued with her. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Jasmine. I knew that she was absolutely gorgeous, that her daddy was a preacher just like mine and that she had a large obsession with this little fur-ball named Polo.  That’s it. And yet I defended her because I believed in what she was doing.  There was something different about her and I loved it.  Jasmine was changing this industry, one post at a time. Today we learned that the old model of photography industry doesn’t work anymore.  In a social culture filled with social media, you HAVE to connect relationally and Jasmine has mastered this!  She and many others are transforming this industry and it’s awesome!

Two years ago I started a daily habit of checking her blog. I fell in love with her classiness, her writing and her ability to make anyone laugh at their computer screen.  She has a gift… an amazing gift.  This gift allows her to engage and inspire young photographers like me and  I couldn’t be more thankful or honored to have her as our photographer. Jasmine, keep touching lives and leading this industry with grace and humility.

Ps. Can I just say that Jasmine will seriously stop and talk to ANYONE and EVERYONE.  I’ve only been with her a couple of times and she’s constantly swarmed with people that just want to talk to her. I almost feel guilty that Michael and I get her all day on 10.10.10!

Dane Sanders and Julie Kost!

Check back tomorrow for more Escalate images!

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  1. johnna brynn reply

    Ohhhhh How’d you get such fantastic images?!!! You go girl!!!! More power to ya! :)

  2. johnna brynn reply

    oh i just read the post! (yes, i looked at images and then first commented without reading, i admit!) … you describe jasmine so well! love it! and i didn’t know your daddy was a preacher man too? cool. my parents are missionaries. so we kinda have something in common. :) Well great job at writing this and encouraging me to continue to press on… in my office behind this screen by myself. I will press on and God will lead! :)

  3. erin reply

    J* is my wedding photographer too (which is how i stumbled across your blog, and fell in love with you too)! I fell in love with her the instant i clicked on her site. She’s just so genuine and real and LOVES what she does. And she is amazing for it! You did such a great job explaining her–summed it up perfectly! Have fun in newport-i wish the weather was nicer out here for you!

  4. Allison reply

    That was the sweetest video! I cried! It was so touching and it really showed their love and you photos are stunning as always. It looks like you had a great seat for the conference! I can’t wait to see what you’ve learned from this experience. :)

  5. Kristina N. reply

    Yours is the only photography blog I look at! ;)

  6. Michael reply

    I’m so excited that this is how you are spending your first couple of days as a full-time photographer. I am also glad that I can still watch the conference online and can pretend like I know what you are talking about when you tell me you want to buy CS5. Tell Jasmine and JD that Virginia is ready for the West Coast to come hang out on the East Side for 10-10-10! Love you!

  7. Katie Y reply

    Yours was the first photographers blog I found and read every day :) now I read j*’s as well!!! you both are SUPER inspiring!

  8. britney reply

    ahhh one of the first post that i didnt see first… ugh. BUT this looks like ur having lots of fun and learning lots! love you – have a safe trip back to virginia. see you at kelley’s wedding in a few days!ps i messed my knee up jumping off the bowling ally. i miiight just be the one hobbeling dowm the aisle ;)

  9. Kathrina reply

    Ohh I totally saw you there! I was working one of the tables and never got to say hi and introduce myself :) Awesome photos and I totally feel ya on Jasmine!

  10. gladys jem reply

    it was SO good to meet you at escalate. i love that you are a fellow j* bride, and i love even more that you are a photographer and the sweetest girl ever! LOVE it. can’t wait to see your wedding, and i hope that we see each other and get to hang out soon!

  11. cassandra-m reply

    aaaaawwwwe-some post. You nail describing Jasmine. I agree with you girl. She is changing the industry and making us all want to be better photographers and better colleagues to each other. glad I found your blog (via your post on JD’s facebook) GREAT POST here. best to you.

  12. Leslie reply

    j* is my highlight of 10/10/10…

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