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Shhh… I’m supposed to be writing my Lit Review but my roommates can’t tell that I’ve drifted off course and I’m on the blog! My little room has been our hideout place to work the last 78 hours. I’m sitting on my bed, listening to the classical station on Pandora with Steph and Brit and as we work on the first stage of our senior sem paper. If you follow me on Twitter you would be aware that I have literally been working on this non-stop since Friday. (Well maybe we had a little snow break squeezed in there somewhere!)


I’m so NOT a good student this year! There’s too much going on inside my head! I’ve noticed that as I’m citing a source, I start thinking of blog posts and centerpiece ideas….and when I’m trying to search for sources online, I somehow ALWAYS end up checking my favorite blogs….even though I JUST checked them an HOUR ago!! Really Katelyn?! How much really changed in an HOUR?   I’ve concluded that I have ALL the symptoms of senioritis and have a bad case of procrastination and distraction.  And guess what?! I’m sharing my symptoms with you!!


You should probably check out Justin and Mary’s blog if you haven’t already! They deserve a little mention on a “Good Things” post because I just love them and they just put up PART I to a new wedding! So that will distract you for a little while and then after you check their blog, you should check out!

If you love crafty things and appreciate people who make them, you’ll love this place! Etsy is like Ebay, only boutique style! Everything is handmade!! Artists, designers, creators sell from their individual stores and there is some neat stuff out there!

So please, procrastinate with me a little while and go window shopping!

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  1. Stephen reply

    Stay strong Katelyn! And focus on whats important – the future… of INSPIRED DESIGNS!!! And i should be studying for spanish so I can graduate but I’m trying to get the latest on Taylor Swift at the Grammys!

  2. Catie reply

    haha great you got me distracted again! loved it though.

  3. Mandy reply

    Dang it! Just spent 30 minutes on those links…but I liked it so thanks KK :)

  4. Ashley reply

    I absolutely love Over the past couple of months, I’ve bought everything from necklaces to purses. There are some very talented people on there.

  5. caroline reply

    oh katelyn….i can totally hear you whispering and attempting to be sneaky. love you. SCROLL BAR!

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