Everly’s Ninth Month

Evy is 9 months old! This past month was our busiest since she was born. She handled our busy spell like a champ. She traveled to the west coast for 14 days, and then we came home to a busy two weeks of launching a brand new course! It meant lots of being passed off to other people so that I could work long hours, and I hated that. However, the work is done and now we’re back to playing in the mornings and not rushing through the afternoons. I wouldn’t say that 8-9months was Evy’s best sleep phase. Right before our big trip, we had quite a hard two weeks with her. She was our 9 hour straight sleeper the first 4 months of her life. 

Then she woke up once in the middle of the night and needed her paci.  And then she started waking up every couple of hours, and we knew we had to do something. We did some crying-it-out and it worked after a few hours, but goodness that was miserable. Then we took her to another time zone and that really messed her up. So we planned on coming home and getting through our launch to begin sleep training again, but recently she’s been sleeping from 6-9 hours again!!! Praise the Lord!

Right before she turned 9months, she figured out how to move her knees forward in the crawling position, and she took off! She’s so fast and so strong! She will pull herself up on everything, and she stands up easily when I hold out my fingers. Her little personality cracks us up. She’s still smiley and loves waving at random people at restaurants. It’s fun for us to see how her little actions can make a stranger’s day.

I think this may be one of my favorite phases of her life so far. I love seeing her understand us and wave on command! I love how she’s attached to me. I’m sure that will get old one day, but there’s something so sweet about being loved so intensely by her. As I think back over the last month, here are some things I want to remember! :

  • How amazing Evy and Micah’s halloween costumes were! Emy, and Joe’s sister’s, Catherine and Samantha, turned Evy and Micah into the little old couple from the movie UP and it was priceless! We were cracking up the entire time!
  • Our trip to CA to meet Troy and Aimee’s little boy, Crosby! Just two years ago we were on Vacation with Buddy, Jill, Aimee and Troy, and we all talked about how crazy it would be when we all have babies…. and now that’s our reality!
  • Evy loves to WAVE! Sometimes she’s so intense with it that she screams!
  • Her favorite toy in the car is a toothbrush holder from my parent’s house that accidentally got left in our car months ago. I’m pretty sure it’s 30 years old!
  • She has started letting us read to her without trying to eat the books! That’s an improvement!
  • She still can’t roll over from her back to her stomach. She was almost there at 4 months and then she was put in her Pavlik Harness so that slowed her down a bit.
  • She’s wearing her Rhino brace mostly at night and during naps now!
  • She still takes 2 naps a day. Usually about an hour long… the days we get two- hour naps are GOOD DAYS!
  • She’s actually wearing her correct size of clothes because she’s slowed down in the growth department!!
  • She loves to CRAWL! Within one week, she got it. She was just scooting backwards until the week before she turned 9 months, and now she’s FAST!
  • She’s pulling herself up on everything!
  • She loves chopped up apples, the mandarin oranges that Aunt Emy brings, prunes every morning, Mimi’s chicken noodle soup, cheerios and her food pouches!
  • I gave her a little haircut this month and it killed me to cut the hair she grew while inside of me. That may sound weird, but the end of her hair is what we saw on ultrasounds!! It was getting in her eyes so we had to cut it! Don’t worry, I saved it! ha!
  • We loved taking her to Arizona for the UNITED conference!
  • During our trip out west, she started being obsessed with other babies!! She would squeal and get so excited when she saw other little people!!!
  • She met our friend’s, Cole and Nicole’s, baby girl Lacey who was only 7 weeks old!! So sweet!
  • She says “DOG”!!! It’s a stretch, but she says it while pointing to Bokeh Boy!!!
  • She also said “Momma” and I just about died!
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Marie-Laure reply

    Evy is soooooooooooooooooooo cute, beautiful. You’re a very lucky mama and she is a lucky little girl to be surrounded by such amazing people.

  2. Lilli reply

    the Pictures are so lovely. Evy is such a cute Baby.

  3. Elizabeth reply

    OH MY HEART. She is such a cutie!! I’m dying. You guys are so blessed. :)

  4. Rebekah Carter reply

    Omg, three babies in matching pajamas! Too cute! My daughter didn’t figure out how to roll from back to belly until about 10.5 months. She started crawling right at 10 months & then a week or two later figured out how to roll from back to belly. And now she NEVER wants to be on her back. Even when changing her diaper she is constantly trying to roll onto her belly. This is the same girl who HATED tummy time for most of her previous 9 months of life. Haha! Now she even sleeps on her tummy.

  5. Elise reply

    Oh my gosh! I’m dying over these! The first Halloween ones are too much and all three of you look fabulous in the family photos. I can’t wait till I can meet her in person!

  6. Samantha Ong reply

    She is adorable Katelyn! I am sure you got your hand filled now that she’s crawling. Love to see your updates and that the three of you are doing well!

  7. katie reply

    What a beautiful post!

  8. Mariann Kovats reply

    I love to read the monthly update about Evy! She is a beautiful baby! You have an amazing little photo model in your house. :)

  9. Chaya Tenenbaum reply

    These photos are so precious, and very clever! You did an amazing job and they are so cute!

  10. meghann chapman reply

    What a sweet session. I am in love with the costumes! Adorable!

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