Showit + Facebook = AMAZING!

  • Showit + Facebook = AMAZING!

I am AMAZED and I mean A-M-A-Z-E-D at how advanced social media has become.  It’s insane. Almost scary.  I feel old thinking about when Facebook was JUST for college students! When Facebook was released to the rest of the world I remember being a little annoyed but that was before it was my #1 marketing tool! Now that Inspired Designs has established a little bit of noteworthy web presence, I would NEVER vouch for Facebook to only serve college students! No way!  The viral marketing accompanied by Facebook is ridiculous and it just got even more ridiculous for Inspired Designs!


My INCREDIBLE website company that not only gave me the capabilities to custom design my own site and update and tweek whenever I want is at it again! The guys at Showit are constantly improving and advancing their product and I get to reap the benefits! Showit announced a few weeks ago that they have launched a application that makes it possible for fans to navigate through your website without EVER leaving facebook! It’s CRAZY!  I’m still amazed! If you don’t believe me, go to Inspired Design’s Fanpage and click the “Website” tab!


The even CRAZIER thing is that I can tag my site! So if you are a past client and are on the site, you need to be tagged! Make sure we are facebook friends! (we should be anyway! If we aren’t, I not ok with that!!!)

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  1. Michael reply

    LOOKS AWESOME!!!…and I like the new pic of you at the top. Love you

  2. Lauryn reply

    ohhh katelyn I love that image of you in your profile!! youre so beautiful girl!

  3. AshleyP reply

    I have to say this is the coolest thing yet! And I love the new picture!

  4. caroline reply

    yep yep yep all this technical stuff is INSANE. goes completely over my head. i admire how you are IN IT and on top of it. keep it up kk!!

  5. Ryan M. reply

    Hello! Great site and photos! Do you have any invitations for the PASS site? I would be soooo greatful! Thanks!

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