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many debates in wedding planning.  Big wedding vs. a small wedding, Cake vs. cupcakes, Band vs. a DJ…. Real lashes vs. Fake lashes!  If you’re thinking that the last debate mentioned is no big deal compared to the others, you’re correct. However, fake lashes do make a big difference in images.  If you’re like me and don’t have extraordinary LONG, lush lashes naturally, then fake lashes may be a great option for you! It really does change the way you look and how much your eyes will POP in your portraits! Now, I’m not one to advocate that brides should look totally MADE UP and not themselves on their wedding day. Some people hear

“FAKE LASHES” and immediately freak out because that seems like over-kill! Well, it’s really not. They can be done VERY naturally and it’s actually a great decision if you have thin or short lashes. I wasn’t blessed with long curled lashes but somehow my husband was! JEALOUS. So I opted for falsies and it was a great decision!! Once they are on, you don’t even know they are there! So if you’re one of my 2012 brides, ask your makeup artist about it or even grab a package and do a trial run for your engagement session! Just a thought! So take a look at some of my brides and their lovely lashes! I bet you never even some of them had on falsies!!! Happy Wedding Wednesday! I have to get back to planning a workshop and editing like no one’s business!!! (And get a haircut, FINALLY!!!!)

See! I wore them too!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Deborah Zoe reply

    PREACH IT GIRL! False-ies all the way:)!

  2. Abby Grace reply

    I love this! I wore corner falsies for my wedding, and they really did make a diference. I’m in the same boat- I got these short, thin eyelashes, but my husband has long, beautiful ones. What the heck?

  3. Lauren Jolly reply

    I didn’t realize there were so many women out there with short lashes (or in my case, long, but stick STRAIGHT down and into my eye) dating or married to someone with long ones! haha! Me too!! Maybe we should start a club :)

  4. Kristina W. reply

    WHAT? I had no idea there were so many falsies in your weddings! I didn’t even think about the possibility of wearing falsies for my wedding…

  5. Megan Lesley reply

    Oh gosh – falsies are beautiful. I love that they don’t have to be over-the-top but can be understated. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. x

  6. Aunt susan reply

    It must be a Runyan trait! When I was in high school, a guy said to me, “why do you were false eye lashes?”. I said, “I don’t ! He said, “then let me pull on them.”. I let him and he couldn’t believe that they were real!! ;)

  7. Brittany Claridge reply

    Girl you always give the BEST wedding advice :) I used it all the time when planning!!! I loved my falsies and once they were on I had no idea! Highly recommend them!!!

  8. JasmineStar reply

    That’s RIIIIIGHT…you wore them and rocked them out! :)

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